CBD, like the hemp from which it is extracted, is able to nourish andmoisturize the skin as well as the hair in depth.

In balm or cream, the products CBD cosmetics are more and more numerous, and that's good! Combined with other natural products, cannabidiol invites itself into your day and night creams as well as your body balms.

Simple to use, CBD cosmetics protect and repair your skin. Say goodbye to tight skin, small redness and irritation!

CBD topical patch


Un constant supply of cannabidiol in the body, discreet, practical and effective ? This is possible thanks to our CBD hemp patches.

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La skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. It is also the first barrier between attacks from the outside world and the body. It is therefore not surprising that great importance is attached to it, in a change. as skincare.

Our  virtues of CBD, an active ingredient in hemp, have also been widely touted in recent years. Many hemp beauty products and CBD cosmetics see the light of day on a regular basis.

Where does this trend come from? What effects are sought in CBD cosmetics? How to ensure their quality? Weedy.fr tells you everything.

A CBD cosmetic is, by definition, a product containing cannabidiol dedicated to soins du corps, toilette or beauty which is not a medicinal preparation. CBD cosmetics are therefore not medical treatments, but wellness products. Often, they are intended for the skin or the hair, and therefore reserved for a external use.

The role of cosmetics, with or without CBD, is generally to cleanse, perfume or protect skin and/or hair. By making cannabidiol one of their flagship ingredients, they allow you to take advantage of its soothing effects, in particular by moisturizing the skin in depth, reducing muscle tension or nourishing the hair.

The specificity of a CBD cosmetic is often to combine the properties of cannabidiol with those of other natural wellness ingredients.

In all cases, Weedy.fr makes it a point of honor to choose CBD cosmetics using a maximum ofingredients from organic farming, GMO free et without ingredients or substances of animal origin.

CBD cosmetic products are numerous and can have different uses. The CBD skin creams, balms and oils are thus considered as cosmetics (face serum, day or night moisturizer for example), but they are far from being the only ones. A massage oil, muscle relaxant gel or an CBD lip balm also fall into this category. Finally, we can include the CBD patches, hygiene products of all kinds, sunscreen products, for shaving and even dental care.

Take the example of facial serums for CBD. We offer a complete range, available in three flagship products: one for combination and mature skin (moisturizing and antioxidant), one for oily skin (which regulates sebum production) and one for dry skins which hydrates and nourishes the face and neck in depth.

The range of CBD cosmetics from Weedy.fr evolves over time. The constant? Our teams choose quality products, sorted according to strict criteria and always giving priority to ingredients of natural origin ! Trust our CBD experts to contribute to your well-being!

It all started, as often, in North America. There the cannabis market is flourishing and CBD is already the star of many derivative products.

Cosmetics are of course part of it, but that's not all. Several studies have thus emerged in turn, in particular a study from April 2016 devoted to dermatological effects of cannabidiol. More trivially, in April 2019, Kim Kardashian even made CBD the theme of her baby shower, with a CBD cosmetics creation workshop on the program.

In French-speaking Europe, the trend took a little longer to take hold. However, the wave ended up breaking over France, Belgium and Luxembourg at the end of 2017, in particular thanks to the audacity of certain small businesses who have dared to sell cannabis-derived products.

Despite a unclear legal framework Regularly earning them some legal problems, the machine is launched. CBD cosmetics are therefore flourishing.

Popularized by the slow demonabolization of cannabis thanks to CBD benefits and the influence of certain stars, CBD beauty products are therefore now in fashion.

Whatever we sometimes hear from its detractors, European law authorizes them as long as their THC levels are under control.

Thus, and provided that the variety of cannabis used is authorized, any hemp plant containing less than 0,3% THC can be used to create and market CBD products. This is true in France as in all other EU countries.

However, no therapeutic effect is to date officially recognized.

THEuse of hemp by the cosmetic industry is nothing new. It has in fact been touting the virtues of the plant since at least the early 1990s, for which it mainly uses seeds and oil. What changes the game today is the popularization of CBD, or cannabidiol, an active molecule whose effects on the human body seem to be numerous.

