Indica or Sativa? Cannabis subspecies and their differences

It's hard to talk about cannabis subspecies precisely. Indeed, depending on the period, the cultures, or even the various scientific studies that are interested, the definitions vary, as does the number of distinct species and subspecies. Since the beginning of the XNUMXst century, most of the resources of authority seem to agree on the existence ofa common speciesdivided into different subspecies. Families indica or sativa are the best known, but not the only ones. We would thus distinguish 4 cannabis subspecies main ones: cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, afghanica and ruderalis. Without forgetting of course the hybrid strains, created by the growers. This article presents in detail the differences between sativa and indica without forgetting to present the other subspecies of cannabis, less known but which nevertheless play an important role for the modern cannabis market.

One family, different cannabis subspecies


This Sativa plant is distinguished by the size and distinctive shape of its leaves

The main plants of the cannabis genus can all be grouped into one and the same species: the cannabis sativa L. Within this species, it is then possible to distinguish different subspecies. In the case of cannabis, this distinction is made on the basis of phenotype : The physical characteristics Plant.

Le phenotype manifests itself therefore by visible specificities, observable with the naked eye. It is based on the genotype plants, bringing together the genetic data characterizing each plant. Concretely, the different cannabis subspecies are mainly determined by elements such as the plant sizeleaf shape or againphysical appearance of flowers. Combined, these characteristics make it possible to classify a plant in the corresponding cannabis subspecies, starting with cannabis sativa, the best known along with indica.

Part I – Cannabis Sativa: Cultivated Hemp


Sativa flowers grow on taller plants with long, thin leaves

The plants of c, or cultivated hemp, are from equatorial regions like Jamaica. Used to heat, sativa is a tall plant which easily reaches several meters in height (generally around 1m80 and up to 6 meters), and this in just a few months. It is also distinguished by long, thin leaves.

In industry, sativa is particularly appreciated by the strength of its fibers, which can be used in fields as varied as construction, cosmetics or stationery. Its fibers also form an excellent raw material for weaving ropes or fabrics.

When consumed, it is known for its psychotropic effects and high natural THC content. We then lend him euphoric effects, giving his consumer a high dose of energy. It is thus often preferred for a daytime use because acts directly on the brain. It motivates, excites and encourages creativity.

Thanks to the selection and reproduction of plants with low THC content and high concentration of CBD, there are now perfectly legal sativa plants in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the rest of Europe. It is in particular these plants, approved by the EU, which are used as industrial hemp or at the origin of the products offered by

Effects of cannabis sativa, for a cerebral high

Cannabis sativa is distinguished by its slender buds and long, thin leaves, but also by the effects it provides. In terms of sensations, expect to receive a high dose of energy, stimulating above all the spirit and ideal during the day.

The aromas are above all tropical and alternate, depending on the variety, between fruity or rather floral flavors. If cannabis sativa was a beer, it would therefore tend rather towards an IPA, with its hops, often American, with scents of passion fruit and mango.

sativa cannabis plant

Sativa plants have long, thin leaves

Cannabis sativa CBD: top 10 of the best legal varieties

1. Strawberry Haze

As the name suggests, the Strawberry Haze is a fruity sativa weed that smells of strawberries and forest fruits. Especially from a Swiss Sativa, it draws the sweetness. The rest of his family tree consists of Northern Light # 5 and Haze C, which bring him Thai and Afghan roots. Originally, it boasted an impressive ratio of 20% THC to just over 1% CBD. The Strawberry Haze CBD reverses the trend, with 12 to 14% cannabidiol and a THC level of less than 0,2%, making the variety perfectly legal in France as in the rest of the European Union.

2. New York City Diesel

La New york city diesel is a hybrid variety, predominantly sativa. This gives it a nice balance, providing a renewed energy while feeling soothed. In this sense, it is a perfect alternative to Sour Diesel which comes a little further in this top. You can also count on its typical diesel taste, sublimated by notes of citrus fruits and pepper which bring subtlety to its fiery temperament. If you love Diesels and Hazes, New York City Diesel CBD is for you!

