The benefits of hemp oil for hair

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The last few years have seen the arrival on the market of many hemp-based cosmetics and hygiene products.

Among them are creams, lotions, shampoos and other conditioners with CBD and hemp oil. We knew the Relaxing CBD, anti-inflammatory and painkiller.

But what is hemp worth when applied topically to the hair? Is it as effective as swallowing it and, if so, what is it used for? We return in this article to the benefits of hemp oil for hair and CBD to fight hair loss.

oil hemp shine hair

Hemp oil helps keep hair shiny and healthy

Hair loss: how hemp can help

Studied since the late 1980s, the endocannabinoid system alone explains the benefits of hemp and other cannabinoids on the body.

Consisting of a network of cells and neurotransmitters dispersed throughout the human body, it can act at very varied levels and especially on our nervous and immune systems.

It is in particular thanks to this that hemp has a chance of reducing the stress of its consumers, helping to reduce certain chronic pains, improving the quality of sleep and even fight against acne.

Regarding hair and scalp, the research is still at a relatively early stage, but is showing encouraging initial results. Let's take a closer look at some of the potential benefits of hemp oil on hair.

From hemp oil to CBD to protect and nourish hair and scalp

scalp hydration hemp oil

CBD hemp oil helps maintain a healthy scalp

THECBD hemp oil is composed of two main elements: the cannabidiol, in the form ofisolated or as a broad or full spectrum extract, and vegetable oil.

Often this base is simply hemp oil, also extracted from light cannabis plants. Together, CBD and hemp oil help to combine the benefits of the plant.

For the hair, some components are particularly interesting since the CBD hemp oil contains in particular:

  • antioxidants: they allow slow down hair aging and help to keep a shiny hair. They also contribute to avoid damage caused by free radicals, which can in particular lead to hair loss.
  • Fatty acids: hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids. They would seem promote blood circulation in the scalp, thus also contributing to slow hair loss.
  • Amino acids: finally, hemp oil is particularly rich in amino acids. However, keratin, which makes up most of our hair, is made up of amino acids. These amino acids contribute to the production of red blood cells, notably responsible for nourish hair follicles(the implantation of our hairs and hair).

Sebum regulation

We often hear about sebum as if it were an enemy responsible for our oily skin and oily hair problems. It is true that an excess of sebum can lead to this type of result. His presence is absolutely necessary.

Again, hemp oil can contribute to having healthier hair since it contributes to regulate sebum secretion.

To put it simply, each of our hair is equipped with a sebaceous gland, responsible for the production of sebum, a kind of fat. By mixing with our sweat, he creates a film whose main role is to protect our skin and scalp from dryness and germs.

With a lack of sebum, the skin is dry and produces more dead skin. In case of excessive production, make way for greasy hair and dandruff.

By contributing to the regulation of sebum production, hemp oil thus makes it possible to limit most of the discomforts mentioned.

Hemp oil to reduce inflammation

Hemp is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects. On a daily basis, we especially think of using them to reduce pain or calm a feverish state.

However, the inflammations go well beyond that and sometimes invite themselves to unsuspected places in our body.

Inflammatory problems can thus in particular be the cause of hair loss, including regarding the male pattern baldness. eczema problems are also linked to inflammation and can often affect the scalp.

Here again, hemp oil and CBD creams can therefore contribute to regain a healthier scalp and hair.

How to apply hemp oil to the hair?

apply cbd oil hair min

Using hemp oil is generally very simple. Applying it to the hair is no exception to the rule.

To boost the shine of your hair

Simply place a small amount of hemp oil in the palms of your hands and apply length and ends

Leave on for half an hour before rinsing thoroughly and apply your usual shampoo.

For a deep mask you can also once in a while leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning. In this case, be sure to protect your pillow well to avoid grease stains.

For a healthy scalp

Proceed in the same way as before, however insisting a little more on the scalp. Hemp oil is very effective and pleasant in massage. You can thus combine the useful with the pleasant by nourishing your scalp, limiting hair loss and relaxing you thanks to a head massage.

Stress, both physical and psychological, can also be the cause of certain forms of hair loss.

This is called telogen effluvium: a process in which severe stress can lead to hair follicle dysfunction. In terms of hair care, CBD hemp has more than one trick up its sleeve! If you want act on your general state of stress, a few drops of oral CBD hemp oil can thus prove to be an excellent supplement.

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To activate hair growth

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, hemp oil may well slow down hair loss. Full of surprise, and thanks to its high in fatty acids, it is also acclaimed by some users to activate hair growth and thus promote the renewal of hair mass.

To do this, it can be used pure. It nevertheless benefits from being combined with other ingredients that facilitate growth, such asCastor oil.

In prevention as in basic treatment, make a mixture of hemp oil (three quarters of the volume) and castor oil (one quarter of the total volume).

Then apply the oil on your scalp, massaging gently to make the mixture penetrate well. There is no need in this case to distribute the oil over the lengths, even if it will not hurt them either.

Leave to ask at least 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Finish by washing your hair with your natural shampoo.

Wellness alternatives

Other vegetable oils can benefit the health of your hair. To vary the pleasures and according to your hair type, you can mix your CBD hemp oil with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or castor oilEg.

Also try a mixture of hemp oil and shea butter for a very soft and hyper hydrating mask!

To conclude: benefits of hemp oil on the hair

So, a quality hemp oil and possibly associated with other ingredients with benefits on the hair can quickly become a must in a beauty or well-being routine.

The list of benefits of hemp oil on hair and scalp speaks for itself:

  • Slow down hair aging
  • Maintain shiny hair
  • Slow down hair loss
  • Limit the appearance of dandruff
  • Nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp in depth
  • Regulate sebum production (prevents greasy hair and protects the scalp from microbes)
  • Avoid inflammation, which can act as an aggravating factor in male pattern baldness