Law of effect: why do we all react to CBD differently?

“I don't care about CBD anyway. "

Nous avons tous déjà entendu cela dans la bouche d’une connaissance plus ou moins proche, ou tout simplement au détour d’un commentaire sur Internet. De l’autre côté, les adeptes du cannabis light défendent bec et ongles leur substance légale préférée en ventant leurs effets à qui veut l’entendre. Alors qui ment, qui a raison ? Si on vous disait que, potentiellement, personne ?

Nous ne sommes en effet pas tous égaux face aux cannabinoïdes et all react differently to their consumption. It even has a name: the law of effect. Back on the factors that make us more or less react to light cannabis.

law of effect

CBD comes from one and the same plant: why do its effects differ from one individual to another?

Law of effect: not all equal when it comes to light cannabis

The existence of endocannabinoid system (SEC) is now known to all CBD enthusiasts. Remember, it is this system that we all have in our bodies and that makes the cannabinoids extracted from cannabis able to activate some human sensors, and therefore to cause effects. More specifically, they interact in particular with our nervous system and our immune system.

However, just because someone uses CBD does not mean that they are going to experience the exact same effects as someone else. The way we react (effects, intensity, duration) depends on (very) many factors. Here are the most common.

Factors That Can Make Us More or Less Respond to CBD

  • Genetic patrimony,
  • Medical background,
  • Medication,
  • Frequency of consumption,
  • Taking mode,
  • Speed ​​of consumption,
  • Quantity consumed,
  • Type of product,
  • Product composition (cannabinoid content),
  • Combination with other substances (drugs, CBD et alcool),
  • Context (state of mind at the time of consumption).

All of these factors together make up what is called the law of effect. It is she who makes that two individuals who consume the same dose of light cannabis will react differently. This may be for a seemingly obvious reason: one is smaller, on an empty stomach, is taking CBD for the first time, etc. However, it can also be underlying reasons and much more difficult to determine: a depressive state, the desire to impress those around you or quite simply a genetic predisposition to more or less react to cannabinoids!

Suffice to say that it is difficult to anticipate the exact effects of cannabis use.

Be careful, the effects of CBD already vary from one adult individual to another, it goes without saying that the effects can be even stronger in children. It is absolutely not advisable to give a derivative of cannabis to younger children. Minors are also prohibited from obtaining cannabis. Therefore, take special care to store your products out of their reach, to prevent them from accidentally use cannabis.

Flowers, oil, hemp infusion: each product has its own action

Not all light cannabis derivatives work the same

Not all light cannabis derivatives work the same

Genetic factors are unique to everyone. So let's focus on the factors that are easy to control, starting with the type of CBD product consumed. We must then mainly distinguish between isolates (crystals, certain oils) and products with broad or full spectrum (oils full ou broad-spectrum, resins, flowers). The former contain indeed only CBD, and possibly a neutral base such as vegetable oil. The latter also contain terpenes, flavonoids, but also all the other cannabinoids naturally present in the plant.

The consumer then benefits from the entourage effect: the effects of CBD are combined with those of the other active compounds of the plant, such as cannabigerol (CBG). This is particularly the case with our CBD oils full spectrum (full spectrum).

This is also the case with hemp infusions which are generally presented in mixtures, and this with a double interest. One is tasty and helps soften the earthy side of pure hemp. The other is obviously directly linked to the effects since the consumer can then take advantage of the unique properties of different plants making up the infusion. Depending on their nature, they can relax, energize, de-stress or help to have a calm night's sleep.

Different effects of CBD for different types of intake

Smoking, drinking, or applying CBD ointment makes the body react differently

Smoking, drinking, or applying CBD ointment makes the body react differently

Le grip mode is another major player in the law of effect, and therefore how we all react to light cannabis since it directly influences the time it takes to feel the effects, as well as their duration. So always take into account how light cannabis was consumed before considering taking it again.

  • Inhalation (vape or vaporization, remember that combustion is not allowed, even with a legal product): with inhalation, the effects appear quickly, generally only a few minutes after taking and disappear within the next hour.
  • Ingestion: If swallowed, effects occur more slowly (usually an hour or more after consumption and last for several hours). It is therefore important to wait and not to continue to ingest a cannabis food if no immediate effect is felt.

In all cases, the power of the effects will obviously also depend on the amount consumed. In case of any or if you do not know how your body will react, therefore always start with the lowest recommended dosage, then gradually increase the dose until you achieve the desired effects.

As a conclusion on the law of effect

The next time someone tells you that CBD works on him / her a lot more, or not at all, then you will know why you are reacting differently:

  • You are not using the same type of cannabis derivative,
  • You consume your CBD differently,
  • One of you is underdosed or overdosed.

What if these three factors are exactly the same? Your bodies simply reacted differently to taking CBD! It will be, moreover, thanks or because of the law of effect, the case in the vast majority of cases. So stop trying to compare or find out who is right or wrong: you are unique, take it slow, adjust, and find what's good for you and you alone!