Flying with CBD: Legality, Risks, and Precautions

More and more countries allow the purchase and consumption of cannabis. Between those who have fully legalized it, those who are content to decriminalize it and those who barely tolerate CBD; sorting out is not always easy. At time start to travel, an essential question arises: is it possible to fly with CBD ?

How is the control at the airport going? As usual in the sector, the same answer tirelessly points the tip of his nose: it depends. The team of screens the different possible scenarios and advises you on how to arrive at the control before boarding calmly.

Is it legal to fly with CBD?

Flying with CBD is not so easy

Flying with CBD is not so easy

Potentially, yes. Overall, no. Faced with this answer, which could not be more vague, we need to go into a little more detail to begin to see clearly. In general, it remains very complicated to fly with CBDwhether or not it contains THC. In Europe, any product containing more than 0,3% THC is illegal anyway, and therefore banned everywhere, including on airplanes.

As for legal products, including derivatives and extracts rich in CBD (CBD oils, CBD infusions, CBD cosmetics), the legal vagueness does not make things any easier. Especially since all countries in the world have different laws. It is therefore, under certain conditions, possible to travel by plane with CBD, with a slightly higher probability of this being possible for internal flights.

What are the risks of getting checked with CBD at the airport?

Better to be sure what to do before traveling with cannabis

Better to be sure what to do before traveling with cannabis

Once again, the risks depend directly on the law of the country carrying out the control. In Europe, thanks toSchengen area (EU supplemented by Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein), there is no border control. The risk is therefore lower, but not impossible, especially when you take the plane (compared to the car or the train). For the rest, it all depends on what is considered legal or not at the place of control.

In France, for example, the mere possession of black market cannabis leads to fine of 200 €. Getting checked at the airport with CBD is, on the other hand, risk-free… for as much power prove the composition of its product.

Where can you fly with cannabis?

In Europe, we will come back to this, CBD is 100% legal, and it is therefore possible to carry some, at least on paper. In the United States and Canada, two countries which have already (partially for one, totally for the other) legalized cannabis, it is on the other hand easier to fly with its products, under conditions.

United States: boarding with medical cannabis

In the United States, it is possible to pass airport controls legally, if and only if it is therapeutic cannabis. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) then asks the passenger to be able to present at any time a order authorizing him to possess the substance. Without medical treatment, it is therefore impossible to transport your favorite cannabis products, even legal ones. CBD oils and other resins for recreational use are therefore not welcome. If it is decriminalized in many states, the possession of marijuana and certain derivatives (in particular infused products) remains in effect. banned at federal level.

By following strict conditions, some countries already allow people to fly in possession of cannabis

By following strict conditions, some countries already allow people to fly in possession of cannabis

Canada: only domestic flights

In Canada, the sky is a little greener for cannabis enthusiasts since, since its full legalization in October 2018, Canadians are permitted to transport up to 30 grams of cannabis legal with them. As Canadian law is applicable only in Canada, this is obviously valid only for internal flights, and respecting a personal use. They also cannot take their personal collection of CBD flowers on a flight to the United States, even if it is to a state that has decriminalized cannabis. Likewise, it is forbidden to enter the territory with cannabis. Whichever side of the border you're on, so don't expect to cross it with cannabis or CBD.

In Europe: as always, the question divides

The various countries of the European Union are already struggling to agree on the content of the law to be applied in the field of hemp. So necessarily, he There is no single, clear answer to the question of possessing cannabis while traveling by plane. In France, in Spain or in Italy, for example, CBD flowers are allowed. They can therefore, technically, be embarked on domestic flights. However, it is impossible, by simple visual examination, to distinguish a cannabis head containing THC from a cannabis head rich in CBD and below the legal rate of 0,3% THC.

Beyond knowing whether the practice is legal or not, you risk getting bothered, having to justify yourself and potentially losing time or even, in case of doubt, missing your flight. If possible, then it is always best to not to travel by plane with personal consumption, including when your products have been purchased legally.

What precautions should you take before traveling with CBD?

Before flying with CBD, it is essential to check the laws of the countries of departure, arrival and crossed. Stopping over is not an acceptable argument for circumventing the law of a country. Once you have researched the possibility of traveling with your CBD, be sure to fulfill all the necessary conditions and declare your possessions as soon as possible to customs, in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle. Do not hesitate to contact customs concerned upstream of the preparation of your trip in order to minimize delays on D-day.