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100% legal reinterpretation of the best Moroccan hashish, the Ketama Gold is a real invitation to travel. With its 16-18% CBD, this cannabidiol pollen induces marked soothing and relaxing effects, accompanied by sweet and subtle notes, reinforced by a pleasant scent of spices.

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Description & Additional Information


Ketama Gold 16-18%: the best of CBD pollen

Do you like our full spectrum Ketama e-liquid? You will love Ketama Gold CBD pollen! For these two products, the teams of were inspired by the best indica cannabis strains and especially the Moroccan Ketama. Ketama is indeed a mountainous region in northern Morocco, in the middle of the Rif. It is in this region ideally located between the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the plains of the Middle Atlas that we produce one of the best hashish in the world : the kif.

Through the Ketama Gold pollen, revisits this legendary kif in a perfectly legal version, no longer extracted from Moroccan cannabis but from hemp varieties certified by the European Union. Forget about high THC levels and loss of control, CBD Ketama Gold 16-18% pollen does not cause neither psychoactive effect nor addiction !

On the other hand, you can count on soothing, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory effects of its high concentration of cannabidiol : 16% minimum, one of the highest rates in the CBD pollen. Beyond that, you will have to turn instead to a CBD cannabis resin. Our shop is full of them, all of such good quality and complementary to CBD Ketama Gold pollen.

Classic, easy-to-use, cannabis-flavored pollen

To go further than the simple evocation of Moroccan hashish, the team of especially wanted to offer its customers a best quality pollen possible. It is therefore extracted from varieties of cannabis chosen for their natural high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. They are grown in optimal conditions, without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or heavy metals. Ketama Gold CBD pollen is therefore designed to be as clean as possible for the environment and for our customers.

To achieve perfect quality, it was also necessary to offer a ideal texture, easy to store and use. By ordering this CBD cannabis pollen from our store, you will receive a product that is sticky enough to be easy to use, but also powdery enough to crumble in optimal conditions.

As soon as the Ketama Gold CBD pollen is broken, you will instantly feel its sweet and spicy aromas, with a delicious sweetness. Over the course of your use, you will find all the classic scents of light cannabis, with the slight bitterness and the bitter side so characteristic of the plant.

Tips for Getting the Best Effects from Ketama Gold Pollen

Ketama Gold pollen seduces with its power. With its 16-18% CBD, it is thought to produce marked effects, for example to support a period of stress more easily, to relax muscles after an intense activity for the body or even fight against insomnia. To achieve this, out of the question, however, to smoke Ketama Gold : the law prohibits it. Fortunately, other, healthier methods of taking exist. Vaporization and infusion are the two main ones. Depending on your goal, it may be more interesting to focus on one or the other:

  • Ketama Gold infusion: the infusion involves consuming the CBD contained in the pollen orally. It is then digested. This grip mode allows you to enjoy the soothing effects of CBD for a long time, in a very gentle way. However, the effects take a long time to appear, sometimes an hour or more.
  • Ketama Gold spray: vaporization makes it possible to inhale vapor containing, among other things, CBD molecules and terpenes, in particular responsible for the taste of Ketama Gold. Passing through the respiratory tract, CBD works faster. However, the effects also wear off more quickly.

Product information: Ketama Gold Pollen 16-18% CBD

  • Total CBD rate: 16-18%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Variety: Indicates
  • Flavors: Spicy, sweet, earthy
  • Origin: Italy
  • conservation: Store away from moisture and heat in its airtight packaging.
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • CBD resins from natural agriculture: No chemical treatment, no additives, no added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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1g (€ 8,90 per g) (€ 8,90), 3G (€ 7,90 per g) (€ 23,70), 5g (€ 6,90 per g) (€ 34,50), 10g ( € 5,90 per g) (€ 59), 20g (€ 4,90 per g) (€ 98)

59 reviews for Ketama Gold Pollen

  1. Jean Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Taste not great

  2. Jamel (Customer confirmed) -

    I have the impression of finding a block of black hash sold at the corner of the street and cut with pepper, I threw away the 5 g ordered…. (And completely misleading photo)

  3. jean-marc (Customer confirmed) -

    I don't like its taste at all (horrible for me)

  4. SAMI (Customer confirmed) -

    One of the best taste in resin for me

  5. Ange (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  6. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Disappointed, light taste, very heavy product received 5g the. Half in pieces and the other a small piece. To roll a dozen joints on 5g.

