CBD and Sex: Improve Your Libido

We read it sometimes, the cannabis use in general and CBD in particular could have positive impacts on sexual activity. As often, the exact reasons for this phenomenon are still little understood by science. Once is not custom, the link between CBD consumption and improved libido has yet been clearly established. This does not mean, however, that the results are systematic. By understanding how cannabinoids interact with our body and by taking some precautions, it is however possible to maximize their effects on the quality and frequency of intercourse. Weedy.fr tells you more!

Consuming cannabis helps wake up your libido

Consuming cannabis helps wake up your libido

How can CBD influence sexual activity?

According to a long-term study from the very serious Stanford University of Medicine, there is a definite connection between CBD and sex. More precisely, consume marijuana leads toincreased sexual intercourse of consumers. Be careful, this does not mean that a little joint at the end of the evening will always lead you to a particularly active night. Nevertheless, the results are significant:

  • The cannabis smokers in the study had on average 20% more sex than non-consumers.
  • Cannabis use stimulates areas of the brain related to arousal and sexual activity.
  • These results are valid for both men and women.

In view of the first scientific studies on the subject, the consumption of cannabis would thus influence sexual activity via two main levers: reduction of anxiety and improvement of libido.

CBD and reduction of anxiety before sex

Taken before sexual activity, CBD above all allows the consumer to regain confidence in him. This is both true because of the real effects of the substances contained in hemp (appeasement, relaxation, muscle relaxation, etc.) and via a certain psychological factor. It is for these same reasons that it is possible to fight against panic attacks and anxiety thanks to CBD.

As you will have understood, CBD does not have a magical effect on sexuality. By bringing calm and relaxation to those who use it, it nevertheless allows you to enjoy a freer and more fulfilling sexuality. We know it well, sex and libido are not not only mechanical phenomena. The mind plays an essential role, as much in the pleasure taken as in the "performance", even if this somewhat outdated term brings the sexual act closer to sport than to a romantic relationship. By acting like muscle relaxant and like Pain killer (particularly before and during the

CBD and libido: a marriage of love?

According to Freud (and yes, sex is a serious subject!), the libido is in a way a sexual drive, an energy that manifests itself to make us want to take action. By acting directly on our libido, cannabis would therefore be a drug that makes you want to have sex. But there is no question here of relying only on quantity, the quality would also be more easily to go!

Effects of CBD on female libido

A study published in 2019 was particularly interested in the relationship between the use of marijuana and the sexuality of women. Based on the study of the sexual activity of 373 individuals, it determined that cannabis would allow women to be more satisfied overall, at various levels:

  • Increase in libido,
  • Achievement of orgasm,
  • Better lubrication,
  • Less pain during intercourse,
  • Better overall satisfaction level.

Effects of CBD on male libido

This same study also confirmed the conclusions of that carried out by Stanford University by arguing that male consumers made love more often on average than non-consumers. It also appears, but more research remains to be done, that cannabinoids do not cause drug interactions with erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra or Cialis.

On the contrary, CBD could contribute to reduce erectile dysfunction. Again, thepsychological aspect plays a major role, but it is not the only one. When applied topically, CBD acts as a vasodilator. It then increases the size of blood vessels, allowing blood to flow better. By doing so, stimulation and arousal increase, with the effect in some CBD users of limiting erectile dysfunction. Faced with this kind of problem, it is nevertheless advisable to consult in order to ensure that the erection problem is not linked to any health problem.

For both men and women, however, it remains essential to monitor your cannabis consumption, even legal, and not do anything to improve your sex life.

CBD and sex: tips

For a fulfilling sexuality, it is better not to get high!

For a fulfilling sexuality, it is better not to get high!

We have seen it, CBD and sex go hand in hand. However, classic cannabis, understand that containing THC, may also have side effects. Common risks include:

  • Pasty mouth,
  • Slowness (and therefore difficulties in reaching orgasm),
  • Lack of motivation.

In heavy consumers, we must add to this a potential drop in the quality of sperm as well as the quality of the erection. It is more or less the exact opposite of effects sought in the combination of sex and cannabis. Be reassured, the disadvantages of cannabis remain very far from those caused by drugs that make you want to make love harder and gathered in a set of practices responding to the name of chemsex ("Chemical sex").

Cannabis containing THC however, is not necessarily ideal for enjoying full sexual activity, especially at large doses. CBD is therefore emerging as an ideal alternative : legal, non-psychoactive and without notorious side effects.

CBD and Libido: the winning alternative

CBD oil is a gentle and legal way to boost your libido

CBD Oil Is A Gentle, Legal Way To Boost Your Sexual Activity

Free from side effects, CBD doesn't have to pale in front of high THC strains which, let's remember for all intents and purposes, are illegal. This good old cannabidiol indeed presents, in perfect legality, significant benefits : relaxation, relaxation, aphrodisiac, awareness of the environment and of one's partner. With such virtues, all the elements come together to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

If you are considering using CBD to enhance your sexual activity, it is important to consider that we all react differently to CBD. So there's no need to apply a friend's magic recipe to the letter, the ideal dosage may be very different for you. In order to familiarize yourself with the substance, you can turn to our CBD oils of high quality and with varied tastes, start with a low concentration and gradually increase until you achieve the desired effects.

For the more adventurous, there are now also massage oils, bubble baths and even CBD lubricant! About what increase his pleasure by using only the virtuous effects offered by the plant.