5 tips to maximize the effect of CBD

Have you tried CBD and haven't felt much? Have you been using it for a long time but think that the effects could be more marked? here is five easily applicable tips to maximize the effect of CBD on your body !

Maximize cbd effects easily min

You just need to put your efforts in the right place to easily maximize the effects of CBD.

1. Choosing the right CBD products

It may sound obvious, but the quality of the product consumed does a lot for its efficiency! As often, trying to save too much on the raw product leads to a loss of quality. Instead, focus on products at reasonable prices for which you can make sure to:

  • The composition,
  • The extraction mode (the CO2 is much cleaner than alcohol and other solvents),
  • The cannabinoid content (<0,20% THC),
  • Traceability.

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2. Dose CBD according to your needs

No need to expect a beef effect if you only eat a square of CBD chocolate, trendy but not necessarily effective! Below 10 milligrams of CBD, you are likely not to feel much, even if you are a small build. However, the ideal amount of CBD varies from individual to individual. Start with a low dosage, then gradually increase until reach peak effects.

3. Find the most suitable mode of consumption

Find all react differently to cannabinoids. This is true in general, but also with regard to the method of taking. If your dose of CBD is correct but the effects are still timid, try changing the type of consumption: switch from vaping to CBD oil sublingually, from infusion to edible (nos. easy CBD recipe ideas can inspire you). For pain and skin care, when possible, use local application.

4. Hemp infusions and concentrates: add fat

maximize infusion effect cbd min

Adding a fatty substance to CBD allows the body to assimilate it more easily

The CBD oils have the advantage of being able to be consumed alone. So much so that we sometimes forget that concentrates (crumble, crystals) and hemp infusions have the particularity of containing no other ingredient than CBD or the plant itself. However, a fatty substance (milk, butter, vegetable oil, etc.) helps to better assimilate CBD and therefore to maximize its effects.

5. Store your CBD products correctly

Tumbling effects of CBD? It may simply be that your flowers have taken on moisture or that your oil has had a heat stroke. For maximized effects, remember to store your CBD products well. This mainly involves properly reseal the package after use avoiding humidity, heat and direct light.