What is CBD Pollen?

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CBD is now available in various forms, some of which are still little known. CBD pollen made from cannabis flowers (more commonly known as “hemp”) is often less popular than wax, or other products. It is however an interesting form to enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

CBD pollen comes from hemp flowers

CBD pollen comes from hemp flowers

What are CBD and THC?

The CBD and THC are two chemical compounds that are part of the cannabinoid family. These molecules are produced naturally by the hemp plant, also known as cannabis. These two compounds have a power of action on one of the human nervous systems called endocannabinoids. CBD and THC mimic the effects of chemical compounds inherent in this health system and bind to its receptors.

THC is the best known cannabinoid, but especially for the maligned consequences linked to its consumption. Responsible for the well-known psychoactive effects of cannabis users, THC stimulates the brain and causes a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and well-being. The downside of this substance is the addiction it entails. Very quickly, the consumer can no longer do without THC cannabis and falls into the vicious circle of addiction. Also, Several studies show the harmful effects of THC on the development and proper functioning of the brain.

CBD is another cannabinoid but this time known for a number of therapeutic benefits : relief of pain and inflammation, nausea, better sleep and many others. CBD could be effective in accompanying the treatment of certain chronic diseases such as migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis or epilepsy. It is also an anti-psychotic drug that may prove useful in the treatment of schizophrenia. The advantage of CBD is that it is not addictive and has no psychoactive effect.

What is CBD Pollen?

pollen is produced by the flowers of plants and allows them to reproduce

Pollen is produced by the flowers of plants and allows them to reproduce

Pollen as a rule, it is the mobile element that allows seed plants to reproduce. Produced by the flower of the plant, pollen is a tiny grain carried by the wind or bees.

The use of different types of flower pollen is already very common in traditional Chinese medicine for its stimulating and immuno-defensive properties. CBD pollen from hemp is therefore just one way of consuming CBD. and thus benefit from these natural effects.

The extraction of hemp pollen is obtained industrially in a 100% safe way. CBD pollen can be collected from the hemp flower via the trichomes of the plant. These trichomes should be separated from pieces of leaves or flowers that may be present during harvest. The less leaf or bud ends there are in the raw material, the better the final product will be.

Once collected and sorted, the trichomes will be heated and compressed to obtain a dumpling similar to a small pebble. This product is then sold in a perfectly hermetic box which will allow you to retain all the properties of your CBD-based pollen.

CBD pollen: is it legal?

If THC is an illegal substance and banned in most European countries, CBD is tolerated and authorized although its use remains controlled. Thus in France, the raw material used must not exceed 0,3% THC concentration. This low rate guarantees a product without any psychotropic effect.

CBD pollen marketed by our e-shop Weedy.fr therefore complies with European legislation. Strict controls of raw materials are carried out in the laboratory by our suppliers. These checks make it possible to check the THC content and therefore to be able to supply CBD products that will be 100% legal. The hemp varieties are thus carefully selected, tested, and sometimes even tasted.

So be sure to order your CBD pollens legally on our site. Weedy.com.

 How to use CBD pollen?

CBD pollen is mainly used in infusion.

CBD pollen is mainly used as an infusion.

 CBD pollen is by no means intended for smoking. Its use must remain strictly food.

The best way to consume CBD pollen is to break it down and then add it to your infusions but why not also on your salads, or for a relaxing effect, in your bath. CBD flowers can also be used in addition to pollen for more sustained effects. You can also enjoy its particular smell, earthy with subtle citrus notes, to perfume your interior in a delicate way.

The use of CBD pollen should not be taken lightly. Avoid taking if you are pregnant et if you have to drive. The relaxing effects of CBD can cause some people to fall asleep. Also be careful if you have allergies certain pollens from flowers, trees or grasses.

Like any natural product, cannabis pollen should not be taken lightly. So be sure to keep your products out of the reach of children and pets. Also make sure to close the box for better conservation.

Where to buy CBD pollen in France: your e-shop Weedy. Fr

Your CBD specialist e-shop Weedy.fr has chosen one of the best brands on the market to offer you quality CBD pollen: Plant of life. The Plant of Life brand is based in Spain and is one of the leaders in the CBD market. Their products respect French and European legislation. This brand is committed to guaranteeing you quality products, subjected to scrupulous analyzes. CTAEX certifies that Plant of Life pollen contain 3,8% CBD for 0,12% THC. They therefore do not exceed the legal limit established.

Weedy.fr offers you different varieties of pollen: OG Kush, Lemon haze, amnesia haze. These varieties of hemp are among the most famous.

In addition to ensuring full compliance with the law, Weedy.fr is committed deliver you discreetly, with the utmost respect for your privacy. Our mailing envelopes are neutral and there will be no hint as to the nature of your order on your bank card statements.

Order on Weedy. Fr, it means ordering safely, in accordance with the law and in complete safety.


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