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The flowers Royal Cheese CBD grown indoors have a light cheese flavor with a mix of earthy and pungent notes. They are thus among the most fragrant from the world of cannabis. Derivatives of the legendary Skunk, flowers Royal Cheese rich in cannabidiol will convince the most knowledgeable.

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Description & Additional Information


Flavors of the royal cheese CBD

Flowers Royal Cheese CBD: mythical aromas

To understand where the flowers come from Royal Cheese CBD, we have to go to UK. This is where the Original cheese, often copied but never equaled. The Royal Cheese CBD is only a variation of feminized seeds, allowing a faster growth for equally rich aromas.

The Cheese, like the Royal Cheese, are therefore both from the legendary Skunk, a queen variety with an equally famous smell (skunk means skunk in English). Far from being satisfied with being only a pale copy of its elder, the Royal Cheese prefer to equal it, or even exceed it. The strength of his arguments, based on heady aromas to say the least, earned its name, paying homage to the charms of the most powerful of cheeses.

Behind the power of its smell hides a slightly dominant Indica hybrid, a variety renowned for its soothing effects. CBD flowers Royal Cheese therefore turn out sweet behind odors which can be pungent and pungent. This spicy cheese plant has decidedly lots of character !

A legal strain that does not go unnoticed

Flowers Royal Cheese CBD sold by Weedy. Fr respect the law in force in the countries to which the site delivers, including France, Belgium and Luxembourg. According to the rate imposed by the European Union, plants therefore do not exceed 0,3% THC, the psychoactive molecule of cannabis considered to be a narcotic. The cannabidiol (CBD), on the contrary, is not considered as such, allowing our CBD flowers to be richly constituted of it.

Better to be in perfect agreement with local law to dare to grow a variety of cannabis with such strong odors. It is almost impossible to go unnoticed with such a plantation, even indoors. If we prefer to sell CBD flowers online Royal Cheese issues of indoor crops, it is obviously not to hide from neighbors. On the contrary, they would risk enjoy the scent.

Indoor growing, however, ensures maintain full control over production et limit involuntary hybridizations. By reducing the contacts of plants with the outside, our flowers have cannabinoid level (CBD and THC in particular) and quality stable over time. The products are so legal and our satisfied customers with the purchase of a cannabis derivative on which they can count on the long term.

How to legally use the Royal Cheese CBD?

la Royal Cheese CBD is in no way intended to be smoked. It has long been known that cigarette or marijuana smoke is toxic. The Royal Cheese Although it may be legal and much healthier for the body than its black market equivalent, smoking it would nevertheless lead, through combustion and its excessive temperatures, to production of harmful toxins that are best avoided.

Two legal alternatives make it possible to eat healthier la Royal Cheese.

Royal Cheese CBD infusion

Gentle mode of use, the infusion allows enjoy the soothing effects of CBD in a prolonged and diffused way. It suffices to use it as a classic herbal tea, making sure to add a fat to the mixture: it facilitates the assimilation of cannabidiol.

Royal Cheese CBD vaporization

Used in a plant material vaporizer, the Royal Cheese CBD allows rediscover the gesture and sensations of smoke legally and by limiting the number of toxins released. The taste and the effects are more developed thanks to a lower temperature which does not deteriorate neither the cannabinoids nor the terpenes.

Product information: Flowers Royal Cheese CBD

  • Total CBD rate: 12-14%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Indoor (indoor culture)
  • Variety: dominant indica
  • Flavors: Cheese, skunk, earthy
  • Origin: Italy
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

Further information

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62 reviews for Royal Cheese CBD indoor

  1. Matthias (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad at all, I recommend

  2. Audrey (Customer confirmed) -


  3. Vanthana (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  4. Karine (Customer confirmed) -

    very pleasant and fragrant, a top weed!

  5. Antoine (Customer confirmed) -

    Nothing to do with cheese

  6. Philippe (Customer confirmed) -

    I put 4 stars because I preferred the nyc diesel

  7. Eric (Customer confirmed) -

    Nice discovery

  8. Love (Customer confirmed) -


  9. gautier (Customer confirmed) -

    Qaulite product

  10. Yvonne (Customer confirmed) -

    Not as nice as the super lemon but it's ok

  11. Berenice (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  12. Philippe (Customer confirmed) -


  13. Julien (Customer confirmed) -

    quality and speed

  14. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good sweet taste

  15. Michael (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad in terms of scents.

  16. Messonne (Customer confirmed) -

    Small head in addition there was 18g while I had ordered 20g otherwise her and good neither too dry nor too wet

  17. Xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad !!!

  18. marlon (Customer confirmed) -


  19. gilles (Customer confirmed) -


  20. Mathieu (Customer confirmed) -

    Very fragrant, I do not hide my gustatory pleasures on the taste of this variety. The effect is the desired one, I'm under the spell

  21. Paul (Customer confirmed) -

    Nice like all cheeses in general

  22. RACHID (Customer confirmed) -

    Great taste! Good smell.

  23. Louise (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good taste too, more floral

  24. Djumaa (Customer confirmed) -


  25. Jean-Michel (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product, great taste

  26. Corentin (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell, lacks a little taste compared to the original

  27. David (Customer confirmed) -


  28. Patrice (Customer confirmed) -


  29. Quentin (Customer confirmed) -

    I did not necessarily find the taste of cheese

  30. Francois (Customer confirmed) -

    Average smell and taste

  31. Karim (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good

  32. laurent (Customer confirmed) -


  33. Christophe (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product does its job

  34. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -


  35. Ludovic (Customer confirmed) -

    Well scented

  36. xavier (Customer confirmed) -

    love it the best

  37. LAWS (Customer confirmed) -

    Good smell but not my favorite Otherwise the quality is really excellent

  38. jimmy (Customer confirmed) -

    Great if not out of stock...

  39. Emmanuelle (Customer confirmed) -


  40. Octave (Customer confirmed) -

    Received the whole order at once. Good quality product!

  41. Pierre (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect product also even better than cookie cush for me.

  42. Lucia (Customer confirmed) -

    Less strong smell but good quality

  43. Guillaume (Customer confirmed) -

    Doesn't necessarily appeal to all tastes.

  44. valerie (Customer confirmed) -


  45. Clarisse (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

  46. Olivier (Customer confirmed) -

    All right

  47. Gabriel (Customer confirmed) -

    Po terrible

  48. Matthew (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good value for money

  49. SCHMIDT (Customer confirmed) -

    Great product.

  50. Traucou (Customer confirmed) -


  51. Roman (Customer confirmed) -

    I highly recommend very good flavor

  52. Cyril (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product and very tasty

  53. Samuel (Customer confirmed) -

    On top

  54. Nicolas (Customer confirmed) -


  55. Benoît (Customer confirmed) -

    Very pleasant

  56. ANTHONY (Customer confirmed) -


  57. Terence (Customer confirmed) -

    Pretty Bud but don't break bars

  58. Mickaël (Customer confirmed) -

    Where did the taste go

  59. ronan (Customer confirmed) -

    Lack of taste

  60. Gregory (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad for the price, does the job

  61. Anthony (Customer confirmed) -


  62. Thomas (Customer confirmed) -

    The appearance is correct. The rest is just insmokable.

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