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Recognized for its virtuous effects (relaxation, skin care, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, etc.), CBD seems to have its place on the shelves of a pharmacy. However, it is not so easy to get hold of it, at least in France.

So, can you buy CBD in pharmacies ? What does the legislation say in France and elsewhere in Europe? What price to expect in pharmacies? We answer all of these questions to help you get the best quality CBD.

Can you buy CBD in pharmacies?

As is often the case with cannabis-derived products, it depends on where.

In France, CBD in pharmacies is not yet the norm

In France, CBD in pharmacies is not yet the norm

CBD in pharmacies in France

For a long time, French pharmacies did not sellCBD oil, or other derivative product, for the simple reason that medical cannabis is not recognized and that CBD as natural wellness product has long evolved in the gray zone.

Without the possibility of a CBD prescription, thepurchase of CBD in pharmacies has long been compromised.

Since then, the legal situation of CBD has clarified and it is now clear that the molecule is 100% legal. Some pharmacies therefore now sell CBD in France, even if this is not the case for all.

Beware of online pharmacies

There are a large number of online pharmacies who boast of selling CBD products healthy and of excellent quality.

However, beware of scams: there are many of them on the Internet, especially with shops that only have “pharmacy” in name, and even that sell fake drugs. In France, only pharmacists with a pharmacy and recognized by the Order of Pharmacists have the right to sell online.

They are all listed here and online sales are only for non-prescription drugs.

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CBD in pharmacies in Belgium

In Belgium, the situation is different, since CBD oil is over-the-counter in pharmacies from February 2020. At the microphone of the RTBF, a spokesperson for the Belgian laboratory Amophar then explained:

"In the current legislative framework [before February 2020 editor's note], a pharmacist can only distribute this product as an expensive prescription compound, while a CBD store can sell it freely (in the form of “massage oil”) ».

The authorization given to pharmacies therefore aims to reduce this inequality of treatment between pharmacies and other specialized stores.

Elsewhere in Europe

Some European countries are less reluctant to have cannabis in pharmacies

Some European countries are less reluctant to have cannabis in pharmacies

En Switzerland, often cited as a pioneer in Europe when it comes to the commercialization of CBD, several cannabis-based drugs are already authorized.

This is particularly the case for Sativex (authorized in France since 2014, but not really exploited), cannabis tincture or cannabis oil. Buying cannabidiol in pharmacies is therefore possible, provided you go there with a prescription.

Some pharmacies also take the risk of marketing magistral preparations based on CBD. However, they remain very rare.

In Germany, it is also possible to find CBD in some pharmacies. In any case, you should find out before your departure if you want to know the current regulations in a particular country.

What can a pharmacy actually sell?

In France, article L5125-24 of the Public Health Code stipulates:

“Pharmacists may not trade in their pharmacy in goods other than those appearing on a list drawn up by the Minister responsible for health, on the proposal of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists. "

This list of authorized goods contains 24 elements, including products as varied as medicines for human use, essential oils, insecticides and even mineral water and its derivatives.

The sixth element of this list interests us more precisely:

"Medicinal and aromatic plants and their derivatives, as such or in the form of preparations, with the exception of cigarettes or other products for smoking. "

The authorization or otherwise of pharmacies to sell CBD in France is thus entirely based on this passage and confirms the possibility for a pharmacy to sell CBD, provided that the latter is not not intended to be smoked.

It also remains prohibited from selling CBD to a minor, in pharmacies or elsewhere.

CBD in drugstores

France is still a long way from the sale of legal cannabis in pharmacies

France is still a long way from the sale of legal cannabis in pharmacies

Let's start by looking at the nuance of definition between a pharmacy and a parapharmacy. For many consumers, the two offer similar products, with the difference that the pharmacy can, in addition, market products on prescription.

In reality, the difference is a bit more nuanced. In fact, the term parapharmacy includes all the care and hygiene products intended for sale in pharmacies, but without a prescription. This includes the cosmetics, diet products or even essential oils.

CBD Creams, CBD oil capsules and other hemp protein therefore have their place in parapharmacy since these products are generally used as food supplements, relaxants ou in cosmetics.

Can you buy CBD for sleep in a pharmacy?

Officially, no CBD-based treatment is sold in pharmacies in France. So don't expect to ask for a sleeping pill or sleeping pills and be offered CBD. On the other hand, the CBD sold in pharmacies can very well be used in the context of sleeping troubles.

Indeed, thanks to its soothing properties, CBD can help fall asleep faster and, throughout the night, sleep more deeply and with fewer sleep interruptions.

If you want to sleep better thanks to CBD, do not hesitate to take advantage of the role of advice from your pharmacist. Whether it's a drug or not, he is always there to inform you about the health effects of the products he sells and to help you find both the right product and the right dosage.

Le CBD for sleep being a relatively new subject in pharmacy, it may however be that the hindsight on the molecule is not sufficient. Although they are not pharmacists, the counselors Weedy.fr have a long expertise in legal cannabis, CBD and other cannabinoids. So do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from expert advice and find sleep more easily!

Different types of CBD products

Whether you want to sleep better or enjoy another virtuous effect of CBD (relieve pain, relax, get through a stressful time), different types of CBD products are now available in pharmacies.

Buy CBD oil in pharmacies in France

CBD oil is freely available for sale in pharmacies, in drugstores and specialized shops such as Weedy.com.

Available in various concentrations, it is by far thea consumer favorite CBD product. It must be said that she is extremely easy to use and dose thanks to its dropper pipette generally integrated into the bottle.

For optimum rapid and marked effects, prefer it sublingual route. All you have to do is place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, wait 30 to 40 seconds and then swallow it. If the taste is too strong, different flavors are usually available.

It is also possible to mix it with a spoonful of honey or another food to mask the taste.

CBD in capsule in pharmacy

CBD capsules are also very popular in pharmacies. These small soft capsules simply enclose CBD oil. Forget the hassle of dosage, just swallow one or two capsules (comply with the packaging instructions) with a little water and you're done!

CBD in capsules is more easy to transport and store. Finally, it ensures optimal discretion.

CBD may be perfectly legal, but some still judge it harshly. For optimal conservation, close the bottle well between two uses and prefer a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight which could alter the properties of CBD.

CBD infusion in pharmacies

To close this trio of CBD products most likely to be found in pharmacies, let's mention the CBD infusions. They usually consist of hemp, the plant naturally producing CBD, to which they often combineother plants, fruits or vegetables.

This allows both mask the bitterness of hemp and combine virtuous effects of the different ingredients. By combining hemp with goji berries, lemon and ginger, it is for example possible to obtain a Vitality CBD Infusion. Rooibos, hibiscus and bourbon vanilla are on the contrary perfect for a calm night cbd herbal tea.

Cannabidiol price in pharmacies

French pharmacies and parapharmacies have been selling CBD for quite a short time. There is therefore little concrete data on the price of CBD in pharmacies. In general, the price of CBD is directly conditioned by its quality and the concentration of the product.

For equal quantity and quality, a pharmacy therefore sells a 5% CBD oil well below the price of a 20% CBD oil. Indeed, extracting cannabidiol is a relatively long and complex process, acting quite heavily on the price.

On average, however, it does not seem absurd to say that the average price of CBD in pharmacies is higher than that charged by specialized online stores, benefiting from more expertise and sales volumes.

To conclude: where to buy your CBD?

To make sure you get CBD quality and avoid the scams of fake online pharmacies, the safest way is to turn to a expert in legal cannabis and cannabinoids. This is the case of Weedy.fr which has been marketing the healthiest and most popular products of the moment for years. All undergo regular and strict tests, for maximum security of our customers and perfect legality.f