CBD oil: our advice for an immediate effect

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If you are interested in cannabidiol (CBD), you have certainly already heard or noticed that its effects are not immediate. Depending on the derivative and the method of taking, you have to wait about twenty minutes in the best case, up to several hours in others.

Good news though: there are easy-to-implement ways to benefit more quickly from the effects of cannabinoids.

We share them with you, as well as the simple method to have a (almost) immediate effect with CBD oil.

3 tips for an (almost) immediate effect of CBD oil

sublingual cbd oil immediate effect min

Sublingual CBD oil results in the most immediate effects for a healthy way of taking

Tip n°1: Prefer CBD oil sublingually for an (almost) immediate effect

The only way to enjoy immediate effects of CBD is to smoke or inhale one of its derivatives. In the first case, the practice is strongly discouraged since the combustion releases many harmful toxins for the body. In other words, smoke CBD does more harm than good. In the second case, it is a question of spraying crumbs of CBD flowers or resin or vape a e-liquid at the CBD. Again, toxins are released, however in much smaller quantities.

All this to say that the only options for immediate effects of CBD correspond to modes of use that are not optimal for health. I'CBD oil then imposes itself as the fastest and healthiest way both to enjoy its effects. However, an important distinction must be made:

  • CBD oil by digestive route: in an infusion, on a sugar or even in cooking, CBD oil takes effect when digestion starts. It is the same for the CBD food, which takes at least an hour and sometimes more before acting.
  • CBD oil sublingually: under the tongue, CBD oil works by about twenty minutes, an effect not quite immediate, but almost! This is because the blood vessels under the tongue allow for rapid absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. By way of comparison, paracetamol works by 30 to 60 minutes orally (about 15 minutes in the form of an effervescent tablet).

Tip #2: Choose quality ingredients

quality cbd cannabis effects marked min

The quality of the ingredients can influence the effectiveness and the speed of the effects

Higher quality CBD can be purer and potentially more effective. This is also true for the other ingredients present in the derivative, starting with the vegetable oil that serves as the base. Prioritize the cleanest extraction methods (to CO2 ideally supercritical) and ingredients from agriculture that respects the environment (without pesticides and GMOs in particular), such as those favored by Weedy.com.

Tip #3: Choose a Broad/Full Spectrum CBD Oil

cbd oil full spectrum fast effects min

At equivalent concentration, a full-spectrum CBD oil has a stronger effect than an isolate

Finally, pay attention to the spectrum of the product if you are looking for immediate effects. The full spectrum contains all the active compounds naturally present in hemp, such as CBD of course, but also the other cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN et THC within the limit of 0,3%), terpenes and flavonoids. Together they come into synergy and offer more marked effects than an oil formulated withCBD isolate. Broad spectrum is similar to full spectrum, but stripped of certain molecules (usually THC).

Mini-FAQ on CBD oil and its action time

cbd oil faster effects min

For an immediate or almost immediate effect, nothing beats a sublingual CBD oil

I took sublingual CBD oil and do not feel an immediate effect, why?

If you do not feel any effects after consuming CBD oil, there are several avenues to explore:

  • It hasn't been 20 minutes since you took your sublingual CBD oil.
  • The dosage is insufficient (see our guide to understand how many cannabidiol drops swallow by take).
  • The CBD oil has been stored incorrectly: poorly closed, exposed to light or heat, for example (see our tips for keep your CBD well).
  • CBD oil is too old: bottles of CBD oil generally have a DLUO (use-by date). Beyond that, there is no health hazard in consuming it, but its effects may be altered.
  • The quality of the derivative leaves something to be desired (prefer serious retailers such as Weedy.Fr).
  • You have changed brands and the new oil is not equivalent (concentration and/or isolate instead of broad/full spectrum, for example).

What is the action time of CBD oil?

The duration of action of CBD oil can vary from person to person depending on several factors such as the method of administration, dose, composition and individual reaction. Sublingually, the effects are felt within 15 to 30 minutes after administration and for 2 to 3 hours. If CBD oil is ingested as a capsules or food, the action time is approximately one o'clock, with diffuse effects during 4 to 6 hours.

For more information on the different derivatives, you can refer to our guide on the duration of effects of CBD.

Do the effects of CBD all happen at once?

Not necessarily. Once again, it depends on the type of derivative and the mode of use, but also on the desired effect. Thus, a person who consumes CBD oil for the first time can completely feel its effects immediately after the first drops pass through the body. This can then, for example, allow him to sleep better, to relieve some pain or relax. For other people, it will take renew the socket several times before finding the right product and dosage.

On the other hand, it is very unlikely to permanently reduce your stress or end an acne breakout by using CBD oil just once. Moreover, most of the effects linked to a topical application (localized) are observed over the long term. This may especially be the case if you are usinghemp oil for acne, Psoriasis, theeczema or just for nourish the skin and the hair.