CBD honey: an easy recipe to make at home!

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Honey is widely used for its flowery and pleasant taste, its sweetening power (it is called “good sugar”) and… a lot of other virtues!

Among them, we find a moisturizing power, antibacterial effects and some restorative power, especially with regard to wound healing.

CBD is no longer to be presented with its soothing, relaxing and relaxing effects in particular. The association of the two products therefore seems obvious..

Weedy.fr tells you today everything there is to know about CBD honey and gives you his favorite recipe: easy to make, use and keep!

What is CBD Honey?

HEMP honey combines the virtues of honey with those of cannabinoids

CBD honey combines the virtues of honey with those of cannabinoids

The easiest way to define CBD honey or hemp honey is to start by saying what it is not. This is not so, contrary to what one might think:

  • Nor a honey de hemp (which would naturally be produced by bees foraging on cannabis pollen): a French beekeeper tried to sell his " cannamielDirectly produced by its bees. It was, however, false information.
  • Nor a honey in which hemp has macerated: cannabinoids are liposoluble (soluble in oil and not in water), immersing CBD flowers directly in honey would not allow it to benefit from the virtues of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.

CBD honey, if you want to take advantage of the effects of CBD, therefore consists of a mixture of honey and fatty substance in which cannabidiol has been infused.

We immediately give you a very easy CBD honey recipe to reproduce at home.

CBD honey recipe

Successful cannabis honey recipe: quality CBD flowers, organic honey and a little time

Successful CBD honey recipe: quality CBD flowers, organic honey and a little time


On the hardware side, you should get away with the staples of any kitchen, even the smallest.

  • A saucepan
  • 2 jars or other hermetically sealed containers
  • 1 cheesecloth (alternative: a tea ball used as a filter is perfect for the job)
  • 1 blender


  • 1 jar of honey of 500g, ideally organic
  • 5g of CBD flowers of quality, certified and legal like those of the shop Weedy. Fr
  • 180g of coconut oil
  • Tap water


  1. Decarboxylate CBD : roughly chop the buds then dry them in the oven for 30/40 minutes at 120 ° C, turning them once or twice.
  2. Infuse CBD into Coconut Oil: place them CBD crumbs (in cheesecloth or tea ball) and coconut oil in a pot, closing the lid tightly. Heat a little water in a saucepan, then place the pot (the water should be halfway up) then keep the mixture in this bain-marie for about two hours. The water can simmer, but you do not need to have large boils.
  3. Remove the CBD crumbs and let cool.
  4. Combine honey and infused coconut oil using the blender until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.
  5. Pour your CBD honey into a jar and close: it's ready!

Learn more about CBD honey

Why decarboxylate CBD flowers?

The decarboxylation of cannabis makes it possible to transform the CBDA, naturally produced by the fresh plant, in CBD. Without her, the effects of CBD will be absent from your hemp honey, or in any case not very marked. The same principle is used to make cannabutter.

Which CBD flowers to choose for your hemp honey?

The ones you want! All flowers can be suitable for making your own CBD honey. The point of a homemade recipe is to be able to use your favorite variety. We recommend, for example, a Red Berry CBD if you like red fruits, a Pineapple Indoor for a more exotic honey or the peppery and tangy aromas of the famous Amnesia Haze. Or why not a CBG flower for CBG and CBD honey!

How to use CBD honey?

CBD cannabis honey is used like regular honey, but you control the amount!

CBD honey is used like a classic honey, but controlling the quantity!

CBD honey can be used like any other honey: alone, in spreads, for cooking and baking, and why not to replace sugar in excellent CBD cookies.

Be careful though, CBD honey remains a powerful product: start slowly, until you know what quantity corresponds to your expectations. Ingesting CBD is a mode of intake that requires up to several hours to diffuse its effects. No need to swallow the whole pot, hoping for faster or more marked effects.

Is there a quick recipe for making CBD honey?

In case of lack of time or if your primary goal is to mask the particular taste of hemp, you can also simply mix your usual dose ofCBD oil in a spoon of honey before consumption. No need to cook and the taste is easily masked. On the other hand, you do not benefit from the aromatic side brought by a specific variety of CBD.

How long should CBD hemp honey be stored?

Most beekeepers advise consuming a jar of honey within two years. However, honey naturally contains bacteriostatic agents : it simply means that bacteria cannot grow there. Honey therefore does not expire and can be kept… until it runs out!

Coconut oil does not go moldy either. On the other hand, it oxidizes (the taste and the smell change, sometimes for something really unpleasant). The safest is therefore to rely on the recommended use date on your oil. In general, your CBD honey can therefore easily be stored for several months.