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Without regular maintenance, the vaporizer becomes clogged to the point of clogging

Plant-based vaporizer (CBD): choosing the right device

Inhalation is the fastest way to experience the effects of a plant. Unlike oils, drops and capsules, vapor (as opposed to smoke) enters the body directly. This largely explains theboom in vaporizers in the legal cannabis market. But then, what is the difference with an electronic cigarette, what are the different types of device and how to choose your own and then use it for take advantage of soothing effects of cannabidiol (CBD) ?

Vaporizing weed allows you to better control your consumption
Vaporizing weed allows you to better control your consumption

Vaporizer or electronic cigarette?

Un spray heats the material (dry herbs or concentrates), which creates vapor which the consumer can then inhale. It is therefore vapor and not smoke which, even if it goes logically towards the lungs, attacks them less than a conventional cigarette would. The grass heating temperature is therefore very different between the different consumption modes:

  • > 500 degrees for a joint or a classic cigarette (and up to + 800 ° C!),
  • 160 to 220 ° C for vaped weed

The vaporizer is similar in this to the electronic cigarette, which also produces steam. However, this is mainly used for arrêter de fumer more easily, or as a replacement for the classic cigarette. This involves the massive use of e-liquids containing nicotine, a harmful substance that it is better to avoid. However, the debate remains lively as to whether or not to encourage the use of this substitute, which is certainly less harmful, but not completely devoid of medical contraindications. Especially since CBD could help its consumers to get rid of their addictions, including nicotine.

The vaporizer, on the other hand, uses raw material: dried herbs, crushed, then vaporized. It also allows, for more flexibility, to use oils and other liquid concentrates. Technically, the two devices are therefore essentially the same. We simply prefer, if we use a pure plant material, to speak of vaporizer, when the electronic cigarette, by its simple name, evokes the consumption of nicotine. However, this is not the case for all e-liquid since some are on the contrary enriched with CBD and free of toxic substances.

Conduction, convection or hybrid heating: choosing the right vaporizer

Vaporizing plant materials allows a discreet vape for any occasion
Vaporizing plant materials allows a discreet vape for any occasion

As if the differences in materials and terminology were not enough, vaporizers form a large family of devices also presenting ... different types of heating. Don't panic, the whole thing is not that difficult to understand and they all easily slip into a bag or pocket, for vaping easily, where and when you want.

Conduction heating vaporizer

You already understood it, a vaporizer, whatever it is, is a source of heat and weed, the meeting of the two producing vapor. The conduction heating in this is probably the simplest system since the plant matter is then placed at the direct contact with the heat source. It's, in a very trivial way, a bit like skilleting your weed.

For this type of vaporizer, it is therefore better finely grind your weed and completely fill the room. You will thus have more material in contact with the walls, which here constitute the heat source of the vaporizer.

Convection heated vaporizer

Unlike conduction, convection will heat your CBD flowers or other vegetable matter, using a hot air stream. In this case, the heat source therefore first heats the air, which in turn will pass through the chamber and thus heat the grass. A bit like an oven.

In this case, you don't have to grind your raw material so finely. It is not even recommended, in order to avoid inhaling the finest elements (and therefore volatile), but also to clog your vaporizer with convection heating more quickly. You can also use less material, and so promote the movement of air inside the device.

Hybrid vaporizer

Unsurprisingly, the hybrid heating vaporizer uses both the characteristics of conduction heating and convection heating. Halfway between the two worlds, it usually allows enjoy better balanced aromas than in a conduction vaporizer that does not heat as evenly, yet is on average easier to use and less battery-intensive than most convection models.

How does vaporizing CBD work?

CBD Flowers for Plant Material Vaporizer
CBD Flowers for Plant Material Vaporizer

A CBD vaporizer is easy to use:

  1. Grind the plant material to the desired size (depending on the type of heating of your vaporizer)
  2. Fill the room
  3. Set to the desired temperature
  4. Enjoy a smooth vape rich in CBD

About the temperature, it is advisable not to push it too much (ideally limit yourself to 220 ° C), otherwise adversely affect product quality. At too high a temperature, the cannabinoids and terpenes will start to degrade. However, these are the active substances of light cannabis, respectively responsible for the main effects and aromas of your herb. Setting your vaporizer too high would therefore have the consequence of making your hemp-derived products much less effective. The ideal temperature for CBD would turn like this around 170 degrees Celsius.

Which CBD vaporizer to choose?

it mainly depends on your desires and your budget. A conduction CBD vaporizer is usually easier to use, to clean, and also cheaper. On the other hand, it is a so-called “session” device. You will therefore only be able to use a charge for one vape session. Thanks to their more harmonious heating, vaporizers with convection heating are more respectful of aromas, taste, and potentially effects. They ask on the other hand more maintenance and a larger budget. Hybrids lie in the middle and can be a intermediate solution for tight budgets.

Fortunately there are very good conduction vaporizersAs Pax 3, which will allow you to get the most out of this type of device, without sacrificing your budget.

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