How to quit smoking cannabis? The CBD alternative

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Smoking cannabis is illegal. Nevertheless, 3,9 million French people say they consume it. Admittedly, the product is recreational and has sought-after effects, including euphoric ones. However, it remains addictive and can lead to behavioral problems.

Most cannabis smokers who want to quit are faced with the same observation: it is difficult to wean.

Le cannabidiol, or CBD, with its molecular structure very close to THC then presents itself as a alternative of choice, perfectly legal, facilitating the withdrawal of cannabis from the black market !

Why is it difficult to quit smoking cannabis?

Quit smoking cannabis

It remains difficult to get rid of the consumption of THC, responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis

How to quit smoking cannabis only ? It is not an easy task. There are two main reasons for this:

  • THC is an addictive substance,
  • Cannabis use plays an important social role in some individuals.

Thus, smoking a joint with a friend, beyond the effects caused, has a friendly side transforming it into a moment of exchange and sharing, a bit like a beer with friends at the end of the day. Stopping cannabis therefore implies breaking this social bond and risking isolation from the group.

Concerning THC addiction, it is very real, but nevertheless to be put into perspective. Thus, according to a 2012 study (link in English), only 8,9% of consumers would become addicted to cannabis, against 22,7% for alcohol and 67,5% for nicotine, incomparable figures!

However, the bad sides regular use of cannabis with THC are not non-existent: lack of motivation, loss of memory, but also sessions of high less pleasant as the body gets used to the substance. As with all drugs, even soft drugs, the time comes when the habit or even the need takes precedence over pleasure. It then becomes necessary to stop smoking cannabis, but it is not that simple.

CBD, a cannabinoid with a very similar chemical composition, is then an option to consider for facilitate weaning while ensuring a gradual change in habits.

THC and CBD, complementary cannabinoids

Le THC and CBD are two molecules that are extremely close, both in terms of their chemical composition and the effects they provide. Yet one is considered like a narcotic (THC) and the other is perfectly legal (CBD). In effect, cannabidiol is not psychotropic, not addictive and does not cause any known side effects. However, it offers quite interesting properties, the effects of which are often sought after by cannabis smokers.

It is in particular:

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Muscle relaxant,
  • Stress reducer,
  • Useful for rapid fall asleep and deep sleep.

It therefore makes it possible to meet all the needs of smokers, while sparing them illegality and psychoactive effects. This is a first great reason to think about the CBD alternative to quit smoking cannabis.

The cannabinoid may well have another trick up its sleeve to speed up the transition.

CBD to quit smoking cannabis?

CBD seems to balance the effects of THC, which could contribute to easier withdrawal

CBD seems to balance the effects of THC, which could contribute to easier withdrawal

If the human organism reacts so much to cannabinoids, it is because we all have what is called the endocannabinoid system : a set of receptors dispersed throughout the body and acting in particular on the nervous system and the immune system. More precisely, two main types of receptors have been identified: CB1 and CB2. When you smoke cannabis, THC attaches itself to the CB1 sensors and “activates” them. They are then responsible in particular for the feeling of euphoria and the feeling of hunger that cannabis users may experience. We say that THC is an agonist of CB1 sensors.

On the contrary, CBD is an antagonist of CB1 sensors. This means that not only does it not attach directly to it, but it also slows down its activation, at the same time opposing the action of THC and limiting its effects. More research on the subject still needs to be done. However, this seems to show the potential of CBD to limit the negative effects of THC, including its addictiveness. Taking CBD when you want to quit smoking cannabis would therefore make the transition easier and faster..

What we know about using CBD for withdrawal

Several scientific studies have already looked at the potential of CBD in the case of withdrawal, whether with THC of course, but also with nicotine, alcohol and other drugs. A study published in 2015 in the United States, a major cannabis country, has shown encouraging results in the use of CBD oil to reduce an addiction caused by the consumption of marijuana. Questionable because they come from the study of a single patient, these results have nevertheless been corroborated by another study, this time carried out on 82 people, showing that doses of 400 mg and 800 mg of CBD not only presented no risk for consumers, but also contributed to quit cannabis.

Which CBD products to use for cannabis withdrawal?

Vaporizing CBD Helps Quit Smoking Cannabis By Gradually Breaking Your Habits

Vaporizing CBD Helps Quit Smoking Cannabis By Gradually Breaking Your Habits

Faced with the proliferation of cannabis-derived products rich in CBD, it is not always easy to navigate. A few options stand out, however, for using CBD to quit smoking cannabis.

Do you smoke CBD to quit smoking cannabis?

Smoking cannabis, even legal and rich in CBD, is not allowed in France. It would also absolutely not be recommended to cut CBD with tobacco which is, even more than THC, very addictive and dangerous for health because of the presence of nicotine. In all cases, the combustion of CBD flowers, although causing rapid effects, involvesinhale smoke and therefore has harmful effects on health in general and on the lungs in particular. Replacing harmful smoke with slightly less harmful smoke is therefore not the preferred option.

Vaporize CBD For Smooth Quit Smoking

En choosing the right vaporizer and opting for a quality CBD e-liquid, it is possible to keep both the gesture and the feeling of hits caused by steam, here replacing the traditional smoke. Devoid of nicotine and THC, the e-liquid offers the vapoteur a product less harmful than the classic cannabis joint and therefore stands out as a relatively accessible and effective first step to quitting cannabis smoking.

CBD oil, the cleanest for the lungs

THECBD oil, finally, is essential for its The ease of use since it suffices to place a few drops under your tongue to quickly benefit from the effects of CBD. She is additionally a very clean and healthy way to use cannabis since it does not involve combustion or vaporization. However, it does not allow the gesture to be retained. Its use directly or as a second step in weaning therefore directly depends on the habits of the smoker wishing to quit.

How to quit smoking cannabis: 3 essential points

1. Be in the right conditions

To quit cannabis, motivation is the most important success factor. To put the odds on your side, talk about your project to those close to you, choosing at least one or two caring people whom you can confide in at any time. A simple and effective tip is also to make a list of your motivations : it will help you not to dive again.

It may in particular contain:

  • Your medical reasons (lack of attention, breathing problems, increase in symptoms related to a health problem, etc.).
  • Fullerenes risks to your social life (exclusion of a group of friends, incomprehension of the family, of a partner, etc.).
  • Le financial benefit (accurately calculate your savings if you quit smoking cannabis altogether).
  • Your concerns about the law (financial problem in case of a fine, fear of police control, Etc.).

2. Trying to quit cannabis straight away

Some people, especially who smoke small amounts, manage to stop smoking cannabis overnight without major adverse effects. Again, it's the state of mind that makes all the difference so, if you feel it, put out your last joint and don't turn it back on. Your motivation should increase quickly as your ideas become clearer!

3. Get help from natural products like CBD

If the sudden stop doesn't work or is too scary, there are solutions for easier weaning from cannabis. CBD as a means of weaning then imposes itself as an effective, natural and risk-free means. The main thing in this case is to turn to a quality product, strictly controlled to avoid any involuntary intake of THC and perfectly legal. The shop is full of them.