Tobacco substitute: 3 alternatives to replace it in a joint

One is legal, the other is not. However, when listing the dangers they represent, the tobacco doesn't really sound better than the cannabis. Both, consumed in combustion (smoke), produce carcinogenic toxins and present a risk of addiction.

Difficult to really defend them, however, one thing is certain: smoking cannabis mixed with tobacco is worse than consuming it alone. To avoid the combined effects when you don't want to quit smoking cannabis, a solution is needed: find a tobacco substitute !

Here's how to replace tobacco in a joint.

min tobacco negative effects

Tobacco contains nicotine, a substance causing addiction and physical dependence

Warning: in France as well as in many other countries, smoking cannabis is illegal. This article is in no way an incitement to go illegal, but simply offers alternatives to tobacco. It is up to you to make sure that you are in a country in which the legislation authorizes the consumption of cannabis.

3 options to replace tobacco in a joint

A classic seal is generally made up of a mixture of crumbled cannabis flowers or resin and rolling tobacco. However, the combination is not necessarily a happy one. To limit the risks, to stop smoking more easily or not to want to dive again because of a joint, it is therefore necessary to manage to do without tobacco. It's possible, and doesn't necessarily imply that you only smoke pure!

1. Replace tobacco with another plant

roll a joint without tobacco min

It is possible to roll a joint without tobacco, using pure cannabis or other dried plants

The easiest way to smoke a joint without tobacco is of course to use only pure weed. However, it is a fairly radical solution, especially since the concentration of cannabinoids in cannabis is not always easy or possible to know.

To avoid finding yourself again stone than Charden, it is then possible to mix its grass with other dried plants. Several options are available to you, with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Sage: the most common substitute for tobacco in a joint, it is quite strong and produces a thick smoke.
  • Chamomile: sweet and fruity, it burns well and is renowned for its (mild) calming effects.
  • catnip: catnip in a joint? Why not since the catnip is perfectly edible and very aromatic with its marked notes of mint.
  • Hop: cousin of cannabis (it is sometimes claimed that hops contain cannabidiol), it is more pungent and bitter, but rich in terpenes. To be reserved for lovers of assertive tastes!
  • Passionflower: famous for drowsiness, the passionflower is to be preferred at the end of the day and to be avoided when you have to drive (smoking cannabis and driving never go well together anyway).
  • Lotus: white, it brings musky notes. Blue, it is reserved for those who like bitterness.

Warning: all these plants are legal, they nevertheless have more or less pronounced effects. Be sure to educate yourself on the tobacco substitutes you use and go easy on dosage when you are unfamiliar with a product. Also watch out for poisonous plants!

2. Use a dry herb vaporizer

A plant material sprayer (such as pax 3 for example) allows you to smoke a joint without tobacco, easily and discreetly. Most modern vaporizers allow you to control the heating temperature by simple pressure and can even be controlled remotely via smartphone. By heating less, the vaporizers avoid the combustion of the grass, preventing the release of tar and carbon monoxide. Thanks to the limited volume of the tank, you smoke the quantity you want, without loss of material and without the need for tobacco.

3. Switch to electronic cigarettes

electronic cigarette without combustion or tobacco min

The electronic cigarette avoids combustion and therefore reduces the risks for the consumer

Finally, it is possible to swap your good old grass or resin for an e-liquid with the flavors of your choice. The most logical thing is then to turn to the liquids for electronic cigarettes with CBD. Cannabidiol has all the benefits of marijuana, plus the legality! You will easily find the gestures of the smoker, the taste of cult cannabis varieties and the soothing effects of CBD.

The idea of ​​finding a substitute for tobacco obviously implies in this case avoiding e-liquids containing nicotine!

You want to discover the electronic cigarette cheaper ? Our cbd vape kit is a super simple way to achieve this. You can enjoy five flavors to choose from, available in individual CBD cartridges (Amnesia, Banana Kush, Strawberry Haze, Super Lemon Haze, Super Skunk).

How to smoke a joint without tobacco?

Smoking a joint with or without tobacco does not have a significant technical difference. Depending on the mixture used, it may nevertheless be necessary to crumble your grass more or less finely and to more or less pack the joint. Catnip, for example, burns quickly.

It must be ground and packed well to avoid seeing the cannabis fall at the end of the cone without burning.

Healthier substitutes for tobacco and cannabis

All of the tobacco substitutes discussed here involve heating the material. Of course, avoiding combustion is a first step towards a healthier mode of consumption. However, some toxins are still released. To enjoy the effects of cannabis while remaining legal and taking care of your health, cannabidiol is an ideal alternative.

Non-psychoactive, non-addictive and renowned for its calming and pain-relieving effects, it can even facilitate withdrawal from nicotine and THC and therefore help to arrêter de fumer.

The CBD oils, hemp infusions and other CBD wellness products are certainly the first track to follow. If this is not enough, it is always possible to use in parallel nicotine substitutes (chewing gum, patch).


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