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Cannabis Kush: origins, legality, effects, aromas and cult strains

Under the term cannabis Kush in fact hide a whole set of sub-varieties gathered around common specificities and genetic origins. Generally hybrid, a Kush, however, in the vast majority of cases leans towardsindicates, a family renowned for its soothing effects, de-stressing.

As the development of the modern cannabis market sees the arrival of Perfectly legal Kush sub-varieties, it was normal to tell you more about the origins, the effects, but also star products of the lineage.

Cannabis Kush: history

Kush strains are generally indica dominant hybrids
Kush strains are generally indica dominant hybrids

With the cult cannabis strains, you often have to look for effects caused (the hazy spirit familiar to the watchers of Haze), or even their breeder (Sam the Skunkman for Skunks) to understand what earned them their name. The kush family, on the contrary, quite simply derives its surname from its geographical origins, and especially of a massif of Afghan and Pakistani mountains: theHindu Kush, or Hindi Kush, depending on the spellings.

Well beyond their family tree, the Kush are therefore distinguished by primitive characteristics that they inherit from wild plants growing in the Himalayan regions. There the Kush grows naturally, which gives the plants a certain resistance to their environment, making them very often stronger and more stable than varieties created in the laboratory.

Physically, a Kush can be recognized by density of its buds and his bushy appearance. It is also not uncommon to find purple reflections on its leaves, as well as pistils that can alternate between brown, orange or bronze.

Kush CBD: 100% legal light cannabis

A Kush CBD allows you to enjoy the calming effects of cannabidiol legally
A Kush CBD allows you to enjoy the calming effects of cannabidiol legally

In the wild, a classic cannabis plant offers an impressive bunch of cannabinoids, molecules acting naturally on our bodies. Where the shoe pinch in the case of the legal market is that the most widely produced cannabinoid in nature is the THC. However, it is considered narcotic by European law, since it is responsible for psychotropic effects.

On the contrary, cannabidiol, or CBD, exhibits almost opposite effects in relaxing its consumers, while avoiding any hovering effect. Distressing and not presenting no known major side effects, therefore, CBD is perfectly legal and increasingly sought after, including cannabis enthusiasts, for some formerly followers of the original cult strains, including many Kush.

- breeders Moderns are therefore now striving to give pride of place to the production of CBD in their hybridizations, while getting rid of THC as much as possible. This is the case with many Kush CBD which now appear on our French stalls legally.

Kush strains: at the source of indica

A Kush is generally distinguished by its peppery and spicy notes
A Kush is generally distinguished by its peppery and spicy notes

For some cannabis enthusiasts, it is quite conceivable to use the words interchangeably Kush and Indica to mention their favorite strain, due to their same Asian origins. However, a Kush can both indica and sativa, or hybrid, according to the strains and their ancestors. Either way, it's their bouquet of terpenes which is at the origin of their perfumes.

Among the typical Kush characteristics, we thus find peppery, spicy aromas, but also floral and earthy. It is also these herbaceous and floral notes which stand out on combustion, allowing the most seasoned noses to recognize a Kush by its simple smell.

On the effects side, we find thedeep appeasement typical of indicas, but leaving sufficient energy for a few phases of serious reflection. CBD Kush is also sometimes recommended for solve sleep problems. They indeed have the reputation of havingsedative effects.

Some essential Kush

Over the years, Kush has become more and more popular with cannabis enthusiasts. The offer is therefore wide, with legal strains rich in CBD ever more numerous. Praised by the public, they know how to reach a wide audience, often thanks to sweet flavors, reminiscent of tropical fruits, even sweets.

OG Kush

THEOG Kush is undoubtedly the queen of kush. Cultivated in Florida in the early 1990s, it carries complex aromas one of the favorites of cannabis enthusiasts: diesel, skunk and spices. This combo could only be a winner and the strain quickly found itself sold around the world, reaching an ever-growing audience. TheOG Kush is now widely used in creation of new hybrid varieties to which she transmits her quiet strength and her herbaceous and lemony aromas.

Banana Kush

La Banana Kush don't steal his name. Indeed, at the simple opening of the bag, one would think oneself in a tropical forest, cutting with a machete a bushel of very ripe bananas. Gourmet, sweet, this indica-dominant hybrid nevertheless has some Skunk flowing in its vegetable veins. Far from succumbing to the sweet pleasures that its aromas seem to announce, the Banana Kush is therefore a balanced variety, giving pride of place to energy. From Skunk she does indeed derive sativa characteristics, sips of citrus. The perfect balance for relax without dozing off.

Cookie Kush

La Cookie Kush takes its name from cookie notes that she releases. Legitimate daughter of theOG Kush, It is soft without being sweet, soothing without being overwhelming. This relative balance is the logical consequence of hybridization clearly leaning her on the indica side, while bringing in the dose of sativa sufficient to give her the edge of madness necessary for her uniqueness. On the flavor side, the Cookie Kush could not be more reassuring, with chocolate aromas, spiced with a hint of fresh mint.

Candy Kush

In the land of Candy Kush is an ancestry of choice, involving a famous OG Kush and a little less famous Trainwreck, fruity hybrid inclined towards sativa for its infectious energy. Together, the two strains gave birth to a well-balanced Candy Kush, and with a marked identity since this candy of character is as acidic as lemon, hints of pepper.

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