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Historical variety if any, Skunk has given birth to many derivatives, including this Super Skunk CBD rich in cannabidiol. Its characteristics of sweet grass with pronounced scents are finally highlighted in a 100% legal variety. With our flowers Super Skunk CBD grown outdoors, the legendary Skunk is just a click away!

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Description & Additional Information


flavors Super Skunk CBD

Super Skunk : CBD flowers from a superstar variety

In the history of modern weed, Skunk is a variety as old as it is legendary. Its history indeed begins in the 1970s in the United States. At the time, the growing cannabis plants begins to professionalize and we are looking for the first time to create hybrid plants, which will grow better while producing more. However, it was not until the arrival of a man called Sam the Skunkman in the Netherlands in the early 1980s that the first version of Skunk, a Hybrid three quarters Sativa and one quarter Indica.

Rest assured, the origin of the name comes, as often, from its creator. No risk therefore of thinking of breathing a skunk, its smell is very stubborn but luckily more pleasant. In fact, the flavors of the Super Skunk CBD are turning instead to earthy and sweet aromas, thanks to the sweet flavors specific to the variety. Themythical smell of Skunk remains nevertheless very present.

It must be said that the Super Skunk CBD is a hybridization between different sub-strains of Skunk and Afghani plants. We therefore reverse the trend and obtain a 75% Indica and 25% Sativa variety. Logically, it therefore combines characteristics of the two worlds. It is so at the same time energizing and relaxing.

Natural farming for quality CBD flowers

CBD flowers Super Skunk offered by come from a natural agriculture. This product is therefore guaranteed without chemical treatment, without additives, without addition of terpenes or any other flavor enhancer. The outdoor culture (outdoor) also makes it possible to obtain robust quality plants. These plants are obviously strictly selected to contain as little THC as possible and thus stay in the strictest legality throughout the European Union, France included. On the contrary, the CBD content is encouraged.

The quality of Skunk in general, and the Super Skunk CBD in particular is so famous that in the UK Skunk has become synonymous with quality grass. It is therefore not uncommon to hear about Skunk, also for other varieties, as long as the product is of quality.

FAQ Super Skunk CBD

What does it taste like Super Skunk CBD?

La Super Skunk CBD directly evokes the Super Skunk short and its earthy and sweet aromas characteristic of hemp. It thus offers fruity and sweet scentsWith citrus notes which bring the most pleasant tangy notes. Strong in character, it also has a little grilled side that some people associate with the taste of pop corn.

What are the effects of Super Skunk CBD?

La Super Skunk CBD is above all, as the name suggests, a variety rich in CBD. You can therefore count on the classic effects of the cannabinoid, starting with the relaxation, decrease in some pain andimproved sleep quality. Thanks to its 10-12% CBD, the effects are well marked and do not take long to appear.

How to use the flowers Super Skunk ?

The flowers of Super Skunk CBD are not meant to be smoked, as combustion results in the release of toxins that are harmful to health. So favor a healthier mode of consumption, either by vaporization (if you already vape), or orally. The Super Skunk CBD can then be infused with a fatty substance to be consumed as is, or used in cooking to flavor a dish.

Product info: Super Skunk CBD – Outdoor Cultivation

  • Total CBD rate: 10-12%
  • THC level: <0,3% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type of culture: Outdoor (outdoor culture)
  • Variety: Dominant indica
  • Flavors: Skunk, herbaceous, earthy
  • Origin: Italy
  • conservation: CBD flowers should be stored away from moisture
  • Use :
    • In infusion with a fatty substance (oil or milk)
    • Spraying over 170 degrees
    • In the kitchen in the dishes of your choice
  • Flower from natural agriculture: without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers.
  • Laboratory analyzes: Click here to access the document cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

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136 reviews for Super Skunk CBD Outdoor

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    Très bien

  2. Jonathan (Customer confirmed) -

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    i love him like crazy like a soldier like a black series star you see i love him like that

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    Excellent value for money Product as described

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    Very tasty and good quality! :))

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  13. CATHERINE (Customer confirmed) -


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    Very good value for money

  15. Michele (Customer confirmed) -

    My favorite, equal to the description. I like its smell and taste

  16. Fabrice (Customer confirmed) -


  17. Frederic (Customer confirmed) -

    Good product fast and discreet delivery good price too

  18. Franck (Customer confirmed) -

    Good in taste and texture. But not the one that has the most effect on me. I wish there was no more Skywalker. By far my favorite

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    Good product nothing to say.

