7 Ways To Use Your CBD Crystals Easily And Effectively

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99% pure CBD crystals

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The CBD crystals are often described as the purest form of consuming cannabidiol : this is quite true since they are an extraction reaching easily 99% of CBD. Their powdery, white and slightly brittle appearance gives them the appearance of sugar or even salt crystals. So pay attention to the keep in a safe place so as not to misuse them. Perfectly legal and having no noticeable side effects, however, there is little to worry about. So what uses of CBD crystals ? It is very simple. Weedy explains in this article seven effective and easy ways to benefit from their calming effects !

use cbd crystals min

Very versatile, CBD crystals can be used alone or as a base for many preparations

1. Sublingual CBD crystals

The sublingual route is simply the technical term indicating dissolve your CBD crystals under the tongue. This is undoubtedly the easiest way to use it since it suffices to measure the desired quantity, place the crystals under the tongue for at least 30/40 seconds, then swallow the excess. Notable advantage of the technique, it does not require no particular material (if it is not a sufficiently precise balance) and makes it possible to obtain rapid and marked effects. Consuming the CBD crystals under the tongue indeed allows cannabidiol enter the bloodstream directly rather than having to wait for digestion if you swallow them directly.

To know everything about dosage of your CBD crystals, our article dedicated to the ideal amount of CBD is here for you!

2. Spray CBD crystals

La vaporization of CBD crystals is a consumption technique close to bang (water pipe), a technique well known to marijuana users. In the case of CBD crystals, this mode of consumption is however legal since our CBD concentrates do not contain no THC and therefore comply with the rules imposed by the European Union. To use your CBD crystals in vaporization, simply place the desired amount in a vaporizer of dry plant materials and concentrates such as pax 3. Be careful with choose your device : a vaporizer only dedicated to CBD flowers will probably not be enough. Then you just have to follow the recommendations ofusing your vaporizer and enjoy the product. Again, the calming effects of CBD show up quickly.

3. Infusion of CBD crystals

It is also possible to opt for a use of CBD crystals in infusion. However, it is not a herbal tea like the others and simply dissolving them in a little hot water will not allow you to enjoy the effects of CBD. Indeed, cannabinoids are liposoluble molecules, which mix very little in water, but on the contrary very well with fats. So you can infuse in milk, preferably whole in order to retain more fat, or for example to make cannabutter (CBD cannabis butter), very easy to use alone or in the kitchen.

4. For cooking: an ingredient like no other

use cbd crystals kitchen min

CBD crystals are very easy to use in cooking, for both savory and sweet dishes.

In terms of the assimilation of cannabinoids (CBD, but also CBG and others), inhalation provides the fastest effects. Then comes the sublingual route and finally digestion. If you decide to cook with CBD crystals, so do not wait for quick effects. On the contrary, they will take longer to appear and will be more diffuse, but also more durable over time. Above all, they allow you to experiment by creating ever more interesting CBD recipes. Contrary to CBD flowers, the crystals allow in addition to enjoy CBD without the characteristic cannabis taste that bothers some consumers. Are you tempted? Try our recipe for CBD cookies or a more traditional CBD honey.

5. Make your own e-liquid

homemade e liquid cbd crystals min

CBD crystals can be used as a base to create a homemade e-liquid

Let's face it, many CBD consumers are turning to consuming crystals to take advantage of the flexibility they offer (you are in control of the dosage !) and their very attractive price. Make your own CBD e-liquid from CBD crystals is therefore on average cheaper than buying a ready-made one and you can also manage the recipe at your convenience. In addition to the crystals, you will therefore need to purchase a liquid base for neutral electronic cigarette and dissolving the desired amount of crystals therein. Simple and efficient !

6. Make your CBD oil fast and cheap

Here again, the shocking argument for using CBD crystals in oil is its price. Beyond the economic aspect, several other arguments plead in favor ofCBD oil "Home" since it is a simple and all in all fun way to master the exact composition of your product : oil extraction method, quality of the base (hemp, coconut, olive oil, ideally from organic farming), dosage of CBD, etc. Our homemade cannabis oil recipe with CBD crystals explains how to succeed in your recipe step by step. You can then consume pure (under the tongue, always), mixed with a drink or in the kitchen.

7. Do you smoke CBD crystals?

Technically, it is possible to smoke CBD crystals, legally not. If this method of using CBD crystals is tempting because it causes marked and rapid effects, smoking CBD remains banned in France as well as in many other European countries. Rest assured, however: the product is perfectly legal since it is considered, with the CBD crumble, like a CBD isolate (quality crystals do not contain THC). So just to consume responsibly. That's good, the other six methods of use proposed in this article are completely legal!