How many drops of cannabidiol? For what effects?

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Why bother counting the CBD drops ? That's a good question. There are indeed a multitude of CBD derivatives, most of which do not require counting the drops. However, not all have the same benefits as CBD oil.

The CBD flowers, resin and pollen for example, they are consumed in vaporization or infusion. Even if it remains prohibited, others prefer to smoke them for faster and marked effects. However, smoke and, more anecdotally, steam (in the case of e-liquid at the CBD), produce harmful toxins.

En infusion as in the kitchen, you have to be able to take the time and have the necessary equipment to prepare your CBD food.

En or a previous cosmetic accident repair?, the application could not be simpler, but the effects are localized.

Finally, capsules and other pre-dosed CBD oil derivatives have the disadvantage of lack of dosage freedom.

THECBD oil and its drops therefore have quite a few advantages. Still need to understand how many drops of cannabidiol to take according to the desired effects. This guide is here for that!

Why take cannabidiol drops

min cbd oil drops

CBD drops are one of the most convenient ways to enjoy the soothing effect of cannabidiol

  • Finest dosage
  • Good assimilation of CBD thanks to the fat (cannabidiol is lipophilic, it needs fat to act)
  • Fast effects, especially sublingually (under the tongue)
  • Diffuse effects (from 20 minutes, with a peak after 4 to 6 hours thanks to digestion)
  • Healthy way of taking (no toxins or traces of THC)
  • Does not require any equipment or preparation

To sum up, CBD oil drops are a simple, fast, discreet and effective way to enjoy the effects of CBD while minimizing the risk of side effects.

How to take the CBD drops?

The easiest way is to take CBD drops under the tongue. To do this, use the pipette usually present in the cap of the CBD oil bottle, then place the desired number of drops under the tongue, by simply pressing the tip provided for this purpose. Leave the cannabidiol under the tongue for at least 30 to 40 seconds and swallow.

If CBD isn't to your liking (particularly because of its earthiness and bitterness), you can also put the drops on a sugar or mix them in a spoonful of honey, in a smoothie or with yogurt. By digestive route, the effects should nevertheless take a little longer than by sublingual route, but will be similar.

How many drops of CBD can you take per day?

number of cbd drops by min weight

The number of CBD drops should be adjusted based on weight and other factors

The answer may not be satisfactory, but it has the merit of being honest and exact: it depends!

  1. of the individual: depending on weight, height, consumption habits, genetic predispositions and many other factors, CBD has more or less effect and therefore everyone needs a different number of drops.
  2. Of the problem to be dealt with: depending on whether you are taking CBD for sleep better, soothe pain ou reduce stress, to name just a few of the main reasons why cannabidiol is consumed, a different dosage may be required. Thus, in general, the fight against pain justifies higher dosages than the improvement of sleep or the reduction of anxiety.
  3. Intensity of symptoms : the milder the symptoms, the lower the dosage can be. On the contrary, and quite logically, the more intense the symptoms, the more a large dosage is necessary.

It is still difficult to understand what amount of CBD represents the maximum dose that should not be exceeded. The good news is that there is no risk of CBD overdose. In case of overdose, some Side effects may appear, involving in particular a pasty mouth, a feeling of drowsiness or gastrointestinal problems (mild diarrhea, stomach pain). It is therefore recommended to do not exceed 70 milligrams of CBD per day for an individual of medium size (about 70 kilograms).

Fine, but how many drops is that?

5 tips and tricks for calculating the right number of CBD drops

min cannabidiol drop

Thanks to our table, calculating your CBD drops has never been easier

CBD oil dosage usually indicates a volume (vial size, usually in millilitres) and a concentration (percentage). Sometimes a number of drops is recommended, without it being clear why. Here's how to get out of it easily!

  1. One drop represents on average 0,05 milliliter of CBD oil.
  2. A standard 10 milliliter bottle therefore contains about 200 drops of CBD.
  3. A good starting dosage is to take one milligram of CBD per day per 5 kilograms of body weight. Divide your weight by 5 therefore allows you to know the amount of CBD to start (we did the calculation for you in our article dedicated to the CBD dosage).
  4. Dividing the total amount of CBD in a 10 mL bottle by 200 (the total number of drops) gives the amount of CBD per drop (again, no need to calculate, use our table in the aforementioned article).
  5. Better to start slow and gradually increase the number of CBD drops until you achieve the desired effects.

Summary table of the number of CBD drops (starting dosage)

For each weight, the number of cannabidiol drops in bold indicates the most suitable concentration for a precise dosage.

  5% 10% 15% 20% 30%
40 kg 3 drops 2 drops 1 drop Not adapted Not adapted
50 kg 4 drops 2 drops 1 drop 1 drop Not adapted
60 kg 5 drops 2 drops 2 drops 1 drop Not adapted
70 kg 6 drops 3 drops 2 drops 1 drop 1 drop
80 kg 6 drops 3 drops 2 drops 2 drops 1 drop
90 kg 7 drops 3 drops 2 drops 2 drops 1 drop
100 kg 8 drops 4 drops 3 drops 2 drops 1 drop
110 kg 9 drops 4 drops 3 drops 2 drops 1 drop
120 kg 10 drops 5 drops 3 drops 2 drops 1 drop