[INFOGRAPHIC] Key figures for the CBD market in France

Since the explosion of CBD market in France in 2018, we hear everything (and sometimes anything) about him. It must be said that, if the success of cannabidiol is certain, it is not always easy to measure its importance.

This is particularly the case with regard to the benefits it generates and the type of consumers concerned. However, the more time passes and the more studies about it are numerous. We have gathered in an infographic all the key figures to know to fully understand the CBD market in France… And its opportunities!

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Information to the reader: the figures and statistics used in this article come from several studies and surveys, in particular carried out in France and the United States. They are gathered here.

CBD in France: a market worth 1,5 billion euros?

The weight of the CBD market, in France as elsewhere in the world, is still difficult to assess. According to studies, the figures vary quite widely. Thus, the global CBD market would generate 3 billion each year according to some, when the OFDT (the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction) mentions 9 billion per year for Europe alone… but considering cannabis as a whole, which is not necessarily comparable.

Nevertheless, everyone agrees that France still only plays a very secondary role on the European market (12% of the world market). While Germany and the UK currently have the lion's share of CBD revenue, the French potential is there. Some experts believe that the CBD market could bring in up to 1,5 billion euros per year in France a few years from now. For that, however, the state would have to stop braking with both feet.

The clinical trial underway until 2023 may eventually allow take advantage of medical cannabis. Certain gray areas on the law, in particular vis-à-vis the will of the government toban the marketing of CBD leaves and flowers, also still need to be clarified.

70% of CBD consumers are believed to be men

We often wonder who the users of CBD are, sometimes with the stereotype of the rather young and a little hippie joint smoker in mind. These clichés are however far from reality. So who is the typical CBD consumer? Already, it is a rather male audience with 70% men consumers against 30% of women. The age group concerned is however much more spread out than one might think, with 53% of CBD consumers who are under 35 and 47% who are 35 years of age or over, of which 19% are over 45 years old.

Finally, with 10% of people who have at least tried CBD, France is placed quite far below the European average, already at 16%, which allows us to foresee a good room for improvement for the French CBD market.

Top 3 reasons for using CBD

In France, public data is still scarce to understand the precise expectations of consumers in terms of the use of CBD. We must therefore turn to the United States. A big winner then stands out very widely since 40% of CBD consumers say they use it to fight pain. Far behind, but still with 20% of the vote, comes the fight against anxiety then, at 11%, the will to sleep better thanks to CBD. Skin problems (acne, Psoriasis, Sun burn, etc.) and use for pets bring up the rear with only 1% of consumers indicating that they grant them this kind of expectation.

France is the biggest producer of hemp in Europe

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The French exception: hunting for cannabis when the hemp market represents enormous development opportunities

This is often forgotten as the Government regularly takes a stand against cannabis, but with 18.000 hectares of cultivation, France is the leading European producer of hemp… which is ultimately the same plant with a regulated THC level. In the world ranks, China occupies the first place of the podium, followed by Canada which itself only managed to exceed French production after the full legalization of cannabis (medical and recreational), in October 2018.

According to some estimates, a hectare of cultivated hemp promises the grower 2.500 € yield per hectare, which is 8 times more than a hectare of wheat ! For now, the french hemp is widely used for industrial and agricultural uses (rope, mulching for animals, textiles, etc.). If the situation were to simplify for farmers, the potential of French hemp could be revised upwards, partly explaining how to reach the 1,5 billion euros in annual income that the CBD market in France could generate.

51% of French people in favor of the legalization of cannabis

Finally, to end this overview of the CBD in France, it is important to review for a moment the general opinion towards cannabis. a survey published by Ifop in June 2021 has indeed brought to light that, for the first time since the beginning of the existence of this kind of opinion barometers, more than half of French people are in favor of decriminalizing cannabis. We are not talking about CBD here, but rather cannabis of any kind, both for therapeutic and recreational use.

If we are interested in medical cannabis alone, the numbers rise even higher, with 78% of French which are favorable to him. At last, 11% report using cannabis for a recreational use, whatever the law says.

Two important elements should be mentioned here:

  • There are more French people who smoke cannabis than French people who consume CBD, which is nevertheless harmless.
  • This figure is one of the highest in Europe, despite laws that are more repressive than elsewhere.

There is thus not only a place for the CBD market in France, but also arguments in favor of its development both from the point of view of demand and public health and financial opportunities that he represents.