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Beautiful, easy to use and multitasking, the Pax 3 Complete Kit is designed to be used with loose leaves or concentrates. Twice as powerful as the Pax 2 thanks to new battery technology, this latest generation vaporizer (it is even connected!) will follow you everywhere, discreetly!

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Pax 3 vaporizer

Pax 3 vaporizer - Complete Kit

Now available with new matt finishes, the complete kit of Pax 3 resumes content of the basic kit, with some additional accessories. You will thus find in the box of your complete kit Pax 3 more filtration screens as well as filling compartment lids different, including the very practical half-load compartment allowing you to only half fill the bowl and thus use less material.

Like its little brother, this complete kit includes a illustrated user manual very well done. In a matter of seconds, it will be very easy for you to understand how to start and use each of the modes of your herbal vaporizer. It obviously also includes the maintenance kit, composed of brushes that will allow you tomaintain your vaporizer of vegetable matter simply in order to use it for a long time, in the best conditions. Finally, the two rubber mouthpieces Features of the Pax 3 are also present. They are placed at the very top of the device, directly above the vapor column.

Pax 3 Complete Kit: two-in-one vaporizer for dry matter and concentrates

The Pax 3 delivers a dense and pure vapor in less than 22 seconds after start-up, very good performance in the current vaporizer market, especially since the heating time is then almost instantaneous throughout the vape session. Note also that the latest battery technology offers a heating chamber twice as powerful that of the pax 2. It is thanks to this latest generation technology that the Pax 3 Complete Kit allows spray with vegetable matter and concentrates. It is therefore perfectly suited to crystals, wax, as well as pollens and resins, including the very qualitative charas.

Spraying dry or concentrated materials: differences

Whether you choose to use the Pax 3 with loose weed or a concentrated product, good news: vaporizing is much healthier than smoking ! The first argument in favor of this mode of consumption, the aromas of both liquid and dry matter are transported in vapor and not smoke. Direct consequence, neither tar nor carbon monoxide, two harmful substances, do not get into your lungs.

Thanks to its controlled temperatures, the Pax 3 also allows get the most out of terpenes, which would be degraded at too high temperature (always smoke). The aromas are therefore particularly present, for enjoy the effects of its herb in addition to its taste.

Finally, to more directly compare dry herb in bulk and concentrates (CBD oils, CBD e-liquids, resins, etc.), the difference is essentially in the product composition. In the first case, the raw plant material is used. So you know exactly what you are consuming and benefit from all the properties of the plant, and therefore from the now famous entourage effect.

In the case of concentrates, it is important to make sure of the nature of the ingredients you are using to charge your Pax 3. Always prefer cleanly extracted concentrates (with CO2 for example) and whose plants have been cultivated according to a healthy cultivation method and are ideally from organic farming. This is always the case if you order from the store. since our teams strive to develop best products on the market, From legal cannabis plants without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or heavy metals.

Enough to allow you to take advantage of all the options offered by the excellent Pax 3 vaporizer!

A versatile and connected vaporizer

To top it off, the Pax 3, especially in its full version, allows you to juggle among several modes of vape available :

  • Standard,
  • Boost: more aggressive heating,
  • Efficiency: Pax 3 cools automatically when you are not shooting,
  • Stealth: more discretion, especially in terms of LED intensity.
  • Flavour: smoother and very regular toast, emphasizing the aromas rather than the strength of your plant material.

Each of these modes can be selected with one click by connecting Pax 3 to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You just need to download the freePAX Vapor app.

Are you using the original Pax or the Pax 2 and thinking about upgrading to the new version? Good news, most of the accessories from previous versions remain compatible with the Pax 3 Complete Kit. It also has a 10 year limited warranty, proving the manufacturer's confidence in their vaporizer.

How to use the pax 3 vaporizer?

We have mentioned it, in addition to being particularly stylish with its brushed steel case and its color variations to please all tastes, the Pax 3 is very easy to use. Very intuitive, you will be able to enjoy its power and aromatic vapor in just a few seconds. Take a few seconds to consult the user manual delivered with the vaporizer: everything is very clearly explained and illustrated!

Mini Pax 3 user manual

  1. Fill the heating chamber (0,35 g of dry herb to full capacity, 0,17 g with the half-tank or 10 to 20 milligrams of concentrate, or about the size of a lens)
  2. Choose your favorite mouthpiece from the two delivered with the complete kit
  3. Switch on the Pax 3 at the touch of a single button
  4. Select a temperature among the four pre-programmed modes (182 ° C, 193 ° C, 205 ° C and 215 ° C) or to the nearest degree when using the mobile application
  5. Start vacuuming slowly after about 45 seconds
  6. Enjoy the vape session (inhale with more or less intensity depending on the desired power)
  7. Switch off Pax 3 until the next vaporization session
  8. Clean the duct regularly and remember to recharge it as soon as the top left LED flashes red (every 8/10 sessions on average)

Product information: Pax 3 vaporizer:

  • Temperature setting: the Bluetooth application allows you to set up to 4 temperatures, from 182 to 215 °
  • Drums : charging by magnetic contact on the support provided. The charging time is about 3 hours for an autonomy of about 105 minutes.
  • Pax size 3: 9.8cm*3cm*2.2cm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Vaporization: plants, resin and concentrates

Manual provided

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    Very disappointing, I do not recommend it, especially for its price and its inefficiency, it could be a scam, too bad for Weedy which is nevertheless a site that has always satisfied me

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