Can CBD help asthmatics?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease, caused by underlying inflammation of the airways. However, we now know the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol (CBD). This second point is precisely what pushes certain patients and the scientific community to question the interest of CBD for asthmatics. So can CBD help with an asthma attack, and if so, how to use it ? This is what we explain to you right away.

CBD and asthma: can cannabidiol help?

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Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways

According to L'Assurance Maladie, asthma affects approximately 4 million people in France, and kills about 900 each year. Considerable figures that lead to a close interest in pathology. Indeed, even when one is not suffering from severe asthma (nearly 6% of asthmatics), its symptoms remain largely problematic. Among the most common are a wheezing, cough and others respiratory problems.

More precisely, two main types of asthma are to be distinguished.

Main types of asthma

  • Intermittent asthma: it results in infrequent and brief crises, often related to an effort or an episode of stress. Between two crises, no particular symptom is to be deplored.
  • Persistent asthma: it is accompanied by persistent symptoms, as its name suggests. They are therefore present during crises, but also, more or less intensely, between crises. Persistent asthma itself divides into three subcategories.
    • Mild persistent asthma: attacks once or twice a week and nocturnal asthma once or twice a month.
    • Moderate persistent asthma: daily symptoms and nocturnal asthma at least once a week.
    • Severe persistent asthma: permanent symptoms preventing certain activities and frequent nocturnal asthma.

Opportunities offered by CBD in case of asthma

There are several aspects to consider when it comes to the potential of CBD for asthmatics. First of all, and we have just mentioned it, intermittent asthma attacks can be encouraged by episodes of stress. However, CBD is widely used for its soothing properties, allowing in particular to limit the influence of stress and certain anxiety disorders. Taking CBD could therefore, in this specific context, contribute to limit the intensity and/or space out attacks.

A 2019 study [link in English] has also shown that CBD has the ability to reduce both airway inflammation and hyperactivity in mice with allergic asthma. If these results are confirmed in humans, it would mean that CBD can help the lungs desensitize from asthma triggers. In short, this means fewer seizures and fewer symptoms.

How to use CBD when you have asthma?

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Extracted from industrial hemp, CBD can relieve the lungs of asthmatics

Asthma is a lung problem, the consumption of CBD orally or sublingually is therefore the best option, as opposed to a local application (so-called topical) which would not make it possible to obtain notable effects in this specific case. Several types of products can then work, including CBD flowers and resins. The most practical and therefore recommended derivative nevertheless remains CBD oil.

Take CBD Oil for Asthma Symptoms

THECBD oil is available in vials or capsules. In both cases, the product is particularly easy to dose, transport, use and store. Prefer oils broad or full spectrum, allowing you to take advantage of other cannabinoids naturally present in the plant as well as its terpenes and flavonoids. At equal quantity, the effects will therefore be potentially more marked.

Concerning CBD dosage, few studies exist on this subject and it is difficult to recommend a general dose, as the quality of the product, the weight of the individual and many other parameters (consumption habits in particular) can influence the ideal quantity. It is generally recommended to start with a low dosage (rely on the instructions for use of your CBD oil), thengradually increase until you achieve the desired effects.

Disclaimer: CBD is not recognized as a treatment in France, nor in most European countries. If you plan to take CBD to relieve your asthma, make sure beforehand that there are no contraindications related to taking your current treatment. It is therefore recommended to discuss this beforehand with your doctor, who will be able to advise you on the best treatment options in your particular case.

CBD for Asthma FAQs

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Vaping, including CBD, is not recommended for asthmatics

Can CBD make the risk of an asthma attack worse?

CBD by itself does not seem to be able to worsen the risk of asthma attacks. However, be careful how you consume it. Not only smoking CBD is prohibited, But also harmful to the lungs and respiratory tract. Vaping CBD is certainly healthier (much less toxins are released), but nevertheless aggressive for the lungs. If you have asthma, favor healthier modes of consumption, such as taking CBD oil.

Does CBD have a direct influence on breathing?

CBD can reduce inflammation, especially in the lungs. Who says less inflammation also says easier breathing. CBD can therefore relieve certain respiratory problems, but there is nothing to suggest that it has a direct influence on breathing, nor the power to make it more difficult (as long as you do not smoke/vape it).

Can CBD antagonize the effects of asthma treatment?

Cannabidiol has the great advantage of not presentingSide effects notorious. Nevertheless, in the presence of drugs, it can sometimes encourage our body to synthesize in an unusual way. In the case of these Drugs interactions, the drug in question may either work “too much” or not work enough. For the moment, asthma medications do not seem to be affected, but it should be talk to a healthcare professional about your desire to take CBD, especially if you are already on treatment.


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