Eczema: hemp oil and CBD creams help relieve it

About thirty years ago, theeczema concerned 3 to 5% of young children. Today, the proportion of young people affected by this skin disease has exploded. She now touches 20% less than 7 years and sometimes lasts until adulthood. Blame it on a genetic ground that can predispose us to trigger outbreaks, but also to a increasingly allergenic environment, whether they are linked to pollution (cars in particular) or to pollen from exotic plants to which we are less accustomed.

Stress is also an aggravating factor. Almost everything around us is therefore conducive to the development of eczema, but the treatments are still timid and more often consist of calming the attacks than desensitizing the allergic reaction. Anti-inflammatories, analgesics and moisturizers, hemp oil and CBD creams help some relieve eczema attacks.

What is eczema?

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Eczema causes patches on the skin, often in the joints and on the fingertips

Eczema, atopic eczema ou atopic dermatitis in its long version, is an inflammatory and chronic skin disease. Appearing by red patches accompanied by itching, it evolves in more or less spreading over time. Uncomfortable for those who suffer from it, eczema is fortunately not contagious.

More present in children, sometimes from the age of three months,atopic eczema translates a genetic ground conducive to the development of reactions to certain environmental allergens (pollen, dog and cat hair, mites in particular).

When the allergic reaction occurs when the skin touches certain allergens, regardless of a possible genetic predisposition, it is calledcontact eczema. A person can thus independently suffer from atopic eczema and / or contact eczema.

Common symptoms of eczema

  • Red plaques clearly demarcated on the skin, usually on the face, neck, skull and joints.
  • Itching (pruritus).
  • Appearance of small vesicles on the surface of the skin, sometimes with a liquid-laden bubble.
  • Training scabs.
  • In some cases, dry skin and / or partial depigmentation.

Treatments for eczema: opportunities and limitations

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To properly treat eczema, you must already understand what causes it

The best treatment for eczema is a change.. This first involves identifying the allergen (s) involved. Once screening is established, it is still necessary to check whether desensitization is possible, in which case the majority of symptoms can be avoided. Desensitization is not always possible, however. and it is then necessary to redouble ingenuity to avoid being in contact with said allergens.

In the event of an outbreak, different treatments are possible, varying in particular depending on the extent of the eczema:

  • antiseptics to avoid superinfection.
  • Local corticosteroid therapy if antiseptics are not enough.

In the case of atopic eczema, only corticosteroids are effective in calming the flare-ups. They are not, however, devoid ofSide effects, and can for example cause skin reactions, allergies, digestive disorders, even endocrine problems.

Free from notorious side effects known and known for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD is therefore essential as a complement to conventional treatments, allowing regain daily comfort.

Interest of hemp & CBD to relieve eczema

Cannabidiol in general and CBD oil in particular have reputation for power soothe the skin. This is particularly the case in the context of fights acne, relieve psoriasis or for soothe hives. In prevention and hydration of the skin, CBD is also widely used by the cosmetics industry in anti aging creams.

For the same reasons that it relieves these pathologies, CBD can also be applied topically to relieve eczema flare-ups. Certain CBD products are therefore particularly recommended: hemp oil and creams rich in cannabidiol.

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Topical application of hemp oil and CBD creams helps limit the inflammation accompanying eczema flare-ups

Hemp oil for eczema

Hemp oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Delicately applied to eczema patches, it allows bothmoisturize the skin deeply and repair damaged skin. Its healing properties allow a fast itch relief and its antiseptic properties protect the skin against external aggressions, at the same time limiting new inflammations.

CBD cream for eczema

Thicker and easy to apply than hemp oil, CBD creams They also ensure deep hydration of the skin. They are also less fatty and have the advantage of do not stain clothes when you are short of time. In the specific context of eczema, CBD creams often combine cannabidiol and liposomes, small pockets of fat increasing the effectiveness of the cream by allowing a easy transfer of CBD in cells, without alteration.

How to choose a CBD cream for eczema?

The first thing to check is of course the composition of the cream. CBD is of course the star product here, it can nevertheless count on other components for an even more effective action. Liposomes are thus welcome, like other sources of fat. It is indeed thanks to fat that CBD can be assimilated correctly through the skin and thus enter the body. In addition to this, fatty compounds like shea butter, sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil contribute to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, which helps relieve irritation caused by eczema. It is therefore no coincidence that all of these ingredients are found in our CBD nutrition balm !

On the contrary, preservatives, chemicals and ingredients that are natural but not from responsible agriculture should be avoided. Finally, the vegan CBD cosmetics and not having not tested on animals guarantee a healthier product for us and for other animal species.

How to use CBD creams against eczema?

To get the most out of CBD creams for eczema, it is strongly advised to refer to the advice in the user manual.

The lab that originally formulated the cream is usually in the best position to tell you how to use their product.

In general, it is advisable toapply the cream on clean, dry skin, avoiding perfumed soaps and traditional soaps (Marseille, Aleppo whose pH is high), which are often aggressive for the skin. The use of a anti eczema soap, solid or liquid, is therefore recommended.

Then apply the CBD cream in a thin layer, lightly massaging the area to allow it to penetrate. Most CBD eczema creams can be applied 2 to 3 times a day without risk.

Are CBD hemp eczema creams suitable for children?

Although also present in adults, eczema occurs readily in children. The question of taking CBD in children then arises. There is little feedback on the long-term effects of taking CBD, althoughno noticeable side effects is not known. A priori, there is therefore no danger in using such a CBD cream on a child suffering from eczema, especially since they act by local application (only on scaly areas), thus limiting the action of the cannabinoid on the rest of the body.

Note, however, that CBD is not considered a treatment in France and that there are risks, however small, ofDrugs interactions when CBD is consumed alongside conventional treatments. If you are considering the use of CBD hemp creams or oil in the context of eczema, in children as well as in adults, it is strongly advised to talk to a healthcare professional beforehand, general practitioner or dermatologist. He will know how to assess your personal situation and advise you, if necessary, of products adapted to your condition and whether or not to confirm the interest of taking CBD.


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