CBD for dogs: what do you need to know?

100% legal, non-addictive and non-psychoactive, CBD, or cannabidiol, is not a veterinary drug. It can on the other hand relieve various disorders in the animal, and in particular in the dog. Before buying CBD for dogs, it is nevertheless important to understand in which case it can be useful for the animal, which product to favor and how to give it to your dog. This is what we explain to you in this guide.

Does CBD work on dogs?

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CBD can in particular act on the pain or the state of stress of a dog

We feel the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids (the active ingredients in hemp) because we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Disseminated throughout the body, it intervenes in particular in the immune system and nervous system. However, humans are not the only species to have an ECS, which is present in particular in all mammals including dog, cat and many other animals.

Ainsi, le CBD for animals is a real and serious subject, which deserves our attention. Specifically, the effects of CBD on dogs are very close to its effects on humans.

Main effects of CBD on the dog

  • Pain Relief,
  • Reduction of inflammation,
  • Better stress management,
  • Improved quality of sleep,
  • More generally, a feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

A recurring question from dog owners who are interested in CBD is whether cannabidiol is suitable for a stressed dog.

CBD for stressed dogs: yes, but not only

We spoke to you in a previous article about the interest of CBD to calm an aggressive dog. However, animal aggression is rarely free and an aggressive dog is often also a stressed dog. The question of CBD therefore arises legitimately.

Before looking to giving CBD to a stressed dog, it is essential to determine the causes stress and process it the source. CBD can indeed be effective, but simply as an accompaniment, not as a stand-alone solution. A stressed dog may, for example, be afraid of an external event (loud noises, veterinarian), of the abandonment of his master (prolonged absence, arrival of a baby, death) or even experience anxiety in the face of a change. routine (moving). So the first thing to do is to reassure him and let him know he's safe. Avoid leaving him alone and make him do a regular physical activity also greatly help to improve one's mental condition. Finally, there are pheromone diffusers which reassure the dog as to the safety of its direct environment.

When that is not enough, anti-stress capsules can be prescribed by the veterinarian. This visit is the perfect opportunity to establish a dialogue with the veterinarian about the use of CBD. This will also allow you to avoid as much as possible the side effects of CBD, even if they are rare and not very dangerous.

What are the side effects of CBD on dogs?

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Giving CBD to a dog should be a well-considered decision

The side effects of CBD on dogs are quite rare and occur mainly in case of excessive dosage. In this case, the dog may have the pasty mouth, display a mild drowsiness, or even present gastrointestinal disorders mild (diarrhea in particular). These side effects are usually short-lived and quickly disappear after stopping CBD. If your dog is sick and already taking medication, you need to be more careful since CBD poses a risk of drug interactions when combined with certain medications. Therefore, do not give CBD to your dog without first talking to his veterinarian!

Please note: CBD is not cannabis!

So let's be reassured, the adverse effects of CBD on dogs are rare, and generally mild. However, this is not the case with cannabis containing THC, more commonly known as marijuana. If your dog accidentally swallows cannabis, call veterinary emergencies immediately, who may be able to eliminate the substance before it takes effect. By itself, the cannabis smoke is harmful to dogs and cats. If you smoke, take precautions and stay away from your four-legged friends!

Buying CBD for dogs: the right reflexes

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There are CBD oils specially adapted to the needs of dogs

All CBD derivatives not suitable for dogs. For animals as for us, it is also essential to ensure the product quality. Choose products that tick the following boxes:

  • List of known ingredients
  • Dosage adapted to the weight of the dog
  • Clean extraction (ideally with CO2 supercritical)
  • Hemp from environmentally friendly agriculture (without pesticides or heavy metals)
  • Prefer CBD isolate or a broad-spectrum product (0% THC guaranteed) such as CBD oil, capsules or derivatives specially developed for dogs (no CBD flowers, resin, pollen or infusion).

CBD oil for dogs: what dosage?

Before giving CBD to a dog, a starting dosage must be determined, which must always be adapted to its weight. Between a 3-kilogram Chihuahua and a 40-kg German Shepherd, the dosage obviously cannot be the same. For more flexibility and practicality, we advise you to turn to the CBD oils. Their dropper pipette makes it very easy to adapt to all types of dogs, and adjust the dose as needed. Our CBD oil for dogs 5% (for large dogs and medium dogs) and our CBD oil for dogs 3% (rather for small dogs) do not only effect quickly, but are additionally flavored with beef for a easy administration.


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