The advantage of its entry into the composition of cosmetic products is that it allows a action with local effect. Most other forms of CBD products (pollen, oils, e-liquids,) indeed impose a global action, including on non-concerned parts of the body. We are interested in CBD cosmetics such as:

  • moisturizing,
  • antioxidant,
  • traitement against acne,
  • anti-aging (cannabidiol would help in particular to neutralize the effects of UV rays, harmful to the skin).
  • anti-inflammatory
  • fortifier for beard and hair
  • regulator of sebum production (fewer pimples, skin that does not pull and grease less quickly)
  • antibacterial

Many CBD cosmetic products therefore continue to appear on the market, in all kinds of forms:

  • Makeup: mascara, lip balms, makeup remover.
  • Cleaning or descaling products: soaps, lotions and even toothpaste.
  • Body care: moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing creams, but also balms, serums et massage oils.
  • Beard & Hair Products: shampoos and conditioners, beard oils, anti-dandruff products.
  • Muscle relaxants, especially in the context of sports.

The zero waste trend is also present in CBD cosmetics

Our  DIY and zero waste trends also lead to the popularization of the creation of its own beauty products with CBD hemp, in particular thanks to the addition ofCBD oil to existing bases. Alone at home or following workshops, many people today opt for more natural and eco-friendly care.

Each CBD cosmetic has its specificities. Please refer to the package insert. In general, the table below gives you a good overview of the uses and effects of the different products.

CBD cosmetics

Use Case



Like a classic shampoo, as often as needed

Strengthen and stimulate hair growth, gain strength and volume, prevent itchy scalp and the appearance of dandruff

Nour Soap

Like a classic solid or liquid soap for the body, hands and/or face

Wash and nourish the skin, prevent itching, pimples and other redness


By lightly massaging the skin of the face and/or body

Nourish and deeply moisturize the skin, protect it from daily aggressions (pollution, hot, cold)

Anti-aging cream

By lightly massaging the face, body and/or hands

Take advantage of the antioxidant action of CBD, smooth wrinkles, encourage the natural production of collagen

Lip balm

Apply to lips daily

Avoid chapping and dryness, find soft lips


Stick it on the skin to enjoy the relaxation offered by the CBD continuously

Enjoy a light and permanent state of relaxation, sleep better, reduce stress, benefit from its muscle relaxant properties


Like a classic deodorant

Limit body odor while respecting sensitive armpits, reduce skin irritation

Massage oil

In local application, massaging until complete penetration

To relax muscles, relieve tension and nourish the skin

Muscle relaxant

In local application, on sore muscles

To reduce tension and bring a fresh feeling while taking care of the skin

The first thing to do to choose your CBD cosmetic or wellness product is toanalyze their needs. We are all different and all react slightly differently to cannabidiol. The recommendations of our relatives are therefore always good to take, but we should never hesitate to listen to each other and change products if necessary.

Once you have determined your need, it's time to find the right product. It is a clever balance of quality (no GMOs or pesticides, for example), price (adapted to your budget) and practicality (delivered to your home in the next few days, for example).

It is also important to pay attention other ingredients than CBD : there are always some, but no need to have a dosage of incredible length.

Here as elsewhere, quality takes precedence over quantity. Avoid preservatives and any unnatural ingredients. This is all the more true since, if CBD only causes very low risk of adverse effects and is well tolerated by sensitive skin, this is not true for all components of cosmetics.

In case of itching or irritation, CBD is not probably not responsible. Certain vegetable oils and essential oils can nevertheless be. A simple and effective derivative and therefore very often your best ally!

Above all to take advantage of its many benefits on the skin and hair! In addition to taking advantage of effects of CBD, CBD cosmetics also make it possible to take advantage of their other ingredients. Depending on the products, you will find, for example, the moisturizing power of vegetal oils (hemp, grape seeds, argan, sea buckthorn, olive), the properties and aromas of essential oils (petitgrain bigarade, tea tree, lavender, chamomile), the softening and toning properties of macerates (calendula, St. John's wort) or the soothing properties of plants like arnica or aloe vera.

