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Flowers Gorilla Glue CBD come from a variety of cannabis with sweet coffee notes. The Gorilla Glue is indeed a cross Sour Dubb, Chem's Sister and Chocolate Diesel. Our indoor variety rich in cannabidiol is appreciated forabundance of its trichomes as well as its fresh aroma of pine.

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flavors Gorilla Glue Indoor

Gorilla Glue CBD: potency, complexity and durability 

La Gorilla Glue above all owes its name to two specificities. On the one hand, its trichomes (the cannabinoids producing vesicles) are very sticky, hence the idea of ​​glue. On the other hand, it has the power an animal as respected as the gorilla.

From the Chocolate Diesel strain, the flowers of CBD Gorilla Glue have inherited much of the odor as well as coffee aromas. It also owes to its original varieties its earthy side Thu lasts over time. From feminized seeds, it has the distinction of being the worthy representative of both the family of Sativas and Indicas. This balanced mixture is rare enough in the world of cannabis to be highlighted and take advantage, for once, of the best of both worlds.

La Gorilla Glue CBD is undoubtedly worth its success and reputation around the world for its powerful sedative effect. It is thus particularly recommended for people looking for a strong, characterful but pleasant smell. In short, its flowers could well become allies of choice in order to enjoy your apartment or house for relax from the stress of the week.

Gorilla Glue CBD: What effects?

La Gorilla Glue original, sometimes abbreviated as GG4 (for Gorilla Glue 4), has a nagging reputation for being able to "stick" to the sofa. More precisely, it is credited with powerful sedative effects, to provide a feeling of intense relaxation and an equally marked euphoria. But that's for the original strain, and therefore high in THC.

La Gorilla Glue that we are proposing to you reduces the THC rate to the minimum possible (<0,3%), by instead putting the package on the rich in CBD : 9% on the meter. No direct sedative effect therefore to be feared and you will be able to leave your sofa whenever you want. On the other hand, we keep the deep feeling of relaxation which, while it is in no way a sleeping pill, is a gentle and natural way of help you fight against insomnia and enjoy a restful sleep.

Thanks to its 9% CBD, the effects of Gorilla Glue 4 are well marked, even without large quantities. In case of vaporization, you will feel them quickly. However, remember to wait for the peak of effects before consuming more if you opt for a slower mode of consumption such as infusion.

Legal CBD flowers without sacrificing quality

In its original state, the flowers of Gorilla Glue stand out with high levels of THC, the psychoactive molecule in cannabis. This strain rich in cannabidiol is instead handpicked to get rid of its tetrahydrocannabinol content and stay strictly within European legality. The laws of the European Union indeed impose a THC level less than 0,3% to authorize the cultivation and commercial exploitation of cannabis plants. It is therefore legal to buy this product rich in CBD in France.

Our flowers Gorilla Glue CBD Indoor are from a natural agriculture guaranteed without chemical treatment and without additives. By purchasing them, you thus ensure that you receive a quality product, respectful of the environment and your health. It should also be noted that none terpene, or any other enhancer is added during the manufacturing process. Terpenes are also secreted by trichomes and are largely responsible for the fragrances of the dried flowers. Appropriately extracted quality flowers, as is the case here, however, contain enough natural terpenes to dispense with artificial flavors.

Product info: Gorilla Glue CBD indoor

  • Total CBD rate: 8-10%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Indoor (indoor culture)
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Flavors: Pine, diesel, coffee
  • Origin: Spain
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document

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106 reviews for Gorilla Glue CBD indoor

  1. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -


  2. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good i recommend

  3. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad at all

  4. Loïc (Customer confirmed) -

    value on

  5. Yann (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste on the palate

  6. Coline (Customer confirmed) -


  7. Sandrine Zelie (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good

  8. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  9. Stephanie (Customer confirmed) -

    No more no less. Not sure I will recommend it!

  10. Stef (Customer confirmed) -

    Rookt lekker, Doet wat ie moet doen, idiaal dus net voor slaap tijd

  11. Max (Customer confirmed) -


  12. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    Surprising and sweet a delight

  13. Philippe (Customer confirmed) -

    Too bland in taste

  14. Ervin (Customer confirmed) -

    a perfume tell the author of his reputation a pity that he has had a difference in weight. I wanted to take advantage of the week for at least 30% on the whole game but when I arrived I didn't have the expected quantity which frustrates me because I really appreciate this variety.

  15. CEDRIC (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good

  16. veronique (Customer confirmed) -


  17. Davy (Customer confirmed) -

    Flavor as described

  18. Vanessa (Customer confirmed) -

    Already ordered last summer, very tasteful and very relaxing I find.

  19. Eva (Customer confirmed) -

    Relax well

  20. Olivier (Customer confirmed) -

    Super relax. Sleep aid

  21. Lorenzo (Customer confirmed) -


  22. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Tasty and soothing

  23. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste, and very noticeable effect.

