Hemp Oil and CBD Can Relieve Psoriasis: Here's How

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Le Psoriasis is a particularly painful skin disease to live with. Chronic and not having no definitive treatment, it is currently only possible to control it.

We will therefore not give any false hope in this article: CBD does not succeed where conventional treatments continue to fail. It does, however, allow relieve the skin, to limit the appearance of plaques and therefore to provide daily comfort to those who suffer from this inflammation.

Let's see why and how CBD, in cream or oil, may be useful for psoriasis.

Understanding Psoriasis

psoriasis arm min

Psoriasis is a particularly invasive and difficult to manage skin disease

Psoriasis is a inflammatory and chronic skin disease. It is manifested by thick red patches, covered with whitish scales. These scales are in fact thin strips of dead skin that detach from the epidermis.

Specifically, psoriasis occurs when skin cells renew themselves much faster than normal, generally in 4 or 5 days, compared to 28 days in normal times. This phenomenon is accompanied by dead skin that continually sheds and inflammation, particularly caused by the skin's inability to perform its protective role against external aggressions.

Usually, psoriasis plaques are limited to a few places like scalp, feet, or elbows. It can however spread to the whole body, becoming particularly difficult to understand.

What causes psoriasis to develop?

Psoriasis is more common than you think. According to the France Psoriasis association, 2-3% of the world's population would thus be concerned, with estimated figures between 1,5 and 3 million cases in France alone. Its causes are still poorly understood, but two main types of factors nevertheless seem to stand out.

  • Genetic psoriasis: the disease seems favorable to be transmitted from one generation to another.
  • Psoriasis linked to environmental factors: stress, pollution, tobacco, alcohol and certain drugs or medical treatments can also trigger it.

At present, we can only see that psoriasis is a chronic disease, which develops continuously for some, in "flares" for others. In any case, to this day, not treatable. However, we understand better and better how to control it.

How can CBD relieve psoriasis?

CBD hemp oil and psoriasis

CBD has many useful properties in the fight against psoriasis

2009 study, jointly conducted by American and Hungarian researchers, highlights the role of a endocannabinoid system (SEC) cutaneous:

“It appears that the primary physiological function of cutaneous ECS is to constitutively control the appropriate and balanced proliferation, differentiation and survival, as well as immune competence and / or tolerance, of skin cells. "

Specifically, the study shows that, if we manage to act on this SEC, it would potentially possible to control skin inflammation as well as cell renewal.

More simply, it evokes the opportunity to control the appearance of diseases such as psoriasis, but also theacne, dermatitis,eczema and other skin lesions. CBD could then play a major role. However, more detailed studies are needed to understand how determine an ideal protocol and dosage.

What is nevertheless clear is that CBD, consumed by oral/sublingual route ou locally applied (particularly in cream) does not present no major side effects known. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with current treatments for psoriasis, which have certain limitations.

Limitations of Current Psoriasis Treatments

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Living with psoriasis, especially in an advanced form, is a daily struggle

For patients suffering from psoriasis, there are many constraints and living with this skin disease is difficult both physically and psychologically. Physically, the skin pulls, itches, sometimes hurts. Psychologically, you have to learn to live with the eyes of people, the dry skin that falls everywhere and the thought that the psoriasis may never go away. We must accept, understand and, above all, relearn to live with.

Unfortunately, the current treatments offered by dermatologists consist of alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis rather than treating it. Among the most common, we find mainly topical creams and ointments. Most of them are based on cortisone or other corticosteroids or tar. There are also oral treatments which decrease the activity of the immune system (immunodepressants), regulate skin renewal (retinoids) or block the action of certain immune substances. However, these solutions are not ideal.

Limitations and side effects of the main treatments for psoriasis

  • Topical corticosteroids: Cortisone derivatives must be applied locally every day and can cause additional redness or even thinning the skin. They are also not suitable in case of inflammation.
  • Tar: it blocks the multiplication of skin cells, but stains clothes and smells very strongly,
  • Immunosuppressants: they can cause discomfort, digestive disorders, liver disorders and are not recommended for pregnant women or women wishing to have children.
  • Retinoids: they dry out the skin and mucous membranes and are prohibited in pregnancy.

How to use CBD against psoriasis?

Current treatments are above all useful for their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties. They therefore relieve the person suffering from psoriasis by reducing pain and limiting its progression. However, they are not a cure and come with side effects.

Le CBD, known for its soothing action on the skin et anti-inflammatory then appears as a solution that combines the advantages of certain conventional treatments… minus the undesirable effects.

According to the opinion of many CBD users suffering from psoriasis, cannabidiol allows them both todeeply hydrate and nourish the skin, limit redness and relieve pain. In the best of cases, the plaques may even disappear. Consumer opinions also agree on one point: a single application does not provide good results. Only one regular use relieves certain symptoms of psoriasis after a few days of use.

How to use CBD oil and creams against psoriasis?

psoriasis cbd cream

Hemp oil and CBD creams présentent many advantages for the skin. Such a product is at least:

  • Regenerating,
  • Antioxidant (it slows cell aging),
  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Moisturizing,
  • Calming.

It is also possible to consume theCBD oil orallyas an dietary supplement. Its contribution in fatty acids and antioxidants then helps the body to fight more effectively against external attacks and therefore the proliferation of psoriasis.

CBD oil like creams and ointments are also very easy to use in massage ou by simply applying them gently on the painful areas in order to hydrate the skin. We advise you for this our CBD nutrition balm.

Warning : CBD derivatives do not claim to replace conventional treatments, nor to be a miracle cure for psoriasis. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, none exist. However, they can bring a certain daily comfort to those who suffer from this skin disease which is particularly difficult to bear, especially in its most advanced forms. If you want to use CBD for psoriasis, seek the advice of a dermatologist beforehand.


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