Anti-inflammatory cream with CBD against pain: our opinion

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The reputation of CBD oil is well established and both cannabidiol professionals and consumers have widely adopted it. But what is the general opinion on CBD anti-inflammatory creams ? Arriving on the market a little later, they are gradually establishing themselves among those who wish relieve muscle or joint pain notably. A look back at the painkilling properties of cannabidiol, the advantage of local application and our reviews of CBD anti-inflammatory creams and their effects.

Is CBD really anti-inflammatory?

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CBD anti-inflammatory cream works especially on joint and muscle pain

Yes. It is in particular for this reason that sports and CBD get along well. CBD anti-inflammatory creams are thus increasingly used by athletes since they constitute a legal and non-doping means of recover more easily after sports (subject to the nature of the other components). In a medical setting, and even if CBD is (currently) not considered a treatment in France, its and calm skin are also studied. Many studies around the world agree in evoking this virtuous property. In France, it is notably theBrain Institute and spinal cord from Paris which, in collaboration with a Brazilian university, has highlighted its anti-inflammatory effect. In the opinion of the researchers, CBD thus has the ability toinhibit the inflammatory response of the microglia (localized cells in the central nervous system).

Pains to use a CBD anti-inflammatory cream on

The CBD creams are not only used on pain, But also in cosmetics. We thus find day creams et at night with CBD, moisturizing balms, hand creams and many other products for lips, skin and/or hair with CBD. Conversely, is CBD cream really the best anti-inflammatory product derived from legal cannabis ?

What is the best CBD for pain?

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Hemp produces CBD with anti-inflammatory properties. It can be broken down into dozens of derivatives

The general opinion is that the best CBD for pain is the one that works for you. There are indeed dozens of different derivatives, where CBD is found in its natural environment (CBD flowers, resin for example) or is on the contrary extracted, possibly to be associated with other components with complementary effects. This is the case ofCBD oil which has the advantage of offering extremely simple taking, easy dosing and a range of products offering various concentrations. If you read the reviews left by our customers on our CBD oils, you will find that many use them for pain. However, it leads to general effects, applied to the whole organism. Faced with pain and/or inflammation, act directly on the painful area can offer better results: this is where the CBD anti-inflammatory cream intervenes.

CBD pain cream: the queen of topical application

Cannabidiol is an active ingredient that will act slightly differently depending on the mode of intake used. By opting for a CBD cream or balm, the user goes through the dermal, also referred to as topical application. The effect is then localized on the desired area. At the first level, cannabidiol acts on the skin (irritations, hydration problems in particular). It then passes through the skin to relieve any local inflammation, on joints, tendons or muscles. The CBD anti-inflammatory cream then allows a direct action against pain, faster and more effective than with another hemp derivative. It is therefore highly recommended for a targeted action. It is also without risk of associate it with a CBD oil or other derivative with a more general action.

Our opinion on CBD anti-inflammatory creams

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Easy to use, anti-inflammatory CBD creams have a local effect is a European expert in CBD and its derivatives, a pioneer in its marketing in France. Since 2017, we research, read, test everything that exists on legal cannabis or almost. Anti-inflammatory balms and creams are no exception. You may have noticed that we are selling a range of CBD cosmetics, the category of products containing the pain creams (CBD is not a treatment, remember). This means a simple thing: after strict selection, our team adopted theopinion that an anti-inflammatory cream with CBD can relieve its userWith Side effects so unusual and light that its use is entirely justified. To get the most benefits from a CBD cream, however, it is important to choose it well. This means taking an interest, before the purchase, in its quality, to ingredients used, but also to CBD concentration. Too little, it may not work, wasting your time and money. Also avoid creams containing parabens, harsh chemicals, artificial colors or THC. natural products are preferred whenever possible. The teams of do this work for you, before putting a product online. If we are of the opinion that a CBD cream is not of sufficient quality to satisfy the needs of our clientele, it simply does not fit into our range.

How to use a CBD pain cream?

Using a CBD anti-inflammatory cream is very simple. Justapply a small amount of cream, balm or gel on the area concerned (excluding mucous membranes and open wounds), then gently massage in small circular motions, until the cream penetrates. The benefits of CBD on the skin and face are also numerous. Subject to choosing a good quality CBD pain cream made from natural ingredients, its use for its anti-inflammatory properties should suitable for most people, even to those who have the sensitive skin.