CBD lollipops: do you really have to try them?

For a modest price, generally between 40 cents and 2 euros, it is now very easy to get a CBD lollipop. Depending on the brand, CBD lollipops are more or less sweet, colorful and of various and varied tastes. The opportunity to fall back into childhood while enjoying the virtuous effects of cannabidiol? Not necessarily. To understand everything about the craze around the product and make your decision to try it or not, Weedy.fr explains what CBD lollipops are, why take them and what effects to expect (or not).

What is a CBD lollipop?

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CBD lollipops come in different shapes, tastes and colors

A CBD lollipop is simply a classic lollipop who is enriched with hemp extracts. Like the CBD candy whether we presented to you recently or a CBD chewing gum, it is visually in all respects similar to a traditional candy. Depending on the methods, these lollipops can be made fromCBD isolate or broad or full spectrum products such as CBD oils, flowers or the resins.

Two main categories of CBD lollipops share the market:

  • Those at classic taste (fruit, strawberry, mint, etc.),
  • Those at hemp flavor whose flavors take up the aromas of cult cannabis strains (Kush, Haze, Skunk, Diesel).

How are CBD lollipops made?

A lollipop, in the making, it's about two-thirds sugar and one-third water. The two ingredients are then heated to create a syrup. Once the liquid but already quite thick sugar mixture has cooled slightly, it's time to add the CBD (tincture, extract, ground pollen, depending on the recipe) and then to let crystallize, without forgetting of course to place one stick per lollipop mold. From aromas and/or colorants can also be added as desired to achieve the desired appearance and taste.

To be legal, remember that a CBD lollipop (like any other derived product) must not contain THC and use cannabinoids extracted from authorized hemp plants (THC level in the plant below 0,3%). This guarantees a product without psychoactive effects or risk of addiction.

Why consume a CBD lollipop?

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In appearance, a CBD lollipop has everything of a classic candy

Intuitively, we tend to think that consuming a CBD lollipop amounts to combining the good reasons for consuming a lollipop and those for taking cannabidiol. We would therefore consume CBD lollipops both for gluttony and to take advantage of effects of CBD. In fact, and we'll get to that in a moment, the answer is a bit more complex than that. Let's first take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these treats that are popping up on the shelves of shops specializing in legal cannabis.

Benefits of CBD lollipops

  • Practice to use and transport.
  • Pre-dosed (a fixed dose of CBD, directly in the pocket).
  • Discreet (they look just like the lolly pops of our childhood).
  • Gourmands.

Disadvantages of CBD lollipops

The strength of a CBD lollipop is also its greatest weakness. Pre-dosed, ready for consumption and extremely easy to use, it inevitably comes with a lack of control over the dosage and therefore the amount of CBD consumed. Direct consequence, if it is synonymous with a moment of relaxation, it becomes complicated to control the amount of CBD that we consume. Not to mention that many products on the market offer CBD concentrations that are not always optimal.

Effects of CBD lollipops: a question of dosage

Below 15 milligrams of CBD per person and per day (average value, variable according to individuals, their body size and their consumption habits), there is a good chance of noticing any effect or, at best, very weak effects. First obstacle to the effectiveness of CBD lollipops? Certainly. Indeed, many lollipops enriched with cannabidiol available on the market offer low concentrations, often close to the 5 milligrams of CBD per lollipop. Unless you chain three treats very quickly, and therefore gorge yourself on the passage of sugar, the effect may not be superior to a vulgar Chupa Chups regressive at will.

CBD lollipops have no not necessarily of great interest when it comes to taking advantage of the pain-relieving and relaxing properties of cannabidiol. They are therefore often presented as an aid during smoking cessation or when one intends tostop smoking cannabis. It is therefore more fair and reasonable to consider them as a tool (for withdrawal, for example) than as a truly effective means of legally benefiting from the effects of cannabinoids. They are also not like other candies and should not be consumed in the same way as a classic lollipop.

Choosing between a CBD lollipop and its alternatives

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Depending on the needs, CBD lollipops can be replaced by other alternatives

As with all CBD products, it is important to understand their pros and cons when making your choice. If your primary objective is to relax, reduce pain or take advantage of another virtue attributed to cannabidiol, it is probably more interesting to turn to another product. L'CBD oil is in this often a good alternative since it is both practical to dose and to take everywhere with you, while offering marked and rapid effects, especially by sublingual route (under the tongue). If, on the other hand, you want to quit smoking, cannabis lollipops can be a effective substitute. For this same purpose, the e-liquid at the CBD are also a product to consider since they allow in addition to find the gesture so important for many smokers, but also to quickly take advantage of the soothing effects of CBD.


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