You want to to buy CBD oil in France and at the best prices? Find our best products online dosed from 3 to 30% CBD. All of our CBD oils are guaranteed to be 100% safe and organic, straight from the hemp plant.

Rich in cannabidiol, CBD oils from Weedy. Fr have many virtues: relaxing effect, muscle relaxation, better sleep, pain relief effects, stress reduction and many more.

Use them in your cooking recipes, under the tongue for almost immediate effects or directly on the skin.

Enjoy benefits of CBD oil légalement with fast and discreet shipping.

CBD oil 20% Weedy - Full Spectrum


With its 20% cannabidiol (CBD) and its natural richness in cannabigerol (CBG), it is one of the purest and most powerful on the market.

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Our  CBD oils consist of a cannabidiol extract organic associated with an oil base, usually vegetable oil. Thanks to the fatty substance in which the CBD is mixed (hemp oil or MCT coconut oil in particular), the latter is more easily assimilated by the human body : we speak of a fat-soluble molecule (it is diluted in fat, but not in water).

Buying CBD hemp oil gives you two options: one oil with a CBD isolate (high percentage of CBD) or an full spectrum oil (full spectrum) which associates the CBD other cannabinoids naturally present in the legal cannabis plant. The effects are then more pronounced thanks to theentourage effect.

Compared to a pure extract (crystals for example), CBD oils have the advantage of being ready to use et already dosed. The many concentrations available mean that they are suitable for all types of needs and consumers, from neophytes to the most enlightened. They can also be used in different ways.

It's simple, CBD oils are simply one of the healthiest, easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy the effects of cannabidiol. The effects are faster and more marked as long as you choose the right dosage. Their shelf life is several months, which makes them even more practical.

CBD oils are definitely one of the most versatile and easy ways to consume cannabidiol.

Packaged in dosing bottles with integrated pipette, it is very easy to take them everywhere with you, to count the drops and enjoy their effects. where we want and when we want discreetly. Remember to close the bottle well after use and let's go!

Different grip modes are available to you:

  • CBD oil sublingually : the fastest way to feel the effects. Place a few drops under the tongue, wait 30-40 seconds, then swallow. The CBD then passes through the bloodstream more quickly and generally takes effect after about twenty minutes.
  • CBD oil in capsules : just swallow them and then wait for digestion. The effects appear later, but the dosage is pre-established and the intake is very simple. Count about 45 minutes before feeling the first effects.
  • CBD oil in cooking : ideal to mask the taste. Drop them on a sugar, in a spoon of honey or in any dish. Just like capsules, CBD edibles pass through the digestive tract and work about 45 minutes after use.
  • CBD oil in local application : directly on the skin, to relieve skin irritation, or in massage. As its name indicates, a local use acts only on the zone concerned.

The percentage of a CBD oil corresponds to its concentration: the higher it is, the “stronger” the product. It is therefore to be adapted according to your needs.

  • CBD oils 5% to 10%: rather for people who are new to CBD and want to take advantage of its gentle effects.
  • CBD oils 15% or 20%: they require fewer drops for such strong effects. For example, they begin to be interesting against pain, while benefiting from a proportionally more attractive price than the lowest concentrations.
  • CBD oils 25%, 30% and more: the most concentrated oils are reserved for those who are already familiar with CBD and need a higher dosage to achieve the desired effects.

It is also important to consider the type of CBD oil to choose the right percentage. A full-spectrum oil tends to have stronger effects than an oil created from CBD isolate.

Better finally start with a low concentration, and gradually increase the dose until you get the desired effects.

The important thing is to find the right balance between the desired effects and quantity of product consumed. The lower concentrations are best tolerated at first, but can be sickening (due to the fat) if you need a lot of drops. On the contrary, a higher concentration offers a less precise dosage but allows you to take less product.

CBD oils always carry a label stating “ CBD isolate “, “broad spectrum” or “full spectrum”. In the first case, the indication is quite simple: it is oil enriched with cannabidiol and cannabidiol alone. In the other two cases, the nuance is not always obvious.

An oil full spectrum is, in French, an oil full spectrum. This means that at the time of hemp extraction, all of the active compounds in the plant have been retained. This is the case of flavonoids and terpenes, which participate in smell and taste, as well as cannabinoids. This is a good thing for CBG, CBN and CBC, for example, which also have virtuous properties. However, this is a problem for THC, which is considered a narcotic and is not supposed to end up in the finished product.

