7 restaurants where you can eat CBD in France

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The demand for CBD in France keeps exploding... And this is only the beginning when we know all the benefits that this 100% legal and non-addictive molecule can offer us.

Thus, if the shops are more and more numerous in French cities, new concepts are also emerging to surf the Cannabidiol trend. Currently, we are even starting to find restaurants and tea rooms where we display CBD on the menu.

Where are these CBD restaurants located in France? What are you going to be able to taste there? Weedy.fr presents them to you today!

100% CBD restaurant in Nice: the Marie-Jeanne

marie jeanne restaurant cbd nice

Le Marie-Jeanne is an innovative restaurant opened in October 2021 in Nice. It is the first 100% CBD restaurant in France. Its owner, Lynwood Loudy, offers you a menu where all the dishes contain CBD, in salty or sweet version. Smoked salmon, burger, foie gras, chocolate mousse are formulated with Cannabidiol and we even revisit Nice specialties such as pan bagnat. After a multitude of experiments, the manager has developed his own creations for a both delicate and gourmet taste. He has joined forces with an exceptional chef to thrill your taste buds. The CBD restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, noon and evening.

CBD restaurant in Paris: a 100% CBD menu at Foodchéri

foodcheri restaurant cbd nice

The offer of CBD dishes is growing in Paris and we suspect that even the greatest chefs are experimenting with their own Cannabidiol-based recipes in order to soon offer them to the general public.

Avant-garde, Foodchéri home delivery company launched last January a limited edition with a 100% CBD menu available for delivery in Paris. On the program: bowl of CBD falafels, linguine with CBD pesto or white chocolate, matcha and hemp cookies… It's up to you to examine their next offers to find out if they will try the experience again soon!

In the meantime, if you are in Paris and looking for a CBD dish, you can go to the Glazed glacier, which offers a CBD ice cream. The cannabidiol flower is infused there for a long time in milk and cream, in order to find a delicate hemp aroma at the tasting. It will take around € 12 for 350 ml of CBD infused ice cream. In addition, some frosted recipes are also formulated with CBD ice cream, such as a Hazelnut-CBD frozen log which had been proposed for last Christmas. Something to relax the atmosphere during family reunions ...

CBD restaurant in Clermont-Ferrand: Pizza Maestro

In Clermont-Ferrand, it is the Pizza Maestro pizzeria, established for 26 years in the city, which offers you a CBD pizza. The "Cibidi" has everything of a classic pizza with its fresh cream, its mushrooms and its Italian raw ham, but we add at the end of cooking flowers of CBD Sativa. For the pizza chef, CBD can be seen as a new spice with a subtle fragrance. It is ultimately an alternative to oregano, a flagship element of Italian pizzas.

CBD restaurant in Poitiers: The counter kitchen

This small restaurant offers on its menu artisanal burgers that can be decorated on request fromCBD oil. Its owner, Olivier Leclerc, has developed an olive oil in which the flowers ofOrange Bud for several hours for a refined and surprising result. For the chef, CBD is a molecule with a major culinary interest, whose earthy taste is similar to truffle. Olivier Leclerc took part in the French burger championships. So if he says he's going to delight you, we take his word for it!

CBD restaurant in Lyon: Bënnie Organic and CbioD

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In Lyon, the burger restaurant Bennie Organic launched last April a menu at CBD. The dish ? A chicken-Cornflakes-sweet potato burger topped with a delicious CBD pesto. Something to feast your taste buds! However, the restaurant offered this CBD dish for a limited time and the burger is not currently on his menu. It will therefore be necessary to follow their news to know if they intend to repeat the experience soon.

On the other hand, if you are in Lyon, you can make up for it with another address. Indeed, a tea Room the 4e arrondissement offers CBD drinks and pastries. This happens at CBioD. On the menu, you can choose between CBD teas and coffees, as well as Cannabidiol cookies and chocolate, vanilla or haze flavor. It's a great place to enjoy a sweet break and relax, legally.


  • CBioD: 18 rue du Mail, Lyon 4e
  • Bënnie Organic: 18 rue du Bât d'Argent, Lyon 1

CBD restaurant in Marseille: Happy's Kitchen

happy's kitchen restaurant cbd marseille

In Marseille, the restaurant Happy's Kitchen proposes to many CBD dishes on their menu. The owners Axel Gilbert and Sandra Sacuto, followers of Corsican cuisine, wanted to change their menu. They discovered many places where CBD was consumed in the form of a dish, bread or drink during their travels and were inspired.

With an ambitious vision about to desire to offer creative and innovative cuisine, but also to counter the difficulties of the COVID crisis, they now offer on their card CBD pizzas and burgers among other more classic dishes. To avoid confusion in the orders, each CBD dish refers to a series related to the theme of narcotics such as Family Business, Narcos or Breaking Bad pizza. However, we recall, CBD-based products are authorized in France and have a THC level of less than 0,3%.

CBD coffee in Ardres (Pas-de-Calais): La Canna Café

Canna is a CBD coffee located on the Opal Coast, near Calais, in the small town of Ardres. The two managers, Alexandre Ruquois and Quentin Paternoter, had in mind to create a friendly place around the CBD. An address where you can spend a moment with friends, receive advice on products and taste innovative flavors. Thus, there is a tea room space where the menu items contain CBD: teas, coffees, fruit juices, but also honey or chocolate CBD based.

You now have some good addresses where taste dishes at the CBD in France. However, this list of CBD restaurants will certainly grow year after year. We see flourish in particular of many pizzerias which often offer short-lived CBD pizzas on their menu like in Toulouse or Rouen. For the more curious, it is therefore necessary hope that the supply of CBD restaurants in France will grow rapidly, for example in Toulouse, Nantes or Annecy.

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