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Unknown or almost unknown until 2018, cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming more and more widespread. First discovered by the general public because of legal disputes, it is now clear that it is perfectly legal and that we all have an interest in finding out. This molecule naturally produced by hemp has unique and varied properties, many of which are yet to be discovered.

Cannabidiol (CBD) down to the smallest detail

The blog of is a blog 100% dedicated to CBD. It tells you everything there is to know about cannabidiol, its effects and how to use it.

And because you can be serious with a good mood, we also sometimes take you on board for more playful, entertaining or educational articles, with tips, advice and even some recipes for all homemade fans. Let's go !

You are in the right place if you want to discover:

  • What is the legislation around CBD cannabis.
  • What is the ideal dosage of CBD, depending on the product and the desired results.
  • What is the state of the legal cannabis market (products available, prices, methods of extraction, etc.).
  • Why some CBD rumors die hard (we'll tell you right from wrong).
  • What are the precautions to take and the tips to know to get the best effects from CBD, safely and legally.


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