How to store your CBD?

The cultivation of legal cannabis now allows the free sale of derivatives rich in cannabidiol (CBD). For buyers, it is therefore about familiarizing themselves with a new product that must be understood. Especially since the range is wide: flowers, oil, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, resins ... Therefore, how to store your CBD weed to enjoy it as long as possible? This article answers your questions.

Some general information on the conservation of CBD

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CBD products are sensitive to the outside environment

Stored correctly, CBD can remain stable for two years. However, this implies that it is kept in a favorable environment. Before we get interested in better storage conditions of the various CBD-rich products on the market, it is important to understand what can reduce its effects and properties.

CBD is extracted from light cannabis plants, or cultivated hemp, that is to say of plants. Plant product, the conservation of CBD is largely influenced by the elements that surround it:

  • Air: in the open air, cannabidiol-based products become fanned and lose both flavor and effects. Dried flowers, however, risk mold if they are completely deprived of oxygen.
  • Humidity: it also promotes mold and quickly degrades the quality of CBD flowers, but also of crystals or pollen.
  • Light: cannabinoids, just like essential oils, are photosensitive. The best conservation of cannabidiol is therefore that which is done in the shade.
  • Temperature: cannabinoids are finally sensitive to heat and can lose their effects in the event of overheating.

Preserving CBD weed flowers: the importance of packaging

The CBD flowers are directly harvested from the plant, then dried according to a precise process allowing both their conservation and preservation of the properties and aromas of cannabinoids that they contain. However, they remain relatively fragile natural plant products. Ideally, store your CBD weed flowers in the dark, avoiding contact with a light source when not needed.

Moisture is the other great enemy of cannabidiol-laden flowers, since they may rot in its presence. So choose a not too large (to limit the amount of air) and very dry then place it protected from light.

However, care must be taken not to overdry the flowers. The CBD flowers sold in the store thus retain a certain level of humidity guaranteeing the expression of its bouquet of terpenes (its natural flavors) and its cannabinoids, cannabidiol at the head. This delicate balance also makes it possible to extend the maximum storage time of the flowers, which can then be stored longer.

CBD flowers

Forget the CBD flower in a pocket for optimal conservation!

Keep CBD oil well to enjoy its effects longer

For all the reasons already mentioned, theCBD oil is best stored in a tightly closed bottle, cool and protected from light. The bottles of tinted glass are ideal because they protect the CBD oil from a good part of the light rays which could degrade the quality. Some even filter UV rays for enhanced protection. The brown glass is more efficient than green glass since it blocks, in addition to UV, blue light.

If the fee is recommended, it does not mean not cold storage. If a cupboard does the job well, avoid placing your CBD oil in the refrigerator, under penalty of seeing it freeze and lumps forming. It is then always possible to use it, nevertheless its use proves to be much less practical, in particular for measuring it with precision using a pipette. See as well : make your own CBD oil with crystals.

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CBD oil keeps cool and protected from light

Preserving the properties of a CBD e-liquid

The cannabidiol e-liquids are very popular with electronic cigarette users. It must be said that, according to various studies, CBD may well contribute to smoking cessation or black market cannabis (rich in THC and therefore illegal). The rules specific to oils are perfect for storing it: cool, half-light and the bottle properly closed.

It is also good to know that an e-liquid can generally be vaped beyond the date indicated on the packaging. This is why e-liquids (like Super Skunk) display a deadline for optimal use (Best before) and not a deadline for use. Exceeding this date, reinforced by storage conditions which would not be optimal, however results in a total or partial loss of taste and properties of your product.

Store CBD resin or pollen

Resin and light cannabis pollen, just like the wax, are extracted by sifting the flowers from the legal cannabis cultivation. First dried and then sorted, the plants then offer their trichomes, small vesicles containing cannabinoids, and therefore CBD. It is to them that we owe the sticky material that gives the resin its name. When the cannabinoid content is lower, everything is drier and tends to crumble: it's pollen.

Like other cannabis derivatives, resin, pollen and wax contain volatile aromas, it is best to store away from moisture, light and heat.

CBD crystals: keeping cannabidiol pure

The CBD crystals, finally, constitute the purest form of cannabidiol. They thus have the advantage of establishing themselves as a quality ingredient in various CBD preparations. They will also be best enjoyed in a dark, cool place. All the crystals proposed in the CBD shop Weedy. Fr are ideally packed in boxes which will allow you to keep them for a long time without losing their properties. They are transformed into oil or e-liquid if necessary by simply incorporating them into a base of propylene glycol (PG) and of vegetal glycerine (GV), depending on the quantity and quality of smoke desired.