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Cannabis pollen: composition, use and legality

Le cannabis pollen is extracted from trichomes of the plant, small vesicles used for their defense. Very cannabinoid concentrate, the active ingredients in cannabis, pollen is sought after for its purity. We give you all the practical information to make your choice and stay legal.

What is cannabis pollen and what is it made of?

After extraction, cannabis pollen actually looks like resin-min
After extraction, cannabis pollen actually looks like resin

Before even mentioning the legality or not of cannabis pollen, it is necessary to come back to a few elements of definition. The jargon around cannabis and its derivatives is indeed varied. It is however only very rarely mastered.

What we call cannabis is actually a plant called c. It is made up of different varieties, but represents a single family. In agriculture, we simply talk about hemp. This is often the first source of confusion. Why would hemp be legal and cultivable when cannabis is not? It's actually a little more complicated than that. We have also recently dedicated an article on the legality of cannabis.

Under its common name, the marijuana obtained by drying cannabis leaves and flowers. Hash, or hashish, is from the same plant, but present in small glands, trichomes. It is indeed the trichomes which produce cannabis resin, that is, pollen.

Different types of cannabis pollen

Cannabis pollen comes from trichomes, small white glands-min
Cannabis pollen comes from trichomes, small white glands

Cannabis pollen is obtained by trichome extraction of the plant, which are then heated and compressed. This process results in the production of the finished product, in the form of a ball resembling a small pebble. It is then bought in this same form, generally with a price of around 10 to 20 € per gram.

It is very difficult to separate the trichomes from any other plant element, pieces of leaves and flowers at the head. The extraction mode thus has a very strong impact on product quality. It is not uncommon to find poor quality products that it is impossible to agglomerate into a compact ball. This is due to the presence of too many pieces of leaves and buds inside the extraction. Plant selection, extraction method and screening quality are indeed all elements that impact the quality of the final product.

The quality and final composition of cannabis pollen depend very largely on the original plant. To be marketable in France, the rate of THC (the cannabinoid responsible for the soaring effects) of the cannabis plant must be less than 0,2%. Only these plants can therefore legally be used for the production of cannabis pollen in France. We then speak more precisely of CBD pollen. Indeed, their content is rich in cannabidiol, a cannabinoid (active ingredient) with soothing properties, but not psychoactive.

Finally, potential additions can alter the quality of the finished product, which will only be better if pure. This is why at Weedy we favor extracts 100% natural, obtained from flowers selected from industrial hemp certified by the European Union (EU).

Use of cannabis pollen

Unlike marijuana, cannabis pollen is not obtained by drying the leaves and flowers-min
Unlike marijuana, cannabis pollen is not obtained by drying the leaves and flowers

On the black market, cannabis pollen is sold most of the time for smoking. It is then usually mixed with tobacco or marijuana before being rolled into joints or placed in a pipe. He owes his success to his high cannabinoid concentration, including THC and its soaring effects. Pollen is indeed stronger than marijuana. However, this is a completely prohibited use in France.

However, there are many countries where cannabis use is allowed. In the Netherlands, for example, the resin is extracted by freezing and then centrifuging the trichomes. This variant is then called " skuff »And can be found in a coffee shop. Switzerland, a European pioneer in cannabis products, also produces legal pollens. Some are intended for federal use, Switzerland indeed authorizes a rate of THC up to 1%. Others are for the European market et respect the maximum rate 0,2%. These products are generally in return very rich in CBD. Consumers then look for the soothing and anti-inflammatory effects attributed to CBD.

Products offered by Weedy. Fr have as their objective the fragrant interior decoration. We thus select the most fragrant EU certified plants in order to increase the pleasure provided and its duration. In original packaging, orders are counted per gram, with discount for larger quantities.

CBD pollen: a legal alternative

Le CBD pollen is characterized, as its name suggests, by its high CBD content. The resin offered for sale on the site of Weedy strictly respect European law and the THC levels imposed (less than 0,2%). It therefore does not cause no psychoactive effects. The quality we expect from our products is simply excellence. We are always listening to our customers and do not hesitate to adapt our offer if the feedback does not meet our expectations.

You can be assured that an order placed on our site is done in full compliance with current legislation. You receive your products at home, in 24 to 72 hours (on average) and discreetly. We take particular care to respect the privacy of our customers. We therefore condition our CBD pollen in vacuum packets, all placed in a neutral envelope. Finally, no reference to the nature of our products is made in terms of payment. Neither your neighbors nor your bank have to know what purchases you make if you don't want to tell them.

We also recall that the CBD pollen sold by Weedy is destined to perfume your interior. The information in this article helps you understand what the product is and what makes it special. We do not recommend, nor can we be held responsible for any other use.

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