Fullerenes outdoor CBD flowers grow outside. It is therefore the most natural mode of cultivation since it is the closest to what happens in nature.

While it is not always possible, depending on the time of year and local climate, it has advantages, in particular thanks to the contributions of the sun.

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    Tangie CBD Outdoor

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Outdoor CBD is simply cannabidiol that has been extracted from hemp plants (Cannabis Sativa) that have pushed outside.

The luminosity which allows the development of the plant therefore comes directly from the sun, the oxygen is brought by the wind and the nutrients naturally drawn from the soil

CBD outdoor therefore requires enough few materials and labor compared to other cultivation methods. Its great advantages are the natural side of culture and the fact that, thanks in particular to the sun, the aromas are generally more pronounced than in other flowers of the same variety.

Le Indoor CBD pushes him inside, in buildings where the lighting is artificial, the air quality is controlled and the substrate (earth or other) is also chosen for its properties.

CBD outdoor therefore has the particularity of coming from a less controlled environment by human. This natural side means that it often has more marked flavors, but also more variable results.

CBD outdoor is therefore on average more aromatic et cheaper than indoor CBD. In return, the flowers can be ofless regular appearance, for example in terms of their size.

Le CBD greenhouse grows neither inside nor outside, but under a greenhouse. Like outdoor CBD, it therefore benefits from the contribution of the sun, while being, at least in part, protected from bad weather, extreme temperatures and pest attacks.

Here again, outdoor CBD comes from a less controlled environment which gives it this side very natural and these marked aromas that depend on the terroir. On average and for an identical variety, an outdoor CBD flower is also less expensive than a CBD greenhouse flower.

However, an outdoor CBD culture only allowsone harvest per year, unlike other cultivation methods.

An outdoor CBD flower is used in the same way as any other flower rich in cannabidiol.

For optimum marked effects inspection and healthy eating habits, it is recommended to infuse for ten minutes, taking care to crumble them fairly coarsely beforehand.

Le CBD not being soluble in water, it is important to add a fat to the infusion (whole milk, oil or butter for example). It is then possible to drink the mixture directly as a tea or to use it freely in the kitchen, in the recipe of his choice.

It is also possible to use the outdoor CBD flowers spray. However, this mode of consumption is not recommended for people who do not vape or smoke.

Above all, outdoor CBD flowers have the effects of CBD, i.e. soothing, relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

They are used, for example, by people who wish to benefit from a better sleep, relax (at any time of the day) or relieve some chronic pain. The higher the CBD concentration, the stronger the effects. THE CBD flowers used can thus vary according to your needs and your tastes since their aromas vary from one variety to another.

By using a raw product like an outdoor CBD flower, you also benefit from theentourage effect, for more pronounced effects.

All of our outdoor CBD varieties are strictly selected by a team of legal cannabis specialists. If a variety is sold on Weedy.fr, you can be sure that its effects, aromas and appearance have passed each of our selection criteria.

Among our flagship varieties, find in particular the Sweet Karma outdoor CBD, from a culture in biodynamic agriculture, the mythical Super Skunk and the no less famous Lemon Skunk outdoor CBD, known for its pronounced aromas of lemon and skunk.

All our outdoor CBD varieties are regularly analyzed and guarantee a minimal THC level, in accordance with European legislation.