In short, using a CBD cosmetic allows you to enjoy a beautiful synergy between cannabidiol and other virtuous components for skin, face and hair.

Depending on the products and your needs, many recipes are possible. They adapt to your skin type (dry, combination, oily), at your scalp (with or without dandruff), as well as the various irritations and small pimples that annoy us on a daily basis.

This offers a unique versatility to CBD cosmetics and a good reason to use them!

Unless otherwise specified, you can use CBD cosmetic at any time of the day, without risk of contraindication. Use at the end of the day is nevertheless sometimes recommended. This is particularly the case for CBD cosmetics containing essential oils, including certain face serums and night creams. Indeed, some essential oilssay photosensitizing, increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun's rays, including when the skin is indirectly exposed to the sun. This is the case of citrus essential oils, but also of certain plants.

In the absence of essential oils or certain oils such as St. John's wort, there is no particular contraindication. So you can use many CBD cosmetics interchangeably morning, evening or during the day.

Indeed, CBD is reputed not to cause any particular side effect, which is all the more true in topical application (local). It is more very well tolerated by most skin types, including those with an allergic tendency, and even sensitive skins. To try it is to adopt it !

In full knowledge of the lack of government recognition of their cosmetic or therapeutic effects, however, a large clientele is turning to CBD hemp beauty products.

It is then important to know which elements are to be taken into account and thus to ensure thepurchasing a quality cannabis derivative.

First of all, know that hemp is a natural plant whose cultivation requires little water and no pesticides. Most of the plants thus come under environmentally friendly production methods. If you have the opportunity, however, always prefer CBD cosmetics whose different elements are from a organic cultivation.

In addition to its benefits on the planet, in particular thanks to the protection of the soil, this is a real plus for health.

Finally, remember that, to be legal, any product derived from cannabis (therefore including beauty and cosmetic products) must contain less than 0,3% THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Buy your CBD wellness and beauty products at a serious dealer as Weedy.fr provides you with strict selection upstream of products and their ingredients. All our products are regularly checked by third-party organizations and the analysis results are made available to you.

CBD cosmetics follow the same regulations as all other CBD products marketed on European soil. This implies full legality of the cannabidiol molecule.

THC, also extracted from hemp but causing high effects, is prohibited. In addition to regulations related to the use of CBD, cosmetics must meet strict standards in order to be sold in France and the rest of the EU. This includes in particular labeling rules strict and the assurance of product safety for human health.

As a brand offering CBD cosmetics, Weedy.fr undertakes to offer only legal products. For this, we follow all the regulations in force, both at the level of the EC regulation only public health code.

We also scrupulously respect all of the standards and regulations relating to the marketing of cosmetic products usually with or without CBD. This concerns both the ingredients constituting the products themselves (substances, dyes, preservatives) than the provisions relating to packaging and packaging waste, as defined by afnor.

Weedy.fr is one of the pioneers of CBD in France and Europe. While the legal cannabis market was still in its infancy, our passionate specialists already believed that the properties of CBD could improve the well-being of everyone.

Years later, we have been able to create a solid reputation, through our expertise of course, but also and above all through the The quality of our products.

By buying your CBD cosmetics on Weedy.fr, you make the choice of carefully selected and tested products, which simplify your daily life:

  • 100% legal products, available in France and throughout Europe
  • Controlled THC level (less than 0,3%)
  • Competitive prices
  • The best CBD cannabis strains, in all their forms
  • Fast delivery (48 to 72 hours on average)
  • Neutral packaging, without logo or smell
  • The assurance of receiving your products (lost package = package returned free of charge)
  • Free delivery from 40€ of purchases
  • Discounts and promotional offers all year round
  • A constantly renewed cosmetic range

Last argument, and of weight, we are here to advise you every day of the week, by e-mail or telephone. The opinions of our customers do not lie: they grant us a score of 9,2/10, based on the average of more than 4000 reviews!