Knowing how to properly dose your CBD: advice and concrete example

"I take 5 drops of CBD oil every morning and I feel much better." “For me it's just the infusions, twice a day”. “Oh and you tried that CBD e-liquid? ".

When you start getting interested in cannabidiol, you hear everything and anything about its dosage. Worse, we realize that no one recommends the same product or the same quantities. It is true that there is not yet a consensus on the CBD dosage perfect. However, there are a few things that can put us on the path to our perfect personal dosage.

This practical guide covers the most effective and easy-to-apply advice as well as a concrete example for understand how many drops of CBD oil to start consuming.

cbd dosage

Weight, volume, drops, percentage: the dosage of CBD is not obvious

Case 1: the dosage recommends a certain dosage of CBD

This is the easiest case. If the producer himself recommends a particular CBD dosage, then better follow him. CBD producers and distributors are the ones who know their products the best and know what they are doing. So, obviously, you have to make sure you are serious beforehand and focus on quality products. This is the case for all the products offered on the shop Weedy. Fr. For more information, our dedicated guides also help you to choose your CBD oil or your hemp flowers.

Case n ° 2: no indication is given

In many cases, no CBD dosage is actually advised. The reason for this is that there is to date, despite proposals from the scientific community, no standardization of CBD dosage and its derivatives. It must be said that the exercise is difficult since the quantities can vary widely according to the needs and the people.

Certain criteria must then be considered to properly dose the CBD.

Take into account the taking mode

The way you take it influences how our body absorbs CBD, and therefore, potentially, the ideal dosage.

  • Inhalation: the fastest. Reserved for vapers, it allows you to quickly understand if the dosage is sufficient.
  • Sublingual route: the most effective since it allows a good assimilation of the CBD, without involving the production of vapor (and therefore of toxins).
  • oral: the slowest since it is necessary to wait for the digestion. Ideal for regular intake, waiting several hours before increasing the dose or not.
  • Local application: CBD only has an effect on the area and the application can therefore be repeated as often as necessary.

Adjust the dosage according to the CBD product concerned

different cbd dosages depending on the type of product min

Flowers, oils, edible CBD: not everything is dosed the same way

This applies, to only to what kinds of products your potential customers buy, but also to the way these products are promoted through advertising and marketing content. entourage effect, CBD isolates would not be as effective as products with full spectrum. A full spectrum oil may therefore require less CBD than consuming crystals. CBD also needs fat to be well assimilated by our body. An infusion of hemp accompanied by whole milk thus acts more and makes it possible to reduce the quantities.

Know how to listen to your body

Every human being is equipped with a endocannabinoid system (DRY). Directly linked to our nervous system and our immune system, it is he who "communicates" with cannabinoids and therefore allows them to act on humans. Listening to your body is therefore probably the most important advice when it comes to cannabidiol dosage. According to law of effect, we are indeed all different in the face of cannabinoids. The perfect CBD dosage therefore does not exist. Factors as different as our weight, gender, age, genetic capital, stress directly influence our sensitivity to cannabidiol. Whatever your friends tell you, think about gradually test different products and dosages, until you find the one that suits you.

For each need its dosage of CBD

Finally, it is important to point out that, according to your needs, a larger or smaller dose of CBD may be required. Thus a micro-dose (<20 milligrams, depending on weight) may be enough to reduce stress, sleep better or relieve a headache. Chronic pain of greater intensity requires a higher dosage which can, again depending on the weight, go up to 100 milligrams per day. Finally, therapeutic cannabis is accompanied, in the countries where it is used, by even higher doses which must be determined by a health specialist.

All you need to know is where to start. No problem, we'll explain how choose your starting dose. We recommend that you start with a full spectrum organic CBD oil (5% ou 10% for example): it will be as practical and discreet as it is effective!

Practical case: Dosage of CBD to fight against insomnia?

number of drops of cbd oil min

Calculating the number of drops of CBD to sleep is not always easy

A recurring question from new CBD users is how many drops of CBD oil to use, especially for better sleep. Indeed, CBD is renowned for its ability to improve our sleep cycle and can thus help to fight against insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Again, everyone is different. By respecting the dosage recommended by certain studies (estimated at one milligram of CBD per day for every five kilograms), we get the following table. This dosage is quite suitable for calculating the number of drops of CBD to take to combat insomnia.

Weight Starting CBD dosage
50kg 10 mg
60kg 12 mg
70kg 14 mg
80kg 16 mg
90kg 18 mg
100kg 20 mg

For all those who do not find themselves in this table, no problem, you just have to divide your weight (in kilograms) by 5! For example: 68kg / 5 = 13,6mg. No stress though, this is just an example of a starting quantity. CBD is neither psychoactive nor addictive, and does not present no known side effects. There is therefore no risk if you are not very precise on the dosage!

If we now consider that a 10mL bottle of CBD oil contains about 200 drops, we get the following quantities, depending on the chosen concentration:

Concentration of CBD oil Total amount of CBD in the bottle Amount of CBD per drop
5% 500 mg 2,5 mg
10% 1000 mg 5 mg
15% 1500 mg 7,5 mg
20% 2000 mg 10 mg
30% 3000 mg 15 mg

So, for a 60 kg individual, it is reasonable to start per 5 drops of 5% CBD oil (5 * 2,5 = 12,5 mg) to sleep or just relax. On the contrary, a person weighing 90 kg may prefer an initial dosage of 3 to 4 drops of 15% CBD oil, then gradually increase until you find the ideal dosage.

Why Standardizing CBD Dosage Would Help

easy CBD dosage

Dosing the right CBD product is not always easy

We have mentioned it, despite first proposals of the scientific community, there is, to date, no officially recommended standard dose. When taking CBD alone, the absence of direct danger to the consumer does not encourage the process to be speeded up. In the context of cannabis more generally, its wide demonization implies, as usual, that the authorities restrain themselves in the face of the very evocation of the subject.

However, standardization of dosages would make it possible to promote safer and more efficient consumption patterns. This would also and above all allow reassure the consumer, all too often destabilized alone in front of his label. Would it not be clearer to clearly indicate the number of doses on a package than an amount in milligrams that speaks to no one? Or a dosage (weight or number of drops for example) recommended according to the body of the person? The question is obviously rhetorical.

Obviously, and we have widely introduced it, we are not all equal when it comes to taking cannabis, and single dosage hardly makes sense. However, we are not talking about an imposed dosage, but rather clear indications, and adaptable according to the individual. Not every CBD seller can do their own thing, however, which would only add to the confusion. Perhaps, however, one day we will see official recommended dosages, based on background studies.

To conclude: Ideal dosage of CBD

Dosage and cbd

The best way to dose your CBD well is to take it gradually.

You now know more than most consumers about the ideal dosage of CBD. To conclude, we have created for you the cheat sheet of easy and effective dosage of any cannabidiol product !

What dosage for a CBD product?

  1. Decide on a type of product suited to your needs (oile-liquidinfusion)
  2. Ensure the quality of the product (origin, organic farming)
  3. Check the cannabinoid concentration

Read usage tips

  1. Start with the lowest dosage
  2. Wait long enough to see the effects
  3. Gradually increase the dosage until the desired effects are achieved
  4. Do not go beyond the effective dosage
  5. Space the takes enough to get the most effects when you need them

Remember for all intents and purposes that CBD is in no way considered a medicine in France, nor in most other countries of the European Union (EU). If you are considering light cannabis for the treatment of a pathology, we therefore recommend that you discuss it with a health professional beforehand. He alone is authorized to determine a CBD dosage adapted to your state of health.