THEoil broad-spectrum (or oil at broad spectrum) has on the contrary undergone an additional treatment which makes it possible to filter out unwanted compounds like THC. It is therefore perfectly legal, without any health risk and allows a combined action of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for more interesting effects.

Be careful, however, by misuse of language, some brands use the name full spectrum even if there is no THC. Remember to check the label and, if necessary, consult the product's certificates of analysis!

Good news, it is possible to use CBD oil at any time of the day, regularly or more occasionally! The start and end of the day are often consumers' favorite times, but everyone has to find their own routine.

In the morning when you wake up, CBD oil is consumed just before breakfast, which will provide it with additional fat and encourage its bioavailability. This is a complicated word to indicate that more cannabidiol passes through the body faster. The effects are therefore quick and marked, to start the day on the right foot!

At the end of the day, CBD oil helps to relax, to forget the little hassles of everyday life and to put yourself in the right conditions for a restful sleep. Moreover, CBD is widely used by people who want sleep better. It then allows them to relax, fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

CBD is not a direct sedative, however, and you won't accidentally fall asleep after taking it. It is therefore quite possible to renew the dose during the day if the need arises.

Finally, it is quite possible touse CBD oil every day. Regular use is even recommended to allow the body to get used to the molecule and use it to its advantage. There is also no recommended maximum duration in which to take CBD. Just be careful not to take more than necessary: ​​in the long run, the effects may be less significant, not to mention that it is an unnecessary expense.

Choosing the right CBD oil is above all about ensuring its quality. Some main information, to look for on the label, allows you to be sure:

  • CBD hemp extract from natural agriculture (free of GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Without THC (the authorized limit within the European Union is 0,3% THC in the plant)
  • Quality vegetable oil (organic hemp or MCT oil extracted from coconut, for example)
  • cold extraction, ideally CO2 supercritical (avoid extractions with solvents which retain traces of them in the finished product and hot extractions which alter the properties of cannabinoids)
  • Possibly other cannabinoids, as needed (CBN to relax and sleep better, CBG for muscle recovery and relaxation, CBC for skin problems and joint pain)

These simple elements make it possible to identify serious marks. Within the same range, there are generally several concentrations. This is the second aspect of choosing the best CBD oil for your particular needs.

The best concentration is not necessarily the strongest. If you are new to the effects of cannabinoids, start with a low concentration (5% or 10% for example). Over time and when you know your tolerance to CBD well, you can eventually change to a average concentration (15% or 20%). Finally, for pain or other demanding needs, and only after testing lower doses, you can turn to the most important concentrations (30% in particular).

Weedy.fr is a team made up of specialists in the legal cannabis market who are above all passionate. It is unthinkable to rest on our laurels, even after so many years spent as pioneers in the sector in France. On a daily basis, our teams monitor the market, follow the evolution of laws in different countries, test new derivatives and imagine new products to meet the needs of an ever-growing clientele.

If we market a CBD oil, it is because it has previously met a set of strict selection criteria. They ensure the quality of its ingredients, but also his efficiency, the seriousness of its production method, the interest of its aromas and its advantages for our customers. For you.

By choosing to buy your CBD oil on Weedy.fr, you benefit from many advantages:

  • A wide range of CBD oils with various aromas and concentrations
  • Oils rich in CBD and other cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN in particular) to meet all your needs
  • Concentrations and aromas adapted to animals with our special dog and cat CBD oils
  • A team at your disposal from Monday to Friday to answer your questions and advise you
  • A secure payment system
  • Careful packaging, dispatched within 24 hours (working days) in a neutral envelope
  • Fast delivery, from France by Colissimo (48 to 72 hours on average)
  • Regular promotions and exclusive benefits for our regular customers through a loyalty points system

Our CBD oils are packaged in tinted bottles with pipette integrated into the cap for easy use or in capsules. Regardless of the CBD derivative ordered from Weedy.fr, it is first carefully wrapped, put in an envelope or a parcel depending on its size, then shipped by Colissimo at the address of your choice, in France or elsewhere in Europe.

