CBD, like the hemp from which it is extracted, is able to nourish andmoisturize the skin as well as the hair in depth.

In balm or cream, the products CBD cosmetics are more and more numerous, and that's good! Combined with other natural products, cannabidiol invites itself into your day and night creams as well as your body balms.

Simple to use, CBD cosmetics protect and repair your skin. Say goodbye to tight skin, small redness and irritation!

CBD Moisturizing Night Cream - 50 ML


Thanks to the'action of CBD (1,5%), this night cream has a restorative power able tohydrate deeply at the same time as she soothes minor irritations.

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La skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. It is also the first barrier between attacks from the outside world and the body. It is therefore not surprising that great importance is attached to it, in a change. as skincare.

The virtues of CBD, an active ingredient in hemp, have also been widely touted in recent years. Many hemp beauty products and CBD cosmetics see the light of day on a regular basis.

Where does this trend come from? What effects are sought in CBD cosmetics? How to ensure their quality? Weedy.fr tells you everything.

It all started, as often, in North America. There the cannabis market is flourishing and CBD is already the star of many derivative products.

Cosmetics are of course part of it, but that's not all. Several studies have thus emerged in turn, in particular a study from April 2016 devoted to dermatological effects of cannabidiol. More trivially, in April 2019, Kim Kardashian even made CBD the theme of her baby shower, with a CBD cosmetics creation workshop on the program.

In French-speaking Europe, the trend has taken a little longer to take. The wave nevertheless ended up sweeping France, Belgium and Luxembourg at the end of 2017, in particular thanks to the audacity of certain small businesses which dared to sell products derived from cannabis. Despite a unclear legal framework Regularly earning them some legal problems, the machine is launched. CBD cosmetics are therefore flourishing.

Popularized by the slow demonabolization of cannabis thanks to CBD benefits and the influence of certain stars, CBD beauty products are therefore now in fashion.

Whatever we sometimes hear from its detractors, European law authorizes them as long as their THC level is under control. However, no therapeutic effect has been officially recognized to date.

THEuse of hemp by the cosmetic industry is nothing new. It has in fact been touting the virtues of the plant since at least the early 1990s, for which it mainly uses seeds and oil. What changes the game today is the popularization of CBD, or cannabidiol, an active molecule whose effects on the human body seem to be numerous.

The advantage of its entry into the composition of cosmetic products is that it allows a action with local effect. Most other forms of CBD products (pollen, oils, e-liquids,) indeed impose a global action, including on non-concerned parts of the body. We are interested in CBD cosmetics such as:

  • moisturizing,
  • antioxidant,
  • traitement against acne,
  • anti-aging (cannabidiol would help in particular to neutralize the effects of UV rays, harmful to the skin).

Many CBD cosmetic products therefore continue to appear on the market, in all kinds of forms:

  • Makeup: mascara, lip balms, makeup remover.
  • Cleaning or descaling products: soaps, lotions and even toothpaste.
  • Body caremoisturizers, exfoliating, cleansing, but also balms, serums et massage oils.

The zero waste trend is also present in CBD cosmetics

The DIY and zero waste trends also lead to the popularization of the creation of its own beauty products with CBD hemp, in particular thanks to the addition ofCBD oil to existing bases. Alone at home or following workshops, many people today opt for more natural and eco-friendly care.

CBD molecules are naturally present throughout the hemp plant. However, most of them are concentrated in trichomes. These small shiny and sticky vesicles adorn the cannabis flowers and reach their maximum size when the flower matures.

The cannabidiol can then be extracted, either by hand or by drying and then pressing the flowers. The result of this extraction is a cannabidiol paste greasy texture. Used pure, it is therefore neither practical to handle nor kind to clothing or any other surface with which it comes into contact.

Thanks to the  cosmetics industry know-how, rapid and deep absorption of cannabinoids is possible. The comfort in use is therefore better and stains on clothes or sheets are only a distant memory.

CBD cosmetics also have the advantage of containing other active agents who come supplement and enhance the effects of cannabidiol. They notably offer a adjusted pH, the source of products suitable for all skin types (dry or oily skin, sensitive skin). The other components also allow better targeting of products, for optimal use on different areas of the body (blow, face, hands, etc.).

In full knowledge of the lack of government recognition of their cosmetic or therapeutic effects, however, a large clientele is turning to CBD hemp beauty products.

It is then important to know which elements are to be taken into account and thus to ensure thepurchasing a quality cannabis derivative.

First of all, know that hemp is a natural plant whose cultivation requires little water and no pesticides. Most of the plants thus come under environmentally friendly production methods. If you have the opportunity, however, always prefer CBD cosmetics whose different elements are from a organic cultivation.

In addition to its benefits on the planet, in particular thanks to the protection of the soil, this is a real plus for health.

Finally, remember that, to be legal, any product derived from cannabis (therefore including beauty and cosmetic products) must contain less than 0,3% THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.