What is cannabis haze: origins, tastes, effects and sub-varieties

Haze means mist in English. The reasons for this enigmatic name? The vaporous limbo in which these cannabis strains very special plunge their consumer. In any case, that's what earned them their name. Today, with the presence on the market of legal varieties rich in cannabidiol (CBD), their psychotropic effects are only a distant memory, in favor of energizing virtues.

Today we are interested in this historic cannabis family, from its origins to its main varieties, through its effects.

Cannabis haze: a short history of cult varieties

Haze, or how a simple cannabis family went around the world
Haze, or how a simple cannabis family went around the world

With the s, kush and other Diesel, the haze are part of these cult cannabis strains, inspired by wild species and hybridized by humans or, more precisely breeders, to highlight some of their characteristics.

To understand the origin of cannabis haze, you have to go back to early 1970s, somewhere in central California. At the time, it was the playground of breeders famous: Haze bros, understand the Haze brothers. The siblings already have a good reputation within the cannabis market then. Black market, we understand. It must be said that they have some knowledge ofcannabis hybridization, that they put into practice on seeds imported from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand or South India.

It is from their experiences that the original haze was born. Precisely, they create it by crossing of female plants de c with a different male plant each year. According to the genetics of the male concerned, the production of the year behaves differently, with notes sometimes lemony (Thai male), sometimes spicy (Colombian).

Uncovering the full potential of the variety, no less famous breeder and collaborator of Haze bros, Sam the skunkman, then decides to stabilize the species, until reaching the haze that we know today. It is therefore to him that we owe much of the success and conservation of the species.

What about the CBD haze?

In the 1970s, cannabis was primarily a matter of black market. The legality of the components is therefore not exactly a selection criteria for new varieties. The haze is no exception to this rule, and on the contrary it is high rate of THC, among the highest on the market, which contributes to its success. The haze of that time immerses its consumers in a thick fog, which certainly contributed to its name.

Today, on the contrary, the legal framework is slowly softening worldwide. The CBD, legal molecule in soothing effects, is therefore widely preferred over THC, still considered a narcotic in France, and therefore prohibited. Legal cannabis producers are thus increasingly interested in the creation ofCBD-rich hybrids, almost free of THC (the limit is set at 0,2% by European law), and as close as possible to the original varieties, very popular with consumers.

The legal market is therefore now full of perfectly legal CBD haze, taking up the original aromas of the different varieties of haze and accessible for sale, especially on the shop Weedy. Some of them are among the best CBD-rich sativas of the market.

Haze: 100% sativa taste, aromas and effects

CBD haze cannabis is often recognized by its lemon and spicy aromas
A haze is often recognized by its lemon and spicy aromas

All haze may have common origins, but not all are alike. We also mention a few sub-varieties in a moment. However, if there are nuances, the family is fairly clearly distinguished by sweet, spicy, earthy and lemony aromas.

However, we should not believe that these very assertive tastes make the plant and its derived products minimalist. On the contrary, the aromatic bouquet as much as the aromas in the mouth of a cannabis haze are of a great subtlety, With a complex profile which we can experience in several times, by successive discoveries. This complexity is also found in the rank of effects.

The original haze is a 100% sativa variety, this cannabis family native to tropical regions and known for high cerebral provided to its consumers. The haze are therefore energizing, mentally stimulating and do not cause sleep effects as can be the case with indica. They are therefore ideal during the day, or to relax without falling asleep unexpectedly.

Of these generalities, one must also consider the exact variety in order to understand the full subtlety of the haze sub-varieties.

Main sub-varieties of cannabis haze

La stability and amazing characteristics of the original haze quickly established it as one of consumers' favorite cannabis strains. The family is therefore very largely used in the hybridization of new varieties, some of which have in turn become famous.

Purple haze

Not all hazes are alike. Purple Haze is a green and purple sativa.
Not all hazes are alike. Purple Haze is a green and purple sativa.

Purple Haze is not just an essential piece of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It is also one of the most famous cannabis haze sub-varieties. Highly energizing, it leaves free space to the creativity of his consumer, while feasting him onboth sweet and earthy aromas, red fruit and spices. Its flowers are also particularly aesthetic with beautiful purple colors contrasting with the green of the plant.

Strawberry Haze

Ah, the Strawberry Haze : a small energy bomb, hidden behind a strong strawberry taste and a nice sweetness. Its sweetness has already made it essential when the variety did not arrive on the market until the mid-2000s.

Amnesia haze

THEAmnesia Haze is perhaps the best known of the modern haze. With its powerful citrus aromas, lemon and earth, it is the guarantee of a communicative good humor. No wonder she has won numerous awards of the cannabis market since its popularization in coffee shops Dutch.

Golden haze

La Golden haze is presented by some as thefuture of haze. Powerful while remaining fruity, the Golden Haze descends straight from a Amnesia Haze and a Super Silver Haze. It therefore takes on the characteristics of two of the best haze on the market, for the best, never for the worst. His ideal genetics allow him to do wonders in outdoor or greenhouse cultivation.


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