Can CBD be taken while breastfeeding?

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Taking cannabidiol (CBD) during pregnancy is not recommended, more as a precautionary principle than by proof of a proven real danger. Nevertheless, we do not play with the health of a future or young mother, nor with that of the baby.

However, one question remains: once the baby is born, does this principle of precaution remain or, on the contrary, taking CBD while breastfeeding could it have any benefits? If so, which ones and what precautions should be taken to ensure the good health of the whole family? This is our topic of the day.

Taking CBD while breastfeeding: what for?

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There are many reasons to want to take CBD while breastfeeding

It's no mystery to anyone, the arrival of a child may be an unforgettable moment in the life of young parents, but it does lead to various upheavals. Among the main ones, we can obviously cite the short nights, punctuated by repeated awakenings, pain related to childbirth or the infamous postpartum depression that touches 10 to 15% of mothers.

CBD, a molecule extracted from hemp, then appears to be the ideal saviour, in particular because it:

Except contraindication medical, CBD is increasingly harmless to adults, but what about infants?

Effects of CBD on breast milk: what we know

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Taking cannabis while breastfeeding can affect the baby, but not necessarily because of the CBD

Let's put our cards on the table, we don't yet know much about the real influence of taking CBD by a mother on her breast milk. We recently spoke to you about the advantages and limitations of CBD during pregnancy and let's already mention the lack of scientific literature on breastfeeding.

In fact, many studies have been conducted on cannabis use by pregnant and then breastfeeding women. The problem is that most of them are more interested in THC. This is also quite normal since this cannabinoid cousin of CBD has many disadvantages: hovering effects, risk of addiction and, more related to the subject that interests us here, pass into breast milk.

So, a 2018 study showed that the THC consumed by breastfeeding women is found in breast milk in 63% of cases. There is also no question of considering consuming cannabis a few hours before or after having to feed your baby since, according to this same study, traces of THC were always present in the milk. up to 6 days after consumption.

In case of regular consumption (daily or almost daily) by an infant, even through breast milk, several concerns exist:

  • Possible effects on neurotransmitters, nervous system development and functions related to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).
  • Motor development delay of the baby (but neither its growth nor its intellectual development).

Consumed occasionally, cannabis does not seem to have any noticeable effects on infants, nor on the duration of lactation or the quality of the mother's milk.

So much for cannabis in general. But what about isolated CBD?

Is CBD detectable in breast milk?

Still according to the same study, 9% milk samples only showed traces of CBD (against 63% in THC), which suggests that cannabidiol passes less easily into breast milk and/or remains there for a shorter time. The mode of taking does not seem to have any influence and both smoking (prohibited, even for legal cannabis rich in CBD), vaping or consuming edible CBD are concerned.

The fact that cannabinoids are present for a long time in breast milk could also be explained by the high percentage of body fat in women (around 25 to 30%), which facilitates the storage of cannabinoids and on the contrary slows down their elimination. Moreover, the more frequent the consumption, the longer the storage period.

Is it safe to consume CBD while breastfeeding?

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CBD does not seem dangerous during breastfeeding, unlike other cannabinoids

There is to date no reason to think that CBD is dangerous for the mother or for the child during breastfeeding. Unfortunately, there is also no irrefutable proof of the absence of long-term risk, in particular concerning the development of the child. It should be added to this that, ultimately, very few substances are considered safe when consumed regularly and/or in large quantities during breastfeeding. In view of these various facts, applying the precautionary principle and therefore do not consume CBD until the baby is weaned undoubtedly remains the most responsible attitude.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of CBD before or after childbirth, in particular to sleep better, relax or free yourself from certain pains, it is nevertheless possible and entirely recommended to engage the discussion with a healthcare professional. He or she can then decide in favor or against taking CBD in full knowledge of the state of health of the mother and the child.

CBD derivatives to avoid as a new mom

As we mentioned, CBD does not seem dangerous but, in the absence of proof, it is better to avoid it during breastfeeding when possible. What is certain, however, is that exposure of the fetus, newborn or child to THC can be dangerous. Therefore, all raw cannabis products should be avoided during pregnancy, even if they are legal.

This is particularly the case with CBD flowers, pollen and resin, which can contain up to 0,3% THC. Only the products guaranteed without THC, usually those containing a CBD isolate, are then to be considered. This is mainly the case ofCBD oil, cosmetics and other derivatives such as CBD crystals pure or some foodstuffs.