  24. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    quality and speed

  25. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    A safe bet, and more on promotion. What could be better

  26. Victor (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to say very good

  27. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -

    Soft and soothing

  28. Margot (Customer confirmed) -

    A little disappointed with this product that I know from elsewhere. I expected a little more flavor and flower density

  29. valdin (Customer confirmed) -

    Not my favorite but enjoyable

  30. jimmy (Customer confirmed) -


  31. Eric (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste good effect

  32. MIGUEL (Customer confirmed) -


  33. Michael (Customer confirmed) -

    Very nice

  34. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -


  35. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Average. I can't find all the flavors of the Gorilla Glue that I have known. Pity…

  36. Maxim (Customer confirmed) -

    At the top, taste that makes us forget that it is cbd I strongly recommend

  37. Pascale (Customer confirmed) -

    One of my favorites

  38. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -


  39. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    A pleasant surprise, very good short taste of real quality

  40. Corentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell and good taste

  41. manoubi (Customer confirmed) -

    the princess of taste when it is well dried (the aroma intensifies after several days of delicious curling like a good glass of wine, don't hesitate, it is worth the detour... AND above all makes you forget in the conditions that I have quote, ALL your bodily problems

  42. Manon (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product one of the best with the banana kush !

  43. manoubi (Customer confirmed) -

    Same. If there were 6 stars I would have ticked them all curled out moisture and buds.

  44. Kevin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality. But it lacked a bit of manicure. But nothing to do with the quality.

  45. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  46. PIERRE-OLIVIER (Customer confirmed) -


  47. Corentin (Customer confirmed) -


  48. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -

    Disappointed compared to other products on the site

  49. Olivier (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product, buy with your eyes closed

  50. Aurélie (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  51. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -


  52. Marc (Customer confirmed) -


  53. Justine (Customer confirmed) -


  54. Hugo (Customer confirmed) -

    Not a fan

  55. Manon (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good scent

  56. jimmy (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  57. Laurence (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality

  58. Alexis (Customer confirmed) -

    Very well packaged, good product

  59. Michael (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant satisfied

  60. Julie (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  61. Gaëtan (Customer confirmed) -


  62. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Top taste smell

  63. Karim (Customer confirmed) -


  64. EMMANUELLE (Customer confirmed) -

    very good product

  65. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Different from what I have tested so far

  66. laurent (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  67. eric (Customer confirmed) -

    Lacks a bit of flavor but does the trick.

  68. Stephane (Customer confirmed) -


  69. Paloma (Customer confirmed) -

    very good quality

  70. JALLAIS (Customer confirmed) -


  71. Samuel (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell very good taste I did not feel the relaxing effect

  72. Brandon (Customer confirmed) -

    Very tasty

  73. MARION (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  74. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product, good taste and good smell

  75. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Compliant product

  76. Jules (Customer confirmed) -


  77. benjamin (Customer confirmed) -

    very good taste, light to smoke, but grainy, bad personal surprise because I only smoke from a water pipe. But clearly a very healthy product and pleasant to smoke, which my substitute for THC so very happy.

  78. Clement (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good to taste

  79. Francois (Customer confirmed) -

    Great smell and great taste!

  80. Quentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect delivery, on time despite the current health crisis. Product meets expectations I recommend.

  81. Emmanuelle (Customer confirmed) -


  82. John Maxime (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect quality

  83. Christelle (Customer confirmed) -

    A few seeds but top fragrance

  84. Ludwig (Customer confirmed) -

    v2 is absolutely perfect. v1 a little less

  85. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good, efficient, RAS

  86. Benoît (Customer confirmed) -

    Great taste and relaxing effect Very good product

  87. Luc (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad, smell & taste average.

  88. sunny (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product, dries well, very relaxing

  89. Alexandre (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste, soothing effects, perfect for relaxing.

  90. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Beautiful buds, tastes a little less pronounced than the smell

  91. Alexandre (Customer confirmed) -

    Former Thc smoker, the taste and smell are present and a nice, well-dried head

  92. Yoann (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  93. Eric (Customer confirmed) -

    received on time, perfect quality

  94. Elodie (Customer confirmed) -

    Beautiful flower, incredible smell.

  95. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good quality

  96. Laurence (Customer confirmed) -

    Very professional delivery

  97. Olivier (Customer confirmed) -

    Pleasant and marked taste, and above all a lot of vaporization. My favorite so far

  98. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -


  99. Jean Charles (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good !

  100. Grégory (Customer confirmed) -


  101. Florian (Customer confirmed) -

    The best taste for my order

  102. Charly (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  103. Beatrice (Customer confirmed) -


  104. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -


  105. Francesco (Customer confirmed) -

    not bad

  106. Dalma (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect I recommend

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