How can CBD relieve tendonitis?

It is often thought that the tendonitis is a disease reserved for athletes who repeat the same movements over and over again until their tendons are exhausted. Yet these pain that can affect all parts of the body (elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, wrist, ankle, etc.) concern us all.

From the musician who is a little too tense, to the office worker with bad posture, to people on certain medications. Resting the tendon is in this case unavoidable, but the pain must still be relieved. This is where CBD, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, comes in.

Here's what we know about taking CBD against tendonitis and our tips for using it well.

CBD against tendonitis: a natural anti-inflammatory

tendonitis bad warm up min

A bad warm-up can for example cause tendonitis in the shoulder, elbow or wrist

21% of pathologies treated by physiotherapists are tendonitis. The problem is therefore far from being anecdotal and affects a large number of French people at one time or another in their lives. To fully understand how to relieve tendinitis and the opportunities offered by CBD, you must first understand what causes it.

What is tendonitis?

Tendinitis is a inflammation or degeneration of tendons, an elastic tissue that holds the muscles to the bones. They are therefore found wherever there are muscles, which explains the large number of different tendonitis. In medical jargon, we rather speak of tendinopathies.

Most of the time, tendinitis is triggered by the repetition of movements that overstrain the tendons, or inappropriately. This may for example be the case by making sports without warming up or by repeating a daily gesture with a bad posture. a morphological problem, taking antibiotics or cortisone and even the simple fact of smoking may also encourage tendinitis since tobacco reduces the tendon vascularization.

Why CBD for tendon relief?

Le CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid. More simply, it is an active principle naturally produced by cannabis and which is able to act on the human body through our endocannabinoid system. Contrary to THC, another cannabinoid, CBD is perfectly legal. It does not in fact lead no hovering effect or risk of addiction. If it is so popular today, it is in particular for its soothing properties, relaxing and its ability to act against pain. We spoke to you about it recently for its usefulness against neck pain and, more generally, against osteoarthritis and joint pain.

In the case of tendinitis, CBD therefore seems interesting since several studies have shown that taking CBD helps to relieve different types of pain, with results significantly superior to a placebo. It remains to be understood whether cannabidiol alone can treat tendinitis or rather relieve it, which is already excellent news!

Healing Vs. relieving tendonitis with CBD

cbd to relieve tendinitis min

CBD can relieve tendinitis thanks to its action against pain

Tendinitis is not strictly a disease, but a inflammation of a tendon sheath where degeneration (this is why the term tendinopathy is preferred). “Curing” it therefore implies returning to a normal situation. The support is often the same.

How is tendonitis cured?

  • Rest !
  • Rehabilitation (physio), possibly massage
  • Medicines to relieve pain
  • Surgery in the most severe cases

In all cases, rest the tendon concerned is unavoidable (the tendons renew themselves continuously). CBD is therefore not a miracle solution, but a good natural way to reduce inflammation and therefore both to relieve tendinitis faster and suffer less from the pain that accompanies it. When the tendon is not inflamed but damaged (tendinopathy), CBD cannot restore it. It nevertheless acts once again against pain and facilitates recovery. CBD also makes it possible to avoid or reduce the consumption of painkillers which can lead to adverse effects.

Which CBD products against tendonitis?

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Massaging the sore tendon with a CBD cream or oil can relieve tendonitis

There are hundreds of different CBD products. However, some are more suitable for relieving tendonitis. This is mainly the case of creams for local application and oils for global action. Herbal teas can also help.


The CBD anti-inflammatory creams for pain are an effective derivative against tendonitis. They have the advantage ofact locally (we are talking about topical application) and therefore precisely target the area of ​​action of the CBD while massaging the area to relieve it. They are usually found in the CBD cosmetics department, with products such as muscle relaxant gels and CBD massage oils.

CBD oil

Unlike creams,CBD oil is consumed by oral (ideally under the tongue) and therefore acts globally on the body. It is an effective way to fight against the pain caused by tendonitis, especially since it is possible to buy CBD oils of different concentrations, as required. Our dedicated guide explains in detail how many drops of CBD take, in particular to take advantage of anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol.


Finally, hemp infusions also offer a global action, encouraging the feeling of relaxation thanks to the consumption of a hot and comforting drink. Be careful though: the generally infused leaves contain only a little CBD. Against tendonitis, it is certainly more interesting to add a few drops of CBD oil to the mixture or to infuse flowers or CBD resin for more marked effects.

You want to know more ? Our guide to CBD for pain gives you additional examples of how CBD can be used to relieve certain physical suffering. If you take painkillers for tendonitis, you will also certainly be interested in the cumulative effects of CBD and paracetamol.