Why is CBD so expensive?

With CBD oils starting at around € 25 and higher concentrations regularly approaching or even exceeding € 100, cannabidiol (CBD) is expensive. There are several reasons for this, all linked more or less closely to the state of the market, to the growing interest of the public or, quite simply, to our economic model. Why is CBD so expensive? This is what we explain to you in this article.

An expensive extraction process

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Growing and extracting CBD is expensive

Cannabis is a complex plant, made up of CBD but also more than a hundred other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and many other molecules. Add to this that most of the cannabinoids are located in the trichomes, small, often whitish vesicles that only grow on the flowers of the plant. The proportion of cannabidiol in a plant is therefore negligible compared to its total weight. Direct consequence, it is necessary a lot of hemp to produce the CBD present in the many derivative products currently on the market. The good news is that hemp is an easy plant to plant and has many benefits for the environment. It could thus in particular make it possible to clean up the soil thanks to some of its peculiarities (in particular it has the ability to extract heavy metals from the soil).

Still it is necessary to count the production cost linked to the culture itself, then that linked to the extraction, knowing that the cleanest (and therefore healthy) extraction processes are also the most expensive. CO extraction2, recommended for CBD products both for consumption and for topical (topical) use, thus requires theuse of advanced materials, explaining the high price of CBD.

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A need for skilled labor

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Producing CBD requires skilled labor

For a quality CBD product, you obviously need good cultivars, but also and above all a human know-how. This implies the intervention of qualified personnel capable ofhybridize specific varieties to isolate the desired characteristics and cannabiculturalists able to take care of the plants and then harvest.

Then comes the time of extraction, which we have just mentioned. It is also necessary, in the case of certain derivatives such as wellness products or e-liquid at the CBD, know how to combine them with the right ingredients for effective and healthy products. Essential, the knowledge of those involved in the process of making a CBD product comes at a cost. Besides, the market being relatively young (it exploded in Europe from 2018), the necessary skills are still scarce in the labor market. Our economic model whereby scarcity comes at a high price, the need for skilled labor is another factor explaining why CBD is so expensive.

The law of supply and demand

In addition to these considerations directly related to the product itself, we must also remember an old microeconomic concept: the law of supply and demand. According to her, the prices of a market are determined according to the supply (available products), in direct relation to the needs of consumers (demand). Several situations can be described through this model, but one of them is particularly interesting in our case: the one where demand exceeds supply. In that case, prices increase. Out, the statut juridique still unclear hemp production discourages many farmers from embarking on the CBD adventure, explaining a still timid offer, and relatively high prices for European CBD.

The limits of cheap CBD

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Cheap CBD is very likely not to be of good quality

As always, a cheap product is synonymous with production costs revised downwards. If sellers obviously have the opportunity to play on their own margin, it is often elsewhere that the fall in prices is played out. A seller of CBD can thus make the bet of lowering his prices in the hope of increasing volume and therefore selling more units, with a lower margin. If he does not sell enough, he is however putting his business at risk.

A cheap CBD product is therefore in many cases costs recovered elsewhere, often to the detriment of quality. Cheap CBD can thus hide:

  • A underpaid labor,
  • A low quality extraction, potentially dangerous for health (use of solvents) or deteriorating the quality of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant (for example by using excessive temperatures for an oil extraction),
  • The use of poor quality strains,
  • THEabsence or lack of seriousness of control tests aimed at ensuring the legality and quality of products,
  • The use of hemp that is not cultivated properly, resulting in the presence of pesticides, chemicals and / or heavy metals in the finished product.

Buy cheaper CBD

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