Top 5 CBD products dedicated to men

Women come from Venus, men eat Mars. It's not science that says it, it's MC Solaar. This touch of irony will no doubt have made it clear to you that there is no question here of going into genre clichés with great blows of CBD products packaged in dark blue with a steel gray logo indicating for men.

Any marketing strategy aside, it is nevertheless reasonable to think that the molecule of cannabidiol (the CBD therefore) acts (slightly) differently for men and women. Already because, genetically and hormonally, we are not all equal. Also because, physically, socially and culturally, men and women are also (sometimes and more or less widely) different.

Regardless of your gender identity, be aware that CBD may have slightly different effects depending on whether you have XX or XY chromosomes (or other rarer combinations).

These few clarifications having been made, here is our top 5 CBD products dedicated to men !

1. CBD Hair & Beard Products

cannabis light min beard oil

CBD hemp oil is widely used for beard care

CBD is a molecule extracted from hemp. It is therefore not uncommon to find hemp oil enriched with CBD. This is good news for men (but not only) since CBD oil has many benefits for the hair and therefore also for the beard. Depending on the product used, legal cannabis can therefore contribute to boosting the beard shine, have a healthier scalp (by limiting the appearance of dandruff and itching in particular), slow down hair loss or, quite simply, to maintain your beard and mustache more easily. There are shampoos, conditioners, lotions, balms and beard oil for this. With them, hair and beard hair are softer, better hydrated and therefore easier to comb and style.

2. CBD shaving and facial care products

Who says facial hair says shaving or, at least, mowing. Whatever the technique preferred by these gentlemen (straight razor, electric, disposable), the maintenance of the beard and mustache quickly irritates the skin of the face (or any other shaved area). Here again, CBD is an ally of choice since it is not only moisturizing, but also very effective against skin irritation. Cannabidiol has indeed and calm skin which allow you to quickly recover from dry skin, irritated by the passage of the blade or damaged by the cold or pollution.

Un CBD infused shaving gel can thus provide a smoother shaving experience while a CBD aftershave balm and hemp oil will have the advantage of allowing the skin to recover more easily after shaving.

min cbd shaving products

There are products for and after shaving with CBD

3. CBD Male Cosmetics

More broadly, there is now a whole range of CBD cosmetics. For men, the CBD muscle relaxants, CBD massage oils and the different moisturizing balms are particularly appreciated. However, they are not the only ones and there are many references of CBD cosmetics, for men, women or mixed. Besides cosmetics, these are all the body hygiene products who are concerned, with also shower gels, deodorant or even hand creams or lips.

4. CBD derivatives for athletes

Both men and women can obviously be athletic. However, some studies suggest that men and women could benefit differently from CBD when practicing sports. The main reason for this is the difference in muscle gain. However, the lack of hindsight prevents us from commenting in detail on these variations. However, it has been proven that there are many good reasons to use the CBD for sports. There are thus many CBD products dedicated to athletic men, including muscle relaxant balms, cold gels and CBD creams for muscles and joints.

In the context of sport, the interest of CBD is twofold since it can both contribute to the mental preparation (reduction of stress and anxiety, better sleep) and facilitate recovery after exercise. In local application, CBD thus makes it possible in particular, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, to relieve cramps and promote muscle relaxation.

A 2010 study [link in English] also mentioned the ability of CBD to work more on men when it comes to food intake and energy balance, mainly for hormonal reasons. However, these two criteria play an essential role in the physical condition of an athlete and constitute an additional good reason to use CBD for men.

5. CBD derivatives for male libido

cbd male libido min

CBD can boost male libido

Last type of CBD products dedicated to men: those dedicated to libido. As we have discussed extensively, the action of CBD in men and women is not exactly the same. In women, it is thus in particular an opportunity to relieve certain symptoms of endometriosis, but also to better support the period of the menopause.

In men, cannabidiol seems to be able reduce erectile dysfunction and more generally, boost libido. The reason for this is not yet fully understood by scientists. Nevertheless, the psychological factor seems to play an obvious role, in particular by helping to release the stress and the anxieties that may arise before and during sex. When applied topically, CBD also acts as a vasodilator and helps the blood to circulate better. In doing so, the erection is facilitated. There are dedicated products for this, for exampleCBD oil for erectile dysfunction or alternatively CBD-enriched treats.