Grinder & CBD: what is it? How to use it for CBD?

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Weedy CBD grinder



We've all seen this little round box with spikes and holes on a friend's table. The object in question is called a grinder and is used to crumble the grass. Basically, it was mostly joint smokers who had them. In the age of legal cannabis, the grinder is no longer so sulphurous and, on the contrary, very useful! So what is a grinder and how to use it for cbd ? This is our topic of the day.

What is a grinder? Definition

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A grinder is used to crumble weed, but beware: smoking CBD is not allowed!

A grinder, or weed grinder, is a small, usually cylindrical, mechanically or electrically actuated object to grind the grass that it contains. Its operation is simple: two parts fitted with teeth fit together in order to be able to crumble the vegetable matter inside by a simple rotational movement. Basically, it served herbs and spices in the kitchen. It was then hijacked by cannabis smokers in order to roll more easily their seals and, above all, that grass burns more evenly. The experience as well as the effects are thus improved. Today, it invites itself into the daily lives of CBD consumers. Different models are to be distinguished.

Different models of CBD grinders

There are many models of weed grinders, more or less sophisticated and containing more or less elements. We thus find some in plastic, others in metal, glass or combining, for example, wood and aluminum. Some have a sieve (filter), others do not, are operated by hand or electrically. In short, there is something for all tastes, all uses, from all shapes and for all budgets! Most grinders, CBD specialist or not, fall into one of three categories:
  • Two piece grinder (one bedroom): the simplest. They only grind grass and are both smaller and cheaper.
  • Three or four piece grinder: they also contain a chamber to collect the crushed grass and sometimes a sieve to separate the pollen.
  • electric grinder: with or without a pollen collector, electric grinders follow the same principle, but operate automatically, generally by simply pressing a button.
Depending on your use, different models may suit you. For use with CBD, however, we recommend a three chamber grinder (four pieces) classic. It will allow you tofinely crumble your CBD flowers, while collecting the pollen in the filter provided for this purpose.

How much does a grinder cost?

There are grinders for every budget, with a starting price of a few euros barely for the simplest models and luxury versions over 100€. On average, count around 50€ for a quality grinder, made from strong materials. notably offers you a model of CBD grinder in black walnut and anodized aluminum alloy equipped with a pollen filter. Easy to use and durable, it ensures that you crumble your CBD flowers.

Why use a grinder?

Outside the kitchen, the grinder is mainly used by smokers, both cannabis and tobacco. However, smoking is not good for your health and smoking cannabis, even legal, remains prohibited. As a CBD consumer, the grinder therefore primarily serves to grind up the weed before using it in a herbal material vaporizer. By separating the CBD flowers into small pieces, they become easier to use. CBD crumbs also provide a more uniform and less harsh vapor. As a direct consequence, the experience of vaporization and the effects produced are of higher quality. If you use CBD in the kitchen, the grinder is also a great tool for crumble your CBD flowers before infusing them, or to make a CBD tea, or to use it in the recipe of your choice (cannabis honey ou cannabutter for example).

How to use a grinder for CBD?

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Using a grinder for CBD is very simple

Proper use of a CBD grinder is extremely simple:
  1. Load the CBD grinder, taking care to place the grass around the edges. The center serves primarily as the axis of rotation of the CBD grinder: anything in the middle will not be ground.
  2. Grind CBD Flower by making about 10 rotations. When the grass is fine enough, the flower pieces fall through the holes (grinder with collection chamber).
  3. Collect the CBD crumbs (main chamber) as well as the resin if your grinder has a filter provided for this purpose.
  4. Use your CBD vaporizing, infusing or cooking.
All you have to do is clean your grinder regularly to enjoy it for a long time.

Cleaning tips for a long-lasting CBD grinder

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A well-maintained grinder lasts longer

Over time, a CBD grinder tends to clog up. This is completely normal, especially since CBD flowers are resinous and therefore sticky. Without one regular cleaning, the holes get clogged, the filter clogs up and the grinder no longer works properly. The easiest way is to brush the CBD grinder between two uses. Some kits offer a dedicated brush, otherwise a soft toothbrush does the job perfectly (dry). For the finishes, it depends above all on the materials of your grinder. Start by removing the larger pieces with a toothpick in wood. If the material allows it, you can from time to time dip the various elements in alcohol or hot water before scouring them with a clean cloth (not if it is made of wood!). Since CBD is soluble in fat and not water, clean your grinder with hot milk or with a littleneutral vegetable oil (type rapeseed) can also work wonders on sticky places, including wooden or plastic parts!