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THEacne is one of skin diseases the most widespread in the world. It affects the majority of the population at one point or another in people's lives. If it is generally localized and limited to certain parts of the body, it is nonetheless very unpleasant, both in terms of physical sensations and social pressure. CBD hemp oil, thanks to its soothing effects, could possibly greatly improve the daily life of people with acne. Review of the reasons and products that make it realistic to think you can use hemp oil to fight acne.

Can hemp oil help fight acne?

Fighting acne with CBD is possible thanks to the action of cannabinoids on the body

Fighting acne with CBD is possible thanks to the action of cannabinoids on the body

CBD, or cannabidiol in its long version, is a active ingredient in the cannabis plant. How is it possible that this naturally occurring molecule present in large quantities in a plant often considered to be amazing can intervene in the treatment of dermatological disorders ? First of all, it should be remembered that, according to European law, only THC is considered narcotic. CBD is therefore not not illegal.

Then we need to introduce an element of the human organism that we all have: the endocannabinoid system (DRY). Thanks to the action of CBD, it is possible to induce physiological effects on the SEC. Not being not psychoactive, cannabidiol however allows the user to be spared the high effects reserved for other cannabinoids, including THC. On the contrary, CBD is recognized for its and calm skin, anti-convulsants and antidepressants. It is this ability to reduce inflammation that makes CBD could help people with acne.

Indeed, the endocannabinoid system has at least two types of sensors, the CB1 and CB2 sensors. They act in the whole body, and in particular on the entire surface of the skin. Acne is distinguished by different factors. One of the most important and disturbing of them is a excessive sebum secretion. However, it would seem possible to regulate this sebum secretion by acting on the CB2 sensors of the endocannabinoid system. This is precisely one of the functions of CBD on our SEC. The CB2 sensors then directly impact the production of sebaceous glands, acting naturally against acne.

What is acne and how does it manifest itself?

Acne and cbd hemp oil

Acne affects a large part of the world's population, and more women

Medically, acne is called acne vulgaris. It is recognized as a dermatological disease. It manifests itself during a hypersecretion of sebum which causes the accumulation of this oily matter on the skin. The pores of the skin are then blocked, which causes theappearance of pimples. In most cases, these are classic white spots or blackheads, the number and frequency of which is the main problem. In its most virulent forms, pustules (nodulocystic acne) or abscesses (acne conglobata) can also appear.

If all individuals can be affected, acne, however, affects women more. She is also infamous for touch many teens. This pivotal moment for the body is indeed accompanied by heavy hormonal changes. Acne can occur, in its most extreme forms, all over the body. However, certain areas are more frequently affected. Most people with acne are affected by this face, shoulders and in the neck and back.

In the majority of cases, acne is a mild illness which goes away on its own after a few weeks, months or years. Its more advanced forms, however, can lead toappearance of scars. In addition, the gaze of others, especially during adolescence, involves aesthetic discomfort often greater than that caused by physical discomfort. For all these reasons, people with acne generally want a quick and effective remedy, often going through a medical treatment. CBD hemp then emerges as a natural alternative and a priori not aggressive for the skin.

Hemp products that can help with acne

As is often the case with cannabis derivatives, there is a lack of perspective and studies proving the detailed effects of CBD on the skin. The absence of scientific evidence then implies some uncertainties as to the most effective products and doses depending on the individual. However, studies already show that CBD hemp has anti-inflammatory effects on sebocytes. It also seems that in order to be able to act on the causes of acne, the molecules of CBD need to penetrate the body through the skin of the patient. It is not excluded that other modes of use also work to fight acne. So far however, there is no hard evidence on these other potential options.

Si you consider fighting acne with CBD hemp, we recommend the prior consultation of a specialist doctor. Only a dermatologist can give you indications that will match your skin and the form of acne you have.

CBD hemp oil for acne: pure and multifunctional

THECBD hemp oil, neutral and purer than a cream, can be presented as an interesting comfort product useful for people looking for acne remedyLegally available for purchase as long as it respects the European legal framework, theCBD hemp oil is easy to find and use. In addition to being able to serve in different modes of use, it may well be that your hemp oil also contributes to regulate sebum levels. By extension, and in addition to a proper skin hygiene, it seems to be anti-aging and thus contribute to decrease the appearance of pimples over time and unpleasant sensations of irritation or tingling.

hemp oil for acne

Hemp oil: a non-comedogenic oil

We often hear that vegetable oil can give pimples or, in the worst case, reinforce the appearance of blackheads or microcysts. This is true but, fortunately, not for all oils! There is also a clue, says comedogenicity index, which classifies vegetable oils to ensure that they do not pose this kind of risk.

Good news : hemp oil has an exemplary rate of 0. This simply means that it does not oxidize quickly (it does not easily become "rancid") and that it is sufficiently fluid to quickly penetrate the skin (it does not clog the pores). The fact that hemp oil is non-comedogenic is therefore one of the reasons whyit is particularly suitable for the treatment of acne, without the risk of the appearance of additional unwanted pimples.

Hemp oil to reduce acne pimple scars

When an acne pimple is attacked (particularly pierced or scratched), the skin is damaged. Our body then seeks to repair the "hole" left in place of the button. Superficial scratches are usually fully camouflaged and quickly forgotten. But acne often causes deeper damage, leaving scars on the face or back. If they are not dangerous, they nevertheless have an aesthetic influence, being able to embarrass or complex their holders.

Here again, hemp oil can play an interesting role, both in prevention (a well-nourished skin regenerates more easily) and in treatment. Obviously, this is not a miracle product, and the oldest and deepest acne pimple scars are not going to go away overnight. Regular application can, however, contribute to release the skin from its tensions, smooth it and thus reduce scars.

How to apply hemp oil on facial acne?

Hemp oil quickly penetrates the skin, this has the double advantage to let the pores breathe and to avoid "shining" because of too oily skin. Applying it is therefore child's play. Start by washing your face, for example with an ultra-rich soap that will help remove excess sebum. Then take a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand, then gently apply it to your face with your fingertips, massaging lightly in small circular motions. That's all ! You can repeat the operation every morning upon awakening and in the evening before bedtime.

CBD creams for the skin

Fighting acne can go through the use of a cream rich in CBD-min

Fighting acne with CBD can be done through the use of a cream rich in cannabidiol

There are also creams containing CBD intended to help fight acne. They usually also contain liposomes, which help the skin to assimilate CBD molecules faster than in their original form. Some also include other active ingredients used in the traditional treatment of acne. We then find in particular vitamins, ursolic acid and other components with anti-inflammatory properties. Quality products make it possible to trace the origin of plants and the exact composition. So prefer the plants certified by the European Union (EU) and organically grown for better respect for your skin. Theabsence of THC, the psychoactive substance of cannabis, is also a legal requirement.


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