  7. Sophia (Customer confirmed) -


  8. Sonia (Customer confirmed) -


  9. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Correct product but I find it a bit hard and dry compared to other Ketama cbd. It arrived completely broken in the bag. The smell is that of Ketama. Small appreciable relaxing effect.

  10. Mounir (Customer confirmed) -


  11. antoine (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product, easy to work with. Decent effects for the price. It was worth the money. Go ahead, buy from Weedy.

  12. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -


  13. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  14. Khaled (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good !

  15. Fabian (Customer confirmed) -

    No interest

  16. Deneux (Customer confirmed) -

  17. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

    Fairly fast service, product in line with expectations

  18. maud (Customer confirmed) -

    I do not like at all. Bad taste. Nothing to do with smoking a thc joint. I recommend not to put this price

  19. Dylan (Customer confirmed) -


  20. Dahman (Customer confirmed) -

    Well received in blok, doubt about the 3g but hey, the taste is sweet it goes well lacking a zest of flavor

  21. slim (Customer confirmed) -

    Fast and discreet shipment of quality product I will order again

  22. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    On top

  23. William (Customer confirmed) -

  24. Sonia (Customer confirmed) -

    The texture of the pollen but weird smell and fro

  25. Axel (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  26. Arnaud (Customer confirmed) -

    Smell and pronounced taste very good to smoke anytime

  27. Guylene (Customer confirmed) -


  28. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -

    Fast delivery but no resemblance to a real similar product

  29. THIERRY (Customer confirmed) -

    Great product

  30. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -

    No taste

  31. Cyril (Customer confirmed) -


  32. bars (Customer confirmed) -

    Good consistency crumbles well fairly mild taste

  33. tome (Customer confirmed) -

    very well

  34. Alexis (Customer confirmed) -

    exceptional I loved it, knowing the original Amsterdam coffee at 15 balls per gram the bastards, I was very pleasantly surprised, impeccable effect, certainly one of the products that relaxes a maximum, destresses and allows you to relax fall asleep with a completely free and serene mind, taste, chipping nickel!

  35. Pascale (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect I recommend natural taste

  36. Jouanneau (Customer confirmed) -

    Not yet tried

  37. Vincent (Customer confirmed) -

    Bad taste, no particular relaxation effect

  38. David (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality

  39. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -


  40. Robin (Customer confirmed) -

    Resin a little less strong in sensation than the nepal cream but very good taste.

  41. Ange (Customer confirmed) -

    I expected better.

  42. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    No taste

  43. gregory (Customer confirmed) -

    Great, I like a lot

  44. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Good greasy texture

  45. philippe (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product

  46. tome (Customer confirmed) -

    very good

  47. Pauline & Damien (Customer confirmed) -

    I love it but a little expensive

  48. thierry (Customer confirmed) -

    still not received, I'm waiting

  49. Clara (Customer confirmed) -

  50. Florent (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  51. Severine (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste

  52. Jamel (Customer confirmed) -

    Received in powder I think it's the pollen quality which is like that original at the top qd even

  53. Pascal (Customer confirmed) -

    New product, very nice

  54. FABIENNE (Customer confirmed) -

    Nice and pleasant product but it is true that 1G is limited given the quantity that it represents.

  55. olive (Customer confirmed) -

    if you want dust this is the right product

  56. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  57. Fabrice (Customer confirmed) -

    Not really liking the taste

  58. Amelie (Customer confirmed) -


  59. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    good pollen, works for 19%

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