Our delivery system for CBD oils is simple, safe and proven:

  • Secure payment
  • Preparation and dispatch within 24 hours maximum on working days
  • Discreet and neutral packaging (no logo or other element indicating the capacity of the package)
  • Tracking number emailed at time of shipment
  • Delivery in 72 hours (on average)
  • Shipping from France
  • Free delivery from 40 € of purchase
  • Possible in France or in 14 other European countries
  • Where you want: directly at home or at a Relay Point®
  • Possibility to modify your order as long as the shipment has not taken place

In addition to these many advantages, we offer you the reshipment of your package if it got lost on the way and you couldn't be delivered. Finally, if you change your mind, and provided you have not opened the CBD oils, we take back free of charge any product in its original packaging within 14 days of receipt.

Buying CBD oil allows you to take advantage of effects of CBD under one versatile shape and convenient to use. The effects sought by consumers are numerous:

  • Reduce daily stress,
  • Relieve chronic pain,
  • Fight against insomnia and benefit from a better quality of sleep,
  • Encourage muscle recovery,
  • Enjoy the antidepressant effects of CBD,
  • Reduce skin irritation,
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Act against acne problems.

The advantage of CBD oils compared to other products derived from legal cannabis is the softness of its grip and the richness of the dosages it offers: of what easily control its effects. If the effects are not immediate, don't worry: the body may need a few days to get used to cannabidiol.

They do not cause no major side effects either. In case of excessive consumption, however, it is possible to experience headaches, digestion problems or have a pasty mouth. If this happens to you, wait for the effects to wear off and revise the quantity downwards in the future.

 Most of the time, space out doses and/or change concentration enough to dissipate the undesirable effects. CBD oils are indeed very well tolerated by most consumers.

Known for its versatility, CBD hemp oil can be used by individuals of all ages, for some varied needs. Unless otherwise medically indicated, so it can be used by everyone. If you are taking any medication (especially antidepressants), however, talk to your doctor about your willingness to use CBD oil, as drug interactions may in some cases occur.

It is generally contraindicated for people with heart and arterial problems as well as people with blood problems. Each problem is nevertheless different and only a medical follow-up can advise or advise against the association of CBD oil with a health problem.

Except in special cases, and after discussion with a health professional familiar with your particular situation, the consumption of CBD oil is also not recommended for pregnant women (including during breastfeeding) and children, even if no major risk has been proven. In local application, it can nevertheless reduce acne in adolescents and young adults.

All mammals also have an endocannabinoid system, allowing us to be receptive to CBD. CBD oil can therefore also be used for pets (especially dogs and cats).

So just make sure to adapt the dose to their weight. Weedy.fr now offers you CBD oils specially created for dogs and cats.

To be legal in France, an organic CBD oil must be extracted from a cannabis plant whose THC level complies with the regulations in force within the European Union (0,3% THC).

The plant must also belong to an authorized cannabis sativa variety (there is an official list).

Weedy.fr guarantees you thepurchase of CBD oil in strict compliance with the law and paying particular attention to the component quality. You buy a healthy product, without psychotropic effectwithout risk of addiction et without risk of overdose.

All our CBD derivatives are 100% legal in France as in all other member countries of the European Union. We also keep up to date with the evolution of laws to add or remove products from the sale if necessary.

To enjoy the effects of your CBD oil for as long as possible, simply be sure to close the bottle tightly after use and store it in a cool place, away from light.

CBD, like other cannabinoids and essential oils, is indeed photosensitive. Exposed to the sun, it can therefore lose some of its properties. Its consumption does not therefore become dangerous and CBD oil is simply less effective. It is also important to store CBD oil out of reach of children.

A quality oil is, by definition, a product that contains quality ingredients. The amount of ingredients is also important to consider. If the presence of terpenes and flavonoids (they contribute to the aromas and encourage the effects of cannabinoids) is justified and even encouraged, certain elements have nothing to do with your oil. This is for example the case ofartificial flavors, colorants or preservatives. This is also obviously the case for GMOs or the remains of chemical products that would come from intensive agriculture (fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.).

It is then important to pay attention to the extraction mode, i.e. the method that allows cannabidiol to be separated from the other elements present in the hemp plant. The cleanest is undoubtedly the one to CO2 supercritical. It has the advantage of do not overheat cannabinoids which would then lose at least part of their properties, which is the problem of hot extractions (oil extraction). She don't let no no more leftovers in the finished product, unlike solvent extractions which can be dangerous to health if performed incorrectly.

