Lyme borreliosis: what can CBD do?

Transmitted by ticks, Lyme borreliosis is increasingly widespread in Europe. In more than 90% of cases, it is treated quickly and without too many problems. Diagnosed too late, it progresses in silence, until it causes fatigue, pain and partial paralysis. Unfortunately, it is then difficult to control it. Reputed to be soothing and relaxing for the muscles, cannabidiol (CBD) is then considered as a means not to cure Lyme disease, but at least to live better with it, by reducing the pain it causes. Back to what we know about CBD consumption in the context of Lyme borreliosis.

Lyme disease in brief

min tick bite

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted to humans by ticks

Lyme borreliosis, often simplified to Lyme disease, is a disease transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick. A few tens of thousands of French people are diagnosed each year (between 25 and 000 per year over the period 2009/2020). More specifically, a human being can contract Lyme disease following a hard tick bite if the latter is infected with a bacteria of the spirochete family. Mostly benign if diagnosed at an early stage, it can lead to serious complications when caught only at an advanced stage.

CBD for Lyme disease? Explanation by symptoms

To better understand how CBD could intervene in the context of Lyme borreliosis, it is important to first look at the disease symptoms. We thus observe, in the short term:

  • Flu syndrome (fever, chills, body aches) one to two weeks after the bite,
  • Erythema migrans (red patch extending around the bite) in the following month (30 to 60% of cases),

To which can be added, in the event of a more advanced form of the disease:

  • Joint pain (particularly in the knees),
  • Localized paralysis,
  • Muscular weakness,
  • chronic tiredness,
  • More rarely, another form of infection (in the eyes, hepatitis in particular).

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Lyme disease is sometimes also called the “great imitator”. Indeed, when Lyme borreliosis reaches an advanced stage (known as the tertiary stage), it can be accompanied by all kinds of symptoms, making its diagnosis more difficult since it can then be confused with other pathologies, such as certain neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis or even depression.

These symptoms, diverse but widely variable depending on the individual, raise questions about theinterest of CBD to relieve Lyme borreliosis. Cannabidiol is indeed known, among other things, for its virtuous effects, including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and an antidepressant properties. Three aspects to at least consider when it comes to limiting the damage caused by the disease.

Erythema migrand min tick

Erythema migrans caused by a tick (here on a dog)

CBD to reduce the symptoms of Lyme borreliosis?

To date, there are no large studies that have proven that CBD can treat Lyme disease. However, research has already provided many answers regarding the effects of CBD on the body, in particular through its action on our endocannabinoid system (DRY). It therefore seems, at least, to help better support several of the symptoms of the disease:

  • Anti-inflammatory: CBD helps reduce chronic pain. However, pain is undoubtedly the most difficult symptom of Lyme borreliosis to bear for a large number of patients.
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant: which allows CBD to protect cells against external aggressions.
  • Immune boost: the ECS plays a direct role in our immune response.
  • Mood and sleep regulation: by allowing Lyme patients to be more relaxed and sleep better, CBD allows you to find a little comfort in everyday life.

How to use CBD when suffering from Lyme disease?

lyme borreliosis cbd oil min

CBD oil is one of the fastest, most convenient and effective ways to experience the effects of CBD for Lyme disease symptoms.

Arguably the healthiest and easiest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD is byCBD oil. Available in a dropper bottle and capsule, it is very easy to dose, for quick and discreet use at any time of the day. If you vape, you may also consider using CBD flowers, concentrates or CBD resins. Allowing for faster effects, vaporization does however lead to the release of certain toxins. It is therefore not recommended for those who do not vape and can in this case be replaced by the infusion of these same products with a fat. If you are taking any treatment, whether related to Lyme disease or not, discuss your desire to use CBD with a doctor. He will be able to advise you and avoid the risks of drug interactions.

My dog ​​or cat has Lyme disease: can I give him CBD?

Better known in humans, borreliosis can also affect many other species, including dogs (quite frequently) and the cats (very rare). As for us, it can have significant repercussions if it is not taken in time. At the slightest doubt (erythema on your animal, pain, lameness), Ask your veterinarian for advice. He will be able to advise you on the treatment to adopt. For the advanced stages, CBD can, as in humans, help reduce pain and thus restore a certain comfort of life to your animal. Our dog CBD oil 5% and our cat CBD oil 5% are particularly suitable for our four-legged friends, with oils flavored with beef and fish respectively. Administration is thus simplified.

To conclude: can Lyme disease be cured?

Yes, but CBD is by no means a recognized treatment for Lyme borreliosis. Taking CBD is therefore not intended to cure Lyme disease and should not replace taking antibiotics once the diagnosis has been made. Cannabidiol can however relieve pain related to the chronic form of the disease, especially in the event of late diagnosis.