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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD or Cannabis CBD) is a molecule found in Cannabis. Unlike THC considered to be narcotic, consuming CBD does not induce euphoria, anxiety, or addiction effects. CBD products are not harmful to health. On the contrary, they are carriers of many benefits.

We have selected for you the best varieties of cannabidiol at the best prices, in France and in Europe ; you will find in our online shop flowers, oils and CBD resins from natural and environmentally friendly agriculture.


Throughout the European Union and therefore in France, buying CBD is 100% legal when there is less than 0,2% THC in the finished product regardless of its form.


Our packaging is vacuum sealed in neutral envelopes: no reference linked to the site appears.


All our CBD products comply with current European legislation and contain a THC rate of less than 0,2%.

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Public chat Weedy.fr, you can buy CBD in France and Europe  under different forms : flower, pollen, e liquid, infusion, oils and much more. These have a concentration of cannabidiol up to 99%.

Buying cannabidiol (CBD) in France generally aims above all to bring more comfort and well-being to our daily lives. Some of the best-known effects include relaxation,improved sleep quality, the reduction of certain pains (thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect) and his soothing effect, especially on the skin.

Mild antidepressant, it can also accompany us during more sustained stressful phases or to better support certain mild anxiety disorders. CBD also has the great advantage of not presenting no known major side effects, and therefore not to constitute a health risk.

Short, but clear answer: yes, CBD is legal in France

This is moreover, to date, the case for all cannabinoids except THC, the psychoactive molecule in cannabis. More specifically, cannabis-derived products are authorized in France on condition that the cannabidiol is extracted from a certified hemp plant and that the THC level in the original plant is less than 0,2%.

A change in the law is also planned, with an increase in this rate to 0,3%, normally from 2023. Cannabidiol can not, however, in any case be considered as a drug.

CBD is very versatile and easy to use. Depending on your needs, different uses (inhalation, ingestion, local application) and different types of products may be better suited. The purchase ofCBD oil in France remains the most convenient and efficient option for many customers. When it is of high quality, as is the case with oils selected by Weedy.fr, it is indeed particularly easy to use (a few drops under the tongue are sufficient), transport and store.

The infusions of flowers, hemp leaves or resins are synonymous with moments of relaxation and the e-liquid at the CBD can help people to quit smoking more easily.

CBD being legal in France, endowed with virtuous properties and devoid of known notorious side effects, it can potentially be consumed by everyone (all ages, all species combined since it also acts on animals). It is especially useful for those looking for relaxation, to athletes who want to recover faster or even elderly whose daily life is complicated by ailments linked to aging.

In case of doubt, however, the precautionary principle should be applied. This is particularly the case if you are taking a treatment since cannabidiol seems to be able to create drug interactions. Either way, CBD is not a medicine. If you are considering it in parallel with a health problem, it is essential to talk about it beforehand with a health professional (doctor, pediatrician, veterinarian).

Legally, nothing prohibits driving while having consumed CBD. On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to drive after consuming THC (and obviously consuming it in the first place). Saliva tests look for THC and its acidic form, THCA. Traces are enough to make a positive test, so be careful to only buy quality CBD products, to a serious reseller.

This is the case of Weedy.fr which carries out regular tests and allows you to freely consult the results of analyzes carried out by third-party laboratories. It is further recommended tospace out taking CBD and taking the wheel.

No and no. CBD is not a drug and there is no indication that it could be dangerous either. Once again, we just have to make surebuy quality CBD, whose composition is clearly indicated. the organic hemp should therefore be favored and additives to be avoided (flavors, thickeners, colorings or even the addition of terpenes).

CBD expert in France for many years, Weedy.fr offers you strictly selected CBD products (oils, flowers, e-liquids, infusions, concentrates, pollens), perfectly conditioned and guarantees you a fair price and fast delivery throughout the year.

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