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Infused with other plants, light cannabis reveals its full potential

Before consuming a CBD cannabis infusion: good to know

A CBD cannabis infusion, that sounds much healthier (and legal!) than smoking marijuana to reap its effects. But is it effective? What exactly are we consuming then? And above all, how do you make sure that you buy a quality CBD infusion mix ? This FAQ answers all these questions and a few more: the perfect guide to all you need to know before consuming a light cannabis infusion !

What is a CBD cannabis infusion?

CBD-min cannabis infusion
CBD cannabis and herbal teas go hand in hand

We recently mentioned what is a CBD infusion and how to use it. In summary, infusing CBD cannabis consists of pouring a hot liquid (usually water, but why not also milk) over fresh or dried hemp leaves, just like any tea or herbal tea. Often in order tosweeten the taste pronounced and earthy of cannabis, but also and especially for take advantage of their complementary effects, other plants are added to the mixture. We then find plants such as lime, verbena or chamomile, all known for centuries for their soothing properties. Together, they can for example promote sleep or facilitate relaxation.

However, this definition would correspond to any herbal tea including cannabis, whether the latter is legal or not. To enjoy a CBD cannabis infusion (therefore legal), we need to provide some details.

A quality and legal CBD cannabis infusion :

  • contains high cannabidiol hemp (CBD)
  • may be associated with other plants to optimize the effects and soften the taste
  • does not contain no THC (according to European legislation)
  • ideally comes from a responsible farming method
  • infuses into a simmering liquid, usually water or milk (animal like plant)

Are hemp infusions effective?

One of the main arguments for detractors of diet cannabis infusions is that CBD, and other cannabinoids, are fat soluble, as opposed to water soluble molecules. A quick review of the definitions of these two terms before deciding on the question.

A compound water soluble may be dissolved in water, or any other aqueous medium. This is for example the case of sugar, salt and vitamins B and C. In contrast, anything that does not dissolve in water but rather in a fatty substance (oil) is qualified as soluble. This is the case of vitamins A, D, K and E, but also of our dear ones cannabinoids.

Concretely, a simple infusion of cannabis in hot water does not therefore make it possible to take advantage of all the properties of CBD. However, this is far from saying that the effects do not exist. First of all because that would be limiting the properties of hemp to simple cannabinoids, which is far from being the case. Then because it is quite possible to reveal the full potential of CBD, even infused.

A fatty substance or sugar in its infusion for more pronounced effects

The most common trick you will find to help your bodyassimilate CBD more easily is to supplement it with a fatty substance. It simply involvesadd a little milk, cream, vegetable oil or butter to your hemp infusion. Obviously, the more fat is present and the more effective the result, a whole milk is therefore to be preferred. And for vegans or lactose intolerant, many plant milks and other oils work just as well. Try for example coconut milk or cocoa butter which will add flavor to your infusion.

Quality control: has your CBD cannabis tea been tested?

Testing hemp ensures the absence of THC-min
Testing the hemp to be infused ensures the absence of THC

This is no surprise to anyone, not all of the components naturally present in cannabis are to everyone's taste. THC, renowned for its high effects and its addictive character, is thus considered as narcotic by France and all the member countries of the European Union (EU). More specifically, the law stipulates that cultivated hemp plants and operated in the EU must contain less than 0,2% THC. The final product must be completely devoid of it.

To ensure the legality and quality of your light cannabis infusion, therefore, check that it does not contain THC. The tests carried out also allow you to know the content of other cannabinoids, CBD in the lead. However, always remember to store your mixture: the rates displayed are valid at the time of analysis, and may decrease over time, especially under sub-optimal storage conditions. Close the packaging tightly and place it in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Where does the hemp in my infusion come from?

Knowing the origin of infused cannabis helps ensure its quality-min
Knowing the origin of infused cannabis helps ensure its quality

THEorigin of ingredients of your light cannabis infusion is important. Indeed, if it is possible to trace the origin of plants, it is generally also possible to verify its cultivation conditions. This is true for hemp, but also any other ingredient present in the mixture.

The team of Weedy thus guarantees you CBD infusion mixes tested to ensure theabsence of any illegal substance. The health of our customers as the preservation of the environment being paramount considerations, we always favor products derived from cannabis. grown in Europe and from organic farming. Our hemp teas are like this guaranteed without pesticides or heavy metals.

Can we give a light cannabis infusion to a minor?

CBD does no known side effects. It is not not addicting either and therefore presents no apparent danger. However, the sale and consumption of cannabis products are not not allowed for minors. It is therefore not recommended to give light cannabis infusions to children.

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