Menopause, hot flashes: what can CBD do?

A survey conducted in the United States showed that 27% of women used cannabis, in one form or another, to relieve symptoms of menopause. However, the real effects of cannabis and its cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) on menopause are still little known and, for consumers, it is too often a question of testing what works or not.

For example, what can the CBD for hot flashes ? Which products to consume and why? What dosage of CBD should be favored during menopause? takes stock of what we know and helps you better understand if and how to consume CBD cannabis during menopause.

Cannabis and menopause: the idea is not new

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Can CBD limit the intensity of hot flashes?

There are written traces of theuse of cannabis against menopause as early as the 1800s. Even more astonishing, we find at the same time documented cases in medical books! And these are only known cases because, let us remember, hemp (Cannabis L. Sativa) is a plant domesticated from the early Neolithic.

12000 years ago, certain varieties were therefore already used for their properties. At the time, we simply think of magical cannabis and we are far from imagining that it contains tens, even hundreds of cannabinoids. And therefore as many active compounds, capable of more or less strongly interacting with our endocannabinoid system (SEC).

Le CBD who soothes is therefore far from being identified, in the same way as the THC and its hovering effects.

Since THC is prohibited in France since it is considered a narcotic, as in most other European countries, the focus logically falls on cannabidiol, which is 100% legal.

CBD for hot flashes

To 70% of women suffer from hot flashes during menopause. Not only is this symptom unpleasant, but it manifests itself for an average of 7,4 years! It is therefore difficult to ignore it, especially since in addition to the feeling of intense heat that accompanies it, some people also experience rash, sweats, chills and, in rarer cases, dizziness.

All solutions, which are more natural, are therefore good to take. However, it would be welcome to have some scientific data a little more documented than the recommendations of its neighbor.

To better understand the hopes placed on the CBD consumption for hot flashes, let's look for a moment at what happens in the body and causes hot flashes during menopause:

  1. The ECS, through the cannabinoids naturally produced by the body (endocannabinoids), participates in the human body temperature regulation.
  2. The estrogen are particularly involved in the metabolism of ECS. At the time of menopause, however, their rate drops drastically since the ovaries stop producing them.
  3. Due to the decrease in the amount of estrogen (mainly estradiol), the natural “thermostat” goes wrong, causing the onset of hot flashes.

Knowing this phenomenon, it seems reasonable to think thatacting on the SEC is a good way to at least reduce the intensity of hot flashes at the time of menopause. And what better than cannabinoids for that? Besides, the possibility of reducing hot flashes may not be the only benefit of CBD at the time of menopause.

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The drop in estrogen production leads to the disruption of the natural thermostat

Other benefits of CBD for menopause

Hot flashes are far from the only symptom of menopause. Depending on factors as diverse as genetics, environment, and even ethnicity, they can be many and varied.

Main symptoms of menopause

  • Hot flashes
  • Changes (and then cessation) of the menstrual cycle
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Dry skin, hair and vagina
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Nothing encouraging therefore, but it is fortunately possible that certain symptoms never appear and, if necessary, to treat them or at least to attenuate them. In the most restrictive cases, a hormone replacement therapy (THM) is possible.

It is not, however, without side effects (increased risk of cancer, stroke and venous thrombosis) and does not seem to prevent cardiovascular risk. Other non-hormonal treatments exist, each drug along with its advantages and disadvantages.

This explains why many women prefer to turn, when possible without risk to their state of health, to more natural remedies. CBD could then help to reduce several symptoms.

CBD to counter sleep disorders related to menopause

ECS is dispersed to different places in the body. It is therefore active on many mechanisms of the human body. He is thus responsible in particular for maintenance of homeostasis, a regulatory process related to temperature and blood circulation, among other things.

By acting on it, CBD could notably contribute to fall asleep more easily then sleep better all through the night.

Regulate mood with CBD

The mood swings are a common symptom of menopause or any other hormonal disturbance. They can be accompanied by a depressed state more or less pronounced. Again, CBD can help with its relaxing properties. He is known for his ability to soothe panic attacks and anxiety, allowing it to regulate mood.

Relieve pain

During menopause, the most common pains are headaches. The disruption of the menstrual cycle can also awaken pain related toendometriosis.

Some studies show the ability of CBD to calm the pain signals, in particular thanks to its action on certain hormones, including serotonin which acts at the cerebral level in the regulation of several physiological functions (sleep, pain, appetite, mood).

Control feelings of hunger

Let's not fall into clichés, contrary to what some unscrupulous CBD sellers sometimes suggest, this cannabinoid does not lose weight. However, it seems likely that CBD could participate in the hunger control. It therefore does not lead to direct weight loss, but could influence our appetite more generally. Case to follow!

Hemp oil to moisturize skin and hair

Finally, we must not forget that CBD is extracted from hemp. Hydrating and nourishing, the hemp oil is a natural product of choice for relieve dry skin and irritated scalps, or to restore shine to dull hair.

Consumed in the form of seeds or flour, hemp is also a superfood packed with fibre, protein and fatty acids which, among other things, helps to take care of your cardiovascular health.

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The properties of CBD useful in the event of menopause are numerous

CBD products for menopause and hot flashes

Without being a miracle cure, CBD therefore seems to be able to help counter many undesirable effects of menopause. It remains to know which products to turn to. The first instinct to have is to take an interest in the quality of the CBD.

Whatever the product chosen, it is important to favor a good quality CBD, which is possible by favoring:

  • A CBD from a environmentally friendly agriculture (without pesticides or heavy metals),
  • A clean extraction, ideally CO2 (in the case of processed products such as CBD oil or creams in particular),
  • A ingredient list as limited and natural as possible (avoid preservatives and flavor enhancers).

Once these few rules have been followed, it's up to you to find the product that suits you best. the CBD store Weedy. Fr is full of them, all meeting these criteria! One taken by sublingual route (under the tongue) or oral is however the healthiest. The CBD oils are therefore widely recommended in the context of menopause since they are healthy, practical to use and have rapid effects.

How to dose CBD during menopause?

There are very few in-depth scientific studies on the links between CBD and menopause. The ideal dosage is therefore not known. and would probably be of little interest since we all react differently to cannabinoids.

It is therefore recommended to start with a low dose (follow the directions for using your CBD product), then gradually increase until you achieve the desired effects. Nothing to fear: the side effects of CBD are rare and it is also impossible to overdose. However, an overdose would not be useful and would represent an unnecessary expense.

A good rule of thumb is to start with one milligram of CBD per day per 5 kilograms of body weight (12 milligrams for a 60 kg person for example). When in doubt, our dedicated guide to CBD dosage gives you concrete examples, adapted to the type of product selected.