Theme: CBD derivatives

Imagine for a moment a good bubble bath, at the ideal temperature. To accompany it, some tangy sweets and a nourishing mask for the face. On leaving, a slice of country bread (with or without gluten, it's your moment of relaxation), spread with fresh butter and just the right amount of flavored honey. Tempting, right?

CBD derivatives and their uses are limitless

Did you know that each element of this story could be completed with its CBD counterpart? Indeed, CBD derivatives, there are hundreds, certainly thousands. From the bathroom to the plate, via veterinary products, almost everything can be "with CBD". The team of introduces you to the different CBD derivatives and how to use them (or make them!).

You are in the right place if you want to discover:

  • What are the main products derived from CBD hemp (e-liquids, pollen, flowers, resins).
  • How to use them and enjoy their many benefits.
  • What strange, playful or crazy derivatives imagined from cannabidiol exist (candy, chocolate, bath products, hemp milk and cream).
  • Why other species can benefit from CBD derivatives, and how (especially horses, dogs and cats).
  • How to make your own CBD products and cook with hemp with our easy and delicious recipes.


This is just a small taste of what CBD derivatives in particular and hemp in general have to offer. To know more, do not hesitate to visit the articles of our other categories. They are particularly dedicated to the properties of cannabidiol, its influence on health and well-being as well as the existing culture around CBD cannabis.