Development of CBD: users, state, companies, who benefits?

Le development of CBD around the world is unquestionable. First considered a taboo product, its calming properties et devoid of any psychotropic effect nevertheless quickly succeeded in getting it accepted by the greatest number. 2018 has definitely marked a turning point for cannabidiol, which has been found everywhere. But to whom benefits So the development of CBD? To the users, the governments or industrial ? Back to the reasons that led to the democratization of CBD and everyone's interests.

CBD is absolutely everywhere

From pure product to the most creative derivatives, CBD is everywhere

Most CBD specialist dealers first became interested in pure product, whether tonight in its natural form or extracts. This is particularly the case for derivatives of high quality cannabis selected and sold by Weedy : CBD flowers, resins and pollens, oils et crystals particularly fall into this category.

- e-liquid at the CBD for Electronic cigarettes are a mixture of cannabidiol and a base associating propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV) whose balance allows in particular to measure the quantity and the quality of the smoke. They are sometimes accompanied by aromas of all kinds (addition of terpenes or fruity aromas for example) and have largely contributed to the development of CBD with the general public. Several studies indeed lead to think that CBD, in addition to its calming effects, would get rid of addictions more easily, whether traditional tobacco or THC.

Of these basic products, allowing to enjoy the effects of CBD without worrying about additional elements, a multitude of other products were born, linked to different economic sectors. La food, the drinks, the cosmetics and sports supplements are all areas now surfing the CBD wave. After the US CBD glazed donuts and promoting a hemp cooking by some Canadian establishments, it is now France that lends itself to the game. Parisian coffee shops advocating CBD recipes have followed one another in the capital since 2018.

Farm bill: the booster for the development of CBD in the United States

The American farm bill has boosted the development of CBD through the cultivation of industrial hemp

When we talk about the development of CBD and its derivatives, 2018 stands out as a pivotal year. In France, this is accompanied by a loosening of the law. On a larger scale, however, it is necessary to turn to the international, and more specifically the United States. Unlike THC, and as in Europe, CBD is not considered a narcotic there. Although legal, it has long been under the yoke of a legal vagueness which is gradually dissipating, allowing an increasingly large market to develop.

The passage of the farm bill by US Senate in December 2018 has a lot to do with accelerating the development of CBD and its many derivative products. This agricultural law now authorizes American farmers to plant, cultivate and market industrial hemp, previously controlled regardless of its THC content. In the United States as in France, there is therefore now a clear barrier between the industrial hemp and recreational hemp.

As long as THC levels are tiny and strictly controlled, the cultivation of cannabis is therefore now authorized. Unlike theEurope and his 0,2% THC ceiling rate, the United States now consider any plant whose tetrahydrocannabinol content does not exceed 0,3% as industrial hemp.

Development of CBD: the position of major brands

CBD heads
The development of CBD is currently benefiting more start-ups than big brands

Most CBD products are offered for purchase by brands still unknown a few years ago. These new players, riding the cannabis wave, seem to take advantage of the sudden opening of this new market to try to build an empire, or in any case to seek the profits where they seem to be. In this sense, the development of CBD is akin to a real green gold rush, where everyone can still find their place.

For established brands, the interest is not concealed. However, the act seems to be complicated. In the fall of 2018, Coca-Cola confirmed to consider the development of a CBD infused drink. If the brand has since denied having already made a decision on the marketing or not of such a product, the news was enough at the time to shock many of its followers.

The teams of Ben & Jerry's have explicitly communicated their interest in marketing a CBD ice cream. However, they are awaiting approval from the FDA, US Food and Drug Administration, not appearing on the agenda.

All of this large groups, mostly Americans, therefore remain cautious. A dozen states have already taken the step of legalizing cannabis. However, this authorization for consumption, including for recreational purposes, does not exist at the federal level, keeping international brands away from the market, for fear ofskin their image at least as many as legal battles.

Conclusion: is the development of CBD useful for users or for manufacturers?

So a legal framework still vague and disparate on the international scene slows down large groups, which nevertheless do not hide their interest in the market. On the contrary, start-ups see it as an opportunity and launch themselves body and soul into the development of CBD, even if it means burning their wings after the first profits made. The different governments meanwhile, must ensure ensuring the health of their citizens, while being aware of financial and public health interests which could emanate from a controlled opening of the market.

In the middle of it all, consumers seem to consider CBD for what it is: a natural product with many effects on the body. For many, it represents a opportunity to improve their daily lives. For some, it is only a fashionable product, available in different forms that will eventually lose interest, or at least stabilize on the shelves of our supermarkets.

Only one thing is certain: a clear legal situation, supported by the results of scientific research and allowing a controlled dosage of CBD is atinterest of all.


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