3. Harlequin

Another sativa-dominant hybrid with character! The Harlequin is very often the favorite variety of Nepalese hash lovers, familiar with its subtle aromas of forest fruits, with woody, floral and earthy flavors. The Harlequin CBD is ideal for those who wish to relax, while maintaining a level of energy that will allow them to fully enjoy this colorful strain!

4. Orange Bud

Classic among the classics, theOrange Bud clearly leans in favor of weed sativas, allowing him to offer a excellent energy / soothing ratio. Genetic side, we are on a purely marriage Skunk dating back to the 1980s. The whole gives an energizing variety full of tropical flavors. TheOrange Bud CBD is ideal for those for whom exoticism rhymes with energy.

5. Amnesia Haze

Flowers Amnesia Haze CBD are inspired by the traditional strain of the same name to take it to the land of legality. Energizing and vector of good humor,Amnesia Haze has established itself among marijuana enthusiasts as a mythical and essential variety. Vegetal, peppery and lemony, it will transport you to pleasant, creative haze.

THEAmnesia Haze cannabis sativa cbd

THEAmnesia Haze has the euphoric effect of a morning mist


THEACDC, in addition to the name of a legendary group, takes up the phenotype of the Cannatonic, a variety naturally loaded with CBD. By leaving the ideas clear, it allows you to fully enjoy the soothing properties of cannabidiol. It thus helps relax and reduce anxiety, qualities that allow it, in some countries, to join the ranks of therapeutic cannabis.

7.Dance World

Among the Dance world and Dance Hall, the choice was difficult when establishing this top 10 of the best CBD-rich cannabis sativa strains. It must be said that the Dance World descends directly from the Dance Hall and therefore incorporates certain qualities, including the energizing character. If she grows like an indica then she behaves well as a sativa weed when it comes to highs. His earthy and spicy notes will finish putting all the marijuana enthusiasts in agreement.

8. Sour Tsunami

La Sour Tsunami is, literally, a acid tidal wave. It comes from a cross of NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel, both present in this top, which speaks volumes about the quality of its origins. Herbaceous and fruity, Sour Tsunami is a soothing hybrid that stood out very early on the modern cannabis scene as being one of the first varieties specifically designed for its high natural richness in cannabidiol and its anecdotal content, and therefore legal, in THC.

Sour Tsunami recognizes itself with dark green and purple leaves

Sour Tsunami recognizes itself with dark green and purple leaves

9. Sour Diesel

La Sour Diesel, or Sour D for close friends, is fully in line with Diesel, with its recognizable aromas among a thousand. Peppery and lemony, it first appeared in the early 1990s to quickly become one of the black market superstars. Available today in a version rich in cannabidiol, it logically comes back to the fore, legally this time !

10. Hulkberry

Let's finish as we started, with notes of red fruit and, of course, strawberry. The Hulkberry comes straight from the meeting betweenOG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Enough to give it the strength of a Hulk, hidden behind subtle aromas of wild berries. To consume with moderation !

For more diffuse and relaxation-enhancing effects, you'll probably also want to check out the best indicas on the market!

Part II – Cannabis Indica: Indian hemp


Indica flowers are rounder and grow on bushy plants

Unlike sativa, the indica cannabis, or Indian hemp comes straight from us Himalayan regions of northern India who gave it its name. Far from being distinguished only by its geographical origin, it takes the form of low, bushy plants, often bushy. With some leaves also wide, it rarely exceeds 3 meters and is therefore easily recognizable in direct comparison with the indica. In addition, she blooms faster and is generally more fertile, which generally makes it first choice of amateur growers.

Indica is to the night what sativa is to the day. Renowned for its pronounced psychotropic effects, the indica acts primarily on the body. It is therefore popular with consumers who wish to to relaxsoothe their pains ou promote the sleep phase. Indica also has a reputation for stimulate the appetite. If sativa causes an effect high, the indica is distinguished on the contrary by a swerve stone, more boring, but also relaxing. Naturally, the indica varieties are also higher in CBD, a cannabinoid known for its calming effects.