CBD works in humans because it is able to interact with our endocannabinoid system (DRY). However, we are not the only ones to have one and many animals are also in this case. More precisely, all mammals has an endocannabinoid system. As a direct consequence, the dogs, cats, horses and many other species also respond to cannabinoids.

In both animals and humans, CBD oils have a soothing and pain-relieving effect. They can be used in different situations:

  • Soothe pain (diseases, age, osteoarthritis and other joint pain)
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, for example following a move, a trip or other stressful situation
  • Improve a sleep disorder
  • Relieve seizures or epileptic seizures
  • Stimulate the appetite (in case of treatment or illness)
  • Strengthen the immune system

However, two main elements should be kept in mind before giving CBD oil to an animal:

  1. CBD is not a treatment. It also carries a risk of drug interaction with certain treatments. It is therefore essential to consult a veterinarian before using CBD oil on your dog or cat. Moreover, cannabidiol is a natural supplement and not a treatment. In no case should it replace personalized medical follow-up.
  2. The right dosage of CBD directly depends on the weight of its consumer. Cats are much lighter than us, as are most dogs. Use appropriate concentrations, like our dog and cat CBD oils at 3% and 5%.

CBD has the ability to improve the quality of our rest, and this on several levels. If scientific studies still fail to establish a direct link between the action of cannabidiol and sleep, thousands of consumers around the world use it regularly, indicating that CBD helps them both to fall asleep more easily and benefit from a more restful sleep. It is therefore not a direct sedative, but the feeling of relaxation it causes has a definite influence on the quality of sleep.

Among all derivatives, CBD oil is certainly one of the most effective in the fight against insomnia. Thanks to the sublingual route (a few drops under the tongue before sleep), it passes quickly through the body (about 20 minutes after swallowing it). For combined effects, there are CBD oils enriched with melatonin. This hormone, like CBD, helps us regulate our circadian cycle (the sleep cycle).

There are also special night CBD oils. They can in particular be enriched with cannabinol (CBN), a cannabinoid also renowned for its ability to improve sleep, in particular thanks to its relaxation power and its action on the moral comfort.

It all depends where you are traveling! The first thing to do is to learn about the laws of the different countries crossed, that is to say the country of departure, the country of arrival as well as any other country whose borders you may cross during your trip.

Within the European Union, CBD is perfectly legal. A CBD oil therefore has no reason to get you into trouble as long as you can prove that it does not contain THC. It is therefore strongly recommended to keep the box and the packaging leaflet with you, not just the bottle.

Also pay attention to the countries in which CBD, or even cannabis, is legal: full legalization does not automatically result in authorization to travel. In the United States, for example, you can only fly with medical cannabis with a doctor's prescription. In Canada, your personal consumption is allowed on internal flights, but entering the territory with a cannabis derivative (including CBD) is not allowed.

If in doubt, call customs before traveling and prefer to buy locally rather than taking risks. Besides, Weedy.fr delivers to 15 European countries, at the address of your choice! This is probably the easiest and safest way to always have your CBD oil with you without getting stuck at customs!

There is no official dosage as to the dosage and consumption of CBD oil. This is certainly due to a certain lack of interest in political circles regarding the properties of cannabis, but also to the fact that we all react slightly differently to cannabinoids. This phenomenon, called law of effect, depends on several factors. Among the main ones, we find the weight, the genetic heritage, the medical history, the habits of consumption or the type and the quantity of product consumed.

In general, however, it is recommended not to exceed 70 milligrams of CBD per day and per person.

To maximize the effects of your CBD oil, favor the sublingual route. It consists of placing the desired quantity under the tongue, wait 30 to 40 seconds, thenswallow. It is this mode of intake that offers the best bioavailability (more product passes through the body more quickly).

To begin with, a low concentration is recommended. It allows you to test your tolerance to cannabinoids, then gradually increase the dosage until you obtain the desired effects. If you don't know where to start, a good rule of thumb is to count 1 mg CBD per 5 kg body weight (your weight/5 = dose of CBD per dose). This amounts, for example, to a starting dosage of 12 mg of CBD for a 60 kg individual or 18 mg for an 80 kg person.