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    Super happy

  31. Laurent (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste, good quality I recommend

  32. Mehdi (Customer confirmed) -


  33. Mounir (Customer confirmed) -


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    Nice smell with a good feeling of well being

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    A safe bet

  45. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    Just a problem with the quantity. 8 grams on my scale. And a lot of stems.

  46. Rudy (Customer confirmed) -

    Good but too dry

  47. Salim (Customer confirmed) -

    I adore nothing to d I adore perfect ...

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    Very good product, top packaging and shipping

  49. Bruno (Customer confirmed) -

    For an outdoor. Nickel and seedless top.

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    Nothing to say, excellent quality. Thank you ✌️

  51. Thierry (Customer confirmed) -

    Good value for money. Unfortunately lack of quantity.

  52. Louis (Customer confirmed) -

    it was very dry so little taste and not pleasant to smoke saw it was hard on the throat, but for the price it's still interesting

  53. David (Customer confirmed) -

    A little less tasty than last year, product that unfortunately goes too too quickly

  54. ROMAN (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good product

  55. Gabin (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good for regular consumption

  56. Stéphane (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad.

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  58. fathilah (Customer confirmed) -

    a real skunk the smell and the taste sounds very present I recommend it to you

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    On top

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    Very good product

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    Great product, works great for stressed people

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    Scent of real skunk and more outdoor

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    Very good service, good quality even if in the end not my favorite

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    Product not tested

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    Can't wait to try other flavors but this one is particularly nice

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    Excellent! I recommend ++++

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  90. Cedric (Customer confirmed) -

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    Top really and for the price go there with your eyes closed and the quality has nothing to envy to the indoor

  93. Charles (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good value for money, but I have the strong impression that the image is not at all a contractual photo. so 4/5

  94. Elodie (Customer confirmed) -

    Lacks the cheesy taste of skunk otherwise nice well manicured buds

  95. catherine (Customer confirmed) -

    A little dry

  96. catherine (Customer confirmed) -

    Too dry

  97. Melissa (Customer confirmed) -


  98. Claudia (Customer confirmed) -

    Shipping was delayed for a week. Half of my emails have been ignored (I have a tracker that shows they have been read). The 3g item does not look like 3g, and the labels are in Italian. They say 'ornamental use only' with a 'no smoking' sign, which I don't understand (these were smoking buds). I wouldn't order any more Weedy.

  99. Michele (Customer confirmed) -

    I can't give an opinion yet because I haven't tasted it yet.

  100. Yann (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

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    Product quality expected and respected.

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    Nothing to say good smoke! Top customer service

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    Little Bud his manicure with a peppery taste that's not my favorite I was expecting an earthy taste

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    Low price but great taste! Nothing to say

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    Good product

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    I expected better but it's ok

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  108. Salim (Customer confirmed) -


  109. Jérôme (Customer confirmed) -

    Très bien

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    I love!!!!

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    Taste without particular interest, rather energizing effect

  112. Jerome (Customer confirmed) -

    good weed

  113. Julia (Customer confirmed) -

    Good taste

  114. DENIS (Customer confirmed) -

    Perfect, meets the expectations of the description, I recommend

  115. Hugo (Customer confirmed) -

    satisfied but product a little dry

  116. Beldent (Customer confirmed) -

    Correct a little more perfume would not be refused

  117. Gael (Customer confirmed) -

    Not bad

  118. Laura (Customer confirmed) -

    It's not the best! But not bad

  119. David (Customer confirmed) -

    5 stars

  120. jean francois (Customer confirmed) -

    Quality is the mercy.

  121. Traucou (Customer confirmed) -


  122. Jean Charles (Customer confirmed) -

    Good !

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    I highly recommend

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    Very good and fast delivery

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    Meet my expectations

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  130. Lea (Customer confirmed) -


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    Not bad in addition a small gift with super nice

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    Quality product

  136. Grégory (Customer confirmed) -

    Quality product

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