Effects of cannabis indica, quiet strength

Products derived from indica cannabis plants are loved for the deep feeling of relaxation that they provide. The varieties presented here are above all renowned for the sensation of laxity of the body unlike sativa, rather uplifting the spirit. On the aroma side, we find very fruity tastes, especially in the subvarieties of Kush while the Skunk tend to be more woody. Indicas are also characterized by a rate of myrcene superior to that present in sativas. This terpene, an odorous molecule, is used in particular in the manufacture of perfumes andmenthol and lemon aromas.

cannabis indica cbd

Indica plants are characterized by their broad, bushy leaves

Cannabis indica CBD: top 10 of the best legal varieties

1. Charlotte's Web

Hard to start this top 10 best indica strains with high CBD content without mentioning the Charlotte's Web. Created in 2011, it is one of the Pioneer strains of cannabis with a high CBD content and displaying a tiny level of THC. If it borrows the title of a famous children's book, it is because it was also one of the first varieties of cannabis tested in the context of childhood epilepsy. A study conducted by researchers at New York University, a few years later, provided the first elements of an answer to theinterest of cannabis in epileptic seizures. Often mentioned as the favorite strain of indica cannabis enthusiasts, it logically features in this top.

2. CBD remedy

La CBD remedy is a indica dominant hybrid which is aptly named: remedy. It was indeed developed for serve medical cannabis. Not yet authorized in France, it is however under study. Remedy can therefore in no case be considered as a medicine. His natural aromas of pine, pepper and especially its herbaceous notes are sure to lighten the mood.

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights, in French aurora borealis. This is a strain rich in CBD that is aptly named. pure indica, his character at the same time sweet and spicy has made it one of the most famous varieties in the world. Popular with consumers, it now exists in a legal version and is widely used in the hybridization of new varieties. It is thus found in the family tree of the Super Silver Haze and Strawberry Haze.

northern lights cbd

Northern Lights is an indica that shows life green

4. Banana Kush

La Banana Kush CBD smells good fresh banana ! Indica-dominant hybrid, it combines everything we love about the fruit that gives it its name: sweetness, gluttony and the evocation of tropical atmospheres. This legendary variety promotes relaxation and participates in body relief thanks to its high CBD content.

5. Cookie Kush

Bring together the soothing force of a traditional Kush and the delicacy of the cookie. This is the bet met, and met, by the Cookie Kush CBD. Hybrid variety, it is largely inspired by the mythical OG Kush from which it inherits a good part of genetics. In terms of aromas, there are readily marked notes of chocolate and mint, making it soft without falling into excessive sweetness. About what slowly and lastingly relax after a hard day.

6. Big Tasty CBD

Very far from the junk food, Big Tasty CBD soothes the body and the environment by diffusing its sweet aromas of citrus fruits and red fruits. Hybrid, but pulling on the side of cannabis indicas, which earns it its place in this top 10, it benefits from its soothing effects while leaving a clear mind. Thanks to its high CBD content and its THC level always strictly below the limit imposed by the European Union, it is perfectly legal, just like all the CBD flowers offered on the shop Weedy.

7. OG Kush

Classic among the classics, theOG Kush is a rather balanced hybrid variety, with a penchant for appeasement rather than the dynamism which it deserves its place in this top 10 of the best indicas or indica-dominant hybrids. It is illustrated by a singular bouquet of terpenes lavishing him aromas marked by essence and spices. Popular with the public, it is now often used in the hybridization of new varieties.


Round and in soft colors, the flowers of OG Kush diffuse a spicy scent

8. Caramel Candy

La caramel gluttony and coffee strength are found in the flowers of Caramel Candy CBD. Strong in character, this indica-dominant hybrid is no less pleasant on the nose thanks to fresh and minty notes pretty sharp. Rich in terpenes, the Caramel Candy stands out as a complex variety that deserves to be known.


Pennywise it is, according to tastes and references, a Californian punk rock group or the terrifying clown of Stephen King. It is also, and above all, a variety of marijuana resulting from the hybridization of a Harlequin and a Jack the Ripper. Now knowing his genealogy, the origin of his name becomes obvious. His very marked relaxing effect illustrates itself pleasantly, reinforced by the sweetness of a treat and hint of acidity.

10. Harle Tsu

Harle-Tsu for the close friends, Harlequin-Tsunami of his complete marital status. We end our top 10 indica cannabis with a happy hybridization of a Harlequin and a Sour Tsunami who gives pride of place to CBD ! With a THC level approaching 0%, it stands out as an indica certainly less known than most of the varieties in this top 10, but promising a sweet moment of relaxation.

Part III – Other Cannabis Subspecies

In addition to the differences in terms of size, physical appearance, taste and effects that exist between indicas and sativas, cannabis has a few other more or less widespread subspecies. They are nevertheless worth looking at for a few moments.

Ruderalis: wild hemp

La ruderalis, or wild hemp, is not always considered a subspecies of cannabis in its own right, unlike indica or sativa which are almost systematically presented as the two main families of cannabis. However, the physical differences of ruderalis (spontanea) deserve special attention.

Originally from East Asia, it is now found in Central and Eastern Europe, where it grows to the state sauvage. It must be said that it more easily resists cold climates than her cousins. Considered a weed, it adapts easily, thanks to its small sizeNaturally low in THC (usually no more than 0,5%), it has few psychotropic effects and is frequently used in the creation of hybrids.

Afghanica: Afghan hemp

THEafghanica, or afghan hemp, is a subspecies of cannabis, and more specifically Indian hemp growing mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Close in size to the Ruderalis (about 1,50 meters in height), the afghanica is on the contrary sip of THC, which earned it wide use in the production of CBD resin. Its small size disqualifies it from almost any industrial use for its fibers. Afghanica is therefore mainly exploited for the black market.

Hybrids: human creations

The hybrid are cannabis subspecies artificially created by crossing (or, in jargon, thehybridization). Plants are first of all selected for their own characteristics, then reproduced between them in order to obtain new varieties, taking up the specificities so much appreciated by the parents. Several elements can lead to the selection of a specific plan: its speed or the abundance of its flowering, its cannabinoid content neighborhoods, are the bouquet of terpenes (aromas), its richness in resin, or its resistance to diseases. Thanks to hybridization, it is possible to obtain plants of the same subspecies, but also sativa / indica associations incorporating characteristics of the two families.

sativa or indica

To conclude: indica, sativa or hybrid, which CBD cannabis to choose?

There is no single answer toeternal indica or sativa debate. The choice of the consumer must indeed above all be made according to his needs and desires of the moment. The same person can thus benefit more from calming effects of an indica at any time of the day, and prefer thecommunicative energy of a sativa the next day.

Why include only these strains in this battle for the best cannabis strains? Quite simply because the vast majority of products derived from legal cannabis are generally hybrids, indica or sativa. Moreover, with regard to hybrids, the choice is also essentially made on the inclination (indica or sativa) of the variety, as well as its tastes and aromas.

So, prefer an indica or an indica-dominant hybrid when you look for relaxation and tranquility, for example if you want to find sleep more easily. A sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid is best known for provide energy and an extra dose of motivation. Regarding the taste, however, unless you are a real connoisseur, it is still very difficult if not impossible to feel a difference. The varieties are indeed very varied today, whatever their family.

Sativa Vs. Indica: Differences




Sheets Long and thin Shorter and wider
Color Light green Dark green
Effects Cerebral (energy, concentration, creativity, sociability) Physical (appetite gain, sleep improvement, relaxation)
Use Case During the day In the evening
Plant Tall and slender Small and bushy
Flowers Long, slender and fluffy Round and dense
Origin (main countries) Thailand, Colombia, Mexico Morocco, Tibet, Afghanistan
Flowering 10 to 16 weeks on average 6 to 8 weeks on average

So it's up to you to decide in your soul and conscience: the best choice between indica or sativa is always yours !

You are hesitating on the next variety or varieties to test, whether it is CBD flowers or CBD resin ? Each product sheet of the shop Weedy. Fr offers many customer reviews that can guide you. Our team is also always at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you.