6 celebrities who use CBD (you might be amazed)

After a shy start where consuming it was still done in secret for fear of being amalgamated with marijuana, CBD is now everywhere. More celebrities are now using CBD and are proud to speak about their experience. Obviously, you could name the majority of the reggae and hip hop scene, but that would be too easy. CBD unites today all generations, all genres and all classes. here is 6 celebrities who use CBD which you may not have expected.

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Kim Kardashian: a CBD themed baby shower

If you open the dictionary at the entry "influencer", you may well come across a photo of Kim K. With more than 240 million subscribers on Instagram, Madame Kanye West to the city is one of the most famous cannabidiol fans on the planet. Between her stories and posts touting its virtuous properties, she pushed her love for the cannabinoid to the point of making it the official baby shower theme in April 2017 as she and the American rapper were expecting their fourth child.

Whoopi Goldberg: defending medical cannabis in general and CBD in particular

The Color Purple, Ghost, Sister Act 1 and 2: who didn't grow up with Whoopi Goldberg? Cult among generations X and Y, she is not only a brilliant actress but also a staunch defender of medical cannabis. She has spoken out in favor of medical cannabis many times and has even launched his own brand in 2016 with the main objective of providing access to quality legal cannabis to all those who suffer from menstrual pain.

Jennifer Aniston: the friend of CBD

Jen Aniston makes no secret of her attachment to CBD products which she claims have all the benefits of marijuana, the high less. She goes further by claiming that cannabidiol helps relieve pain, stress and anxiety.

Gwyneth Paltrow: pro CBD beauty queen

Another celebrity who doesn't shy away from promoting CBD, Gwyneth Paltrow is quite interested in her calming role in cosmetics. But at USA, cannabidiol is not the only cannabinoid authorized and the actress even invested and therefore took shares in a company marketing a sparkling drink infused with CBD and THC.

Melissa Etheridge: combating side effects with CBD

Melissa Etheridge was known for her talent as a singer-songwriter and activism for the rights of the LGBT + community. We can add to this his interest in CBD. In 2004, the musician was diagnosed with cancer and saw CBD as a way to relieve the side effects of the disease and its treatments (intestinal disorders in particular). Since then, the Etheridge Foundation has sought alternatives to opioids in the treatment of pain, in particular through medical cannabis. She also launched her brand of cannabis infused wine.

Seth Rogen: more than an actor of stoner movie

It's no surprise that you've read our article on best cannabis movies : Seth Rogen is an absolute fan of cannabis. But not only for its recreational side! In 2014, the Canadian actor even championed research on theuse of CBD in Alzheimer's disease